All Roblox Critical Legends Chest Locations [Video and Images Included]

Welcome to the Roblox Critical Legends guide for all the chest locations! We will break down all the vital areas you need to go to get these items. Special thanks to caffeine for making the video guide, allowing use to find them easily.

Key Locations

Mining Pickaxe: Go straight down from spawn and it is next to the stairs.

Punch: Right from the spawn and it is on the boat closest to the Legit Shop.

Beta Ticket: Inside the Legit Shop.

Beta Factory: On the roof of a shack, to the left of Legit Shop.

Burning Torch: On top of the roof of the Arsenal.

Metal Plate: Left from the spawn, on the roof of the house next to the apple tree. Jump from the fence to the tree and go up to find it.

Primis Field Chest Locations

Rage Scroll: Under the apple tree, on the first left turn.

Hunting Dagger: The first chest at Thyrus Wood’s entrance.

Sharpener Rock: Past the first right turn up the stairs inside of Cave 1. The place is dark, so you have to navigate it a bit to find it.

Travelling Boots: Just outside of Cave 1.

Thyrsus Woods Chest Locations

Campfire Wood: Next to a big campfire in the southern part of the deep woods.

Ignite Scroll: Near the crates outside of Cave 2.

Venom Scroll: South of the Arsenal shop. It is hidden in the trees at the corner, which you will have to find it by jumping.

Slime King Chest Locations

Slime Jar: Go through the cave beside the waterfall and cross the bridge. It is right of the entrance to the floating temple that leads to Punky Sky.

King’s Crown: Straight and right from the entrance that is just behind the Slime King.

Barrage: Go straight and left from the floating temple entrance, just beside a tree lakeside.

Self Heal Scroll: Go across the lake from the floating temple entrance and it behind a tree lakeside.

Punky Sky Chest Locations

Force Field: Straight from spawn to the right of the Arsenal, against a house with crates

Dark Burn Scroll: On the middle island, just behind the stone arch on the far side from the bridge.

Blood to Mana Scroll: Left of spawn, behind Luck Hunter Tickets Shop. Look for some crates.

After this, take the ship off to Snowy Caps for more chests and goodies!

Snowy Caps Chest Locations

Ice Rose: Right from the Traveling Ship, on the far side against the cliff. The easiest one to find.

Blizzard in a Bottle: Right side of the waterfall, behind a wooden pole. You need to jump down the cliff from where the Ice Rose is.

Self Freeze: Jump down the cliff from where Blizzard of the Botle is. It is across a wooden plank jump bridge, or up a wooden ladder, to the right against the cliff.

Sun Fragment: It is on the right side of Snowy Caps waterfall, between large rocks left of a campfire.

Icy Shield: It is under the apple tree in the first left turn.

Flora Fields Chest Locations

Honeyshield: Left from the entrance, in a corner against the cliff. Easy to find.

Honeycomb: Straight from the entrance, under a hill. It is behind the Honeyshield.

Queens’ Soul: Right and go up from the entrance, behind the Queen Bee.

Chaos Strike Scroll: In the cave on the far left corner, it is on the middle stones surrounded by water. You need to use multiple haste potions to reach this chest. It gives +20 Walkspeed for 10 seconds. Once you take some, then you go towards the end of the cliff and it will zoom you there.

Evergreen Chest Locations

Group Heal Scroll: It is right of Flora Fields cave exit and around the right cliffside.

Mana Scroll: Straight and left of Flora Fields cave exit and it is just under a hill.

Virus: Upper left from the Flora Fields cave exit, against the large red glowing cube.

Forest Chest Locations

Mini Tree: Right from the Arsenal, through the forest (use haste potions for faster runs) and up the hill, across the wooden bridge.

Gravity Islands: Up the hill, just outside mossy Skeleton King’s cave.

Heart Fruit: Upper right from Flora Fields cave exit, at a hill corner.

Tiki Torch: Go left from Seaside Village and it is near a corner campfire.

Burning Leaf: Inside of Cave 1, turn left until you reach the purple hell portal. Then turn left from the other corner of the portal, cross the long bridge and look for a chest surrounded by lava rocks to your right.

Void (100+ only)

Soul Drain: Left of Void spawn, small lowered island. You need to use haste potion to jump off the ledge to get it.

Heroes Cavern (125+ only)

Soul in a Bottle: Right from the Arsenal, up and around the stone mountain. Use items with + jump(Moon Potion) as the ledges are huge.

Shadow Fruit: Right from spawn, on the edge of the cliff.

Roblox Game Summary

Roblox is a vast multiplayer online platform where kids can create and interact in what its makers describe as “immersive 3D worlds.” Players are given the opportunity to create an avatar (player) and select from a variety of different physical features, as well as accessories and outfits that are available to purchase with “Robux” inside the platform’s Catalog. This platform is a massive drawcard for many young children who want to look cool in their avatars.

Roblox Critical Legends is just one of the games available in the platform and it is very popular.

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