9 Fun Games Like Black Clover Mobile [Recommendations]

Black Clover Mobile is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. If you like turn-based gacha games, you will most likely be interested in trying out these gacha games like Black Clover Mobile.

Honkai Star Rail

The game is set in a science-fantasy universe where humanity follows the paths of Aeons. The player takes on the role of the Trailblazer, who wakes up aboard a space station with no memory. They discover they possess a powerful cosmic entity called a Stellaron. Joining a group of adventurers called the Trailblazers aboard the Astral Express, a space train, they embark on a journey across different worlds.

The Trailblazer meets fellow crew members March 7th and Dan Heng. Together, they encounter Himeko, the engineer, and Welt, an interdimensional traveler. Seeking answers about their origins and facing the threat of the Stellarons, the crew sets out on the Astral Express.

Their first destination is the frozen planet of Jarilo-VI, where a powerful Stellaron has caused an eternal winter. The crew becomes fugitives due to the paranoia of Supreme Guardian Cocolia. They venture underground and learn about the Wildfire peacekeeping force and their conflict with Svarog, the leader of the robots. Resolving the conflict, they confront Cocolia, who merges with the Stellaron. Defeating her, Bronya becomes the new Supreme Guardian, announcing plans for reconciliation.

After the Jarilo-VI storyline, the crew receives a signal from Kafka, tasking them with resolving a Stellaron incident on the Xianzhou Luofu. However, they are intercepted by Cloud Knight general Jing Yuan, who considers them a threat. The crew must uncover the truth behind Kafka’s intentions and her connection to Elio.

In this science-fantasy adventure, players uncover the mysteries of the Trailblazer’s past, navigate political intrigue, and confront powerful cosmic entities. The story unfolds across different worlds, each with its unique challenges and alliances, as the crew of the Astral Express fights to protect the universe from the looming threat of the Stellarons.

Higan: Eruthyll

Higan: Eruthyll is an engaging real-time strategy card-based gacha game developed and published by Bilibili. With impressive visuals and full Japanese and English voicework, it stands out as a promising Android game. The battle system revolves around selecting cards to manipulate combat flow while characters auto-attack enemies based on your formation.

Timing skills and managing limited energy adds strategic depth. Each character has unique abilities and an ultimate skill that charges over time. Classes like tank and healer are essential for success. Enemies with distinctive mechanics and beneficial hexagonal buffs further enhance the gameplay experience. Balancing classes and elemental strengths adds complexity to battles.

Overall, it is a fun and engaging game for the casual gamer.

Epic Seven

Yo, gamers! In Epic Seven, you’re the Heir of the Covenant, chosen by the Goddess of Creation, Diche, to take on the ultimate boss, the Archdemon. Diche’s been resetting the world every time the Archdemon destroys it, but she’s getting weaker and weaker, so it’s up to you to gather a squad of elite Heroes and take down the Archdemon for good.

The game’s got a sick anime vibe, with unique aesthetics and characters that are lit AF, with crazy attention to detail. The cinematics are off the chain and make you feel like you’re watching a high-budget anime. Combat’s like other gacha games, with turn-based battles and a Rock-Paper-Scissors element system.

When you’re not fighting, you’re chilling in the tavern, where you can access all the game’s content. As you progress, you can join guilds, enter the arena for PVP, and unlock more content. Epic Seven is fire, with a unique art style that’s straight out of an anime, highly detailed characters and cinematics, and a dope story. Get ready to save the world and become the ultimate Hero!

Summoners War

If you’re into monster-collecting RPGs, this game is for you. You play as a summoner, summoning monsters from all over the world to fight for you.

The gameplay is sick, with turn-based battles that let you strategize and watch your monsters wreck shop. You’ve got tons of monsters to collect, each with unique abilities and stats. And, as you play, you can level up your monsters, making them even stronger. It’s like building your own dream team of beasts.

The graphics are fresh, with vibrant monster designs and cool special effects. And the game keeps getting better, with new content and events added regularly. It’s like a never-ending monster party, and I’m all in.

One of the best things about “Summoners War” is the player community. You can join a guild and take on massive boss battles together, or trade monsters with other players. It’s like having your own army of friends, ready to take on the world.

In short, “Summoners War” is a beast of a game. The monster-collecting, turn-based battles, and huge player community make it a real gem. So get ready to summon your way to the top, summoner! The world of monsters is waiting for you.


Yo gamers, what’s good? I’m here to give you the lowdown on Dislyte, a JRPG style battler. The story’s cool, but it’s not really my thing. But, it’s nice that when you skip it, the game gives you a summary of what you missed.

As you progress through the story battles, you’ll collect new party members through a gacha system using a “record player.” The battles use a weapon triangle system, similar to games like Pokémon or Fire Emblem, where characters of different types have strengths and weaknesses against each other. Even though most players will let the battles happen automatically, there’s still a lot of strategy involved in building out your party of 5.

You’ll be able to level up your characters, collect and equip gear sets (called “relics”), increase characters’ max level by sacrificing other characters of the same rarity, upgrade stat distribution between attack/defense/HP, and even check in-game reviews for the characters where other players vote on the best ways to use them.

The in-game character reviews range from pretty funny to disturbing. Beyond the robust system for customizing your party, there are also a ton of different ways to battle beyond the straight path of story mode. You can play through trials that offer branching pathways/rewards, there’s a bounty system with specific requirements to fulfill, a territory defense mode, and there’s even a fun little music rhythm game. Dislyte provides a lot of ways to play, but it does require you to navigate a ton of menu screens. But, in the end, the gameplay is still a grindy JRPG battler.

Overall, Dislyte has a lot of style and flair, so give it a go to see if you like it.

Artery Gear: Fusion

This game is called Artery Gear: Fusion from the developers at BiliBili. These guys have made some popular mobile games in the past like Fate/Grand Order and Azur Lane. This mecha game features small mecha girls, known as Artery Gears (or AGs), fighting in an apocalyptic world where humanity is being attacked by puppet-like machines.

The AGs in this game are not just pilots, but they are actual mecha units, which is different from the traditional mecha game setup. It creates a different kind of relationship between the characters. The game has a pity system instead of the gacha system, which guarantees players a 4-star AG in the first round of pulls. All summon points on special banners are carried over to the general banner, so players have to spend resources wisely.

The game also features gift packs and microtransactions, but it is also possible to play for free through the AFK system and story rewards. It’s a unique take on the mecha genre, but it’s up to you if you want to give it a try.

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

This game follows the Marvel series. If you are already a huge Marvel fan, then this game should be of interest to you. Much like Dislyte or any gacha game, you will get a ton of free characters early on. There’s a ton of combinations of teams you can use across different game modes. The game keeps expanding the roster regularly so it doesn’t get boring.

Second, the game modes are where Marvel Strike Force shines. Blitz is a great mode where you can play battles against other teams or sim them, and you can use any character in your roster in any order. You can try out new characters, teams, and skills immediately and see how they do against other teams. This is a rare game mode and it’s a ton of fun. The game modes are varied enough that you can pick one or two and excel in it. You can build a roster specifically for Alliance War and be one of the best in your alliance at this mode.

Third, the game is just plain fun and communal. Once you get into an alliance that suits your playstyle, the game becomes even more enjoyable. There’s a lot of fun things to do in the game, and a number of great characters to enhance. The alliance system helps you build a community of players that all work together and share their successes and failures.

Now, I know no game is perfect and Marvel Strike Force has its issues. But overall, the game is a blast to play and I highly recommend it. If you’re looking for a new mobile game to try out, give Marvel Strike Force a shot.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd is a dope, action-packed anime-style mobile game that features killer graphics, epic battles, and waifu characters that’ll have you hooked in no time.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players take on the role of valkyries – badass warrior chicks with dope weapons and sweet moves – fighting against the Honkai, a mysterious force that threatens to destroy humanity.

The gameplay is lit, with a variety of modes to choose from, including story mode, co-op mode, and PvP battles. The combat system is smooth, fast-paced, and satisfying, with tons of skills, combos, and special moves to master.

What really makes Honkai Impact 3rd stand out, though, is the waifu factor. The game features a ton of female characters, each with their own unique personality and backstory, and players can collect and upgrade them to build the ultimate waifu squad. Plus, the game is chock full of fan service, with sexy outfits, suggestive poses, and plenty of “plot” to keep players interested.

But don’t let the waifus fool you – Honkai Impact 3rd is a serious game that requires strategy and skill to succeed. Players need to carefully manage their resources, craft and upgrade weapons and gear, and coordinate with their teammates to take down tough bosses and enemies.