Adelamyth Tier List [Re-roll, Guide and Tips]

Welcome to the Adelamyth Idle RPG tier list! In this post, we will go over the best units to try and re-roll for and give you an idea of what units are good in the game. Keep in mind that we only include the 5 star units in the game only for this list. Most of the heroes can do the job, but it is just a matter of who does it better over time.

Here is the legend as follows.

  • S - Top tier unit for beginners and makes your life easier.
  • A - Good unit that are worth keeping.
  • B - Does decent and is worth going after still.
  • C - Mediocre and can potentially be out performed by 4 stars.

The S Tier Description

Here is a brief description of why some of these units are in the S tier.

Alice (Light Support/AoE Healing + Armor Break) - A more offensive oriented support that has team heals and can apply Armor Break on 2 skills. She can also increase attack of all allies.

Sphinx (Dark Mage/AoE Curse) - She can apply curse, self cleanse debuff, provide stun and dispel buffs. She gives tonnes of utility.

Augustus (Blue Warrior/CC and Counter) - Good disrupter unit that can freeze enemies, He takes less damage and is resistant to crowd control.

Ares (Light Ranger/Pursue + Strike Back) - A strong DPS with some damage penetration. Requires some protection though.

Seth (Green Ranger/Execute + Damage) - A bruiser type unit with some self hp sustain if he kills an enemy. He can apply bleeding and armor break on a target.

Berial (Dark Ranger/AoE + Armor Break) - Has strong utility in the from of AoE and Armor Break, which helps your team do more damage. Like Sphinx, she can also apply curse.

Charlotte (Red Support/Healing) - Can burn enemies and apply fear. She can also buff her allies with attack buff and also a nice shield for some damage mitigation. Her passive is really good too. Any crit by an ally will heal the entire team!

Diana (Green Warrior/Protection) - Can help your team to protect squishier units and give damage mitigation. She can counter attack against enemies and also self heal and cleanse.

Hera (Dark Ranger/ Curse) - Another curse type unit but she is a pure damage dealer that can do a lot more damage when an ally dies.

Moses (Mage/AoE + CC) - A good utility attacker that can provide Armor Break, stun and a debuff called Exhaust, which lowers enemy attack.

Tiamat (Blue Mage/AoE + Boost) - A strong damage utility unit that can freeze, apply exhaust, which lowers enemy attack and can deal damage at the same time.

Michael (Revive/Healing) - A great unit to have to keep your team healthy and she has a rare skill in the form of revive. Her healing also scales form her own attack.

Nyx (Dark Support/Shield) - A good utility support that gives some damage mitigation via shields. She can heal all allies and also reduce enemy attack as well.

Adelamyth Idle AFK RPG Game Summary

An Idle AFK RPG game with the unique art style. A classic turn-based Idle RPG with a huge variety of modes to keep you battling!

The evil force invaded the world. Many heroes lost their lives in the battle to guard their homeland. Merlin, as one of these heroes, in order to unite the heroes to protect their homeland, promised that as long as everyone is willing to fight, he will find a way to resurrect everyone. However, there is a great disparity between the enemy and heroes. Finally, they lost. Luckily, the souls of heroes have been strengthened by the Soul Tree with an agreement before the war. Their souls are immortal after death and able to resurrect with their memories. They are waiting for a warrior to awaken them and help them save their homeland...... Will you?

Bring heroes on your team and they will fight for you automatically. No matter when and where, online or offline. Reap the rewards when you next log on.

Equip your heroes and build unbeatable lineups to overcome your enemies. Each faction enjoys formation buffs and factional advantages over other factions. 6 formations for you to choose.

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