Kyoudai Koguma

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Adventure, Family, Slice of Life
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Spring, birds are singing, frogs are dancing. A cave mother tells the bear to play outside with his brother ‘s son. But beware of scary humans. When a bear takes sumo and eats honey, the hunter shoots with a gun. Two people who saw the human for the first time finally arrive at the cave where the mother bears are born. To a child bear who was impressed by the person walking and walking, her mother bears teach standing to walk. Swallows and cranes flew away, summer is over and autumn also deepens. Parent-child bears will be able to stand and walk as they practice. After imitating a hunter and standing and walking, watching the appearance of a walking bear, she thinks that the mountain animals are human beings. A bear boasting to be proud of being proud in front of animals. A real hunter appeared there and the animals fled at once, but the baby girls responded by imitating humans. But there is no translation to the hunter, the two crawl underneath the tree and jump, jump over the valley with four legs, and lift it.

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