Artery Gear Fusion Centaur 5-9 [Guide for Beginners]

Welcome to the Artery Gear Centaur guide! Centaur is a very important boss to farm because she can provide the SPD set, which is vital to all your offensive and support units. Have more speed means faster skill cycling. The Accuracy set is also quite useful for debuffer units for the increased accuracy. The Resistance set is not as useful for early-mid game.

Here is an example run in Centaur 8. This team is stable and can be done after 7 days of F2P play.

Keep in mind that I max re-filled energy every single day from the supply shop using gems earned from story mode. To clear Centaur 9, you will need to sub out Morris for Roko and pray for RNG. It took me about 11 tries to finally clear it first time.. The gear is shown at the end of the run.

Centaur (Lance of the Fallen) Basic Mechanics

The Centaur is a very fast boss that can grant her a speed up if she doesn’t have any debuffs on her. The key to winning the fight is to bring at least 2 debuffers to prevent her from getting the speed buff and quickly bursting her down before she destroys your entire team. Let’s look at her skill kit.

Dim Morningstar – Deals damage to a single enemy and inflict Electric Shock for 2 turns. If this unit has not debuffs, reduce the cooldown of this units skills by 1 turn.

Fallen Knight’s Hindsight  – Deal damage to all enemies and increase the duration of the target debuffs by 1 turn with a 70% probability to inflict 2 stacks of Electric Shock for 2 turns. (Cooldown: 3 Turns)

Corrupted Justice – Deal damage to all enemies, trigger Electric Shock Explosion and remove all debuffs from this unit. (Cooldown: 4 Turns)

Ferocious (Passive) – When any enemy’s turn is over, if this unit has no debuffs, gain SPD Boost. If this unit has debuffs, remove SPD Boost from this unit.

Charge (Passive) – Deal more damage based on SPD. Immune to SPD Reduction.

As you can see from her kit, she will punish your team hard if you don’t land any debuffs on her. Her passive will grant her speed buff and her skills will start to hurt more since they scale off speed. She is also immune to speed down debuff.

The battle sequence will start with Centaur using her basic attacks for the first 2 rounds. After that, she will start to use her second and third skill respectively. That is where she really starts to hurt.

Many people prefer to build offensive teams because you will want to kill her as fast as possible. Plus, you get no stamina penalty for failing. The only thing you waste is taking a longer time to clear due to failing runs.

To survive Centaur 7 for 1 hit, you want your DPS units to have 800 def and at least 6500 health. For Centaur 8 and 9, you will need a bit higher, around 8500 health and about 1k defense. Otherwise, if she lands a shock on any of your DPS, they are dead the next turn. Bringing a cleanser like Morris will solve that issue. Also, your units need more speed the higher you go.

Difficulty and Rewards

Centaur 1-4 is pretty straight forward. Once you get to difficulty 5, it starts getting a bit harder even when you have a full 5 star team. At level 7, you will start to need at least a 6 star DPS or 2 with decent gear to do it well. This is assuming you have debuffers on your team.

  • Difficulty 5 – Drops 5 star Weapons, Power and Shield Systems
  • Difficulty 6 – Drops 5 star Propulsion System, Aiming and Amplifier Component
  • Difficulty 7 – Drops 6 star Power and Shield System
  • Difficulty 8 – Drops 6 star Weapon and Propulsion System
  • Difficulty 9 – Drops 6 star Aiming and Amplifier Component

As a beginner player, you will want to stop by difficulty 6 to farm some Propulsion System, Aiming and Amplifier Component. The reason is because it will be hard to try doing 8 and 9 with just the beginner gear given in the rookie missions, especially if you do not have all the meta units like Alice or Ginga.

You want to look for:

  • Propulsion System – SPD main stat
  • Aiming Component – Crit Rate, Crit DMG, Atk%, Hp%
  • Amplifier Component – Atk%, Acc%, Hp%, Def%

Most flat main stats here aren’t as good unless your unit has low base hp/atk/def. Most DPS units will want Atk%, Crit Rate and Crit DMG stats while supports will benefit from HP% mostly. As for accuracy, for doing Centaur 9, you need 48% accuracy. If you can get them on your gear sub stats, then you can run Atk% main stat on Amplifier component. Once you can comfortably farm 7 and 8, then you will slowly transition to finally doing 9.

There are some shortcuts that allow you to do Centaur 9 a lot earlier, which includes the usage of specific units, which we will talk about in the next section.

Team Building (F2P and Luxury Options Available)

Building a team for this mode will be challenging for some if they don’t have specific units. However, don’t worry, there are a  F2P team comps that can do this. Let’s talk about some of the available options before going into specific teams.


Ginga (5★ Blue)

One of the top debuffers and attackers for this boss. Since she can inflict up to 3 stacks of shock, having her alone will usually prevent Centaur from gaining a speed buff. Her skill 3 damage also scales based on the number of debuffs it has on the enemy. Pair her with another debuffer like Goya, Suriel or Chihaya and you are good to go. She is also good against Harpist as well.

Suriel (5★ Blue)

Like Ginga, she also does more damage by stacking burn debuffs. Due to her skill 2, she can stack 4 burns on Centaur, which means she gets no speed buff. Pair her with other defense debuffers and you have yourself a strong team. You will still need decent gear to perform though.

Shyura (5★ Red)

A good unit here with her skill 3 being able to apply attack down and skill 1 and 2 can apply defense break. This makes her a good attacker/debuffer that allows the team to do more damage and reducing the damage Centaur does as well.

Chihaya (4★ Blue)

A free event unit (will not be available easily after that) that can help all new players. She has defense break on skill 3 and her skill 2 can extend debuffs by 1 turn if she crits. Probably the best F2P unit given and will be a staple to many teams.

Greer (3★ Red)

Greer is the budget DPS that you can use as both the defense breaker debuffer and damage. Since she is a 3 star, she is easy to get and max out with dupes. Her passive allows her attacks to do damage off enemy max health. That means against high hp bosses like Centaur or Puppet, she will be doing a lot more damage with little investment in gear. Her skill 3 can defense break, which is the key debuff to allow your team to do more damage. Her and Chihaya are more than enough to be your dedicated damage dealers.

Goya (4★ Red)

Goya can apply 3 debuffs (defense break, anti-heal and burn) on Centaur, making her an ideal debuffer. Paired with Ginga will allow Ginga to do up to 120% bonus damage. She also gets her own attack buff if she gets attacked. She works fine on her own and can be paired with Chihaya and other damage dealers. You will want her to go first to apply the defense break. She has a low base speed, so it will be a bit harder to make her faster than your DPS.

Cathy (4★ Red)

Cathy can apply 2-4 stacks of shock on her skill 2 and detonate them in skill 3. Her skill 1 can also apply shock. If you can delete Centaur in 1-2 skill rotation, she is very good for this, otherwise, you might be in trouble if the debuffs dry up. Also, if she activates her chance to detonate the shocks, it can potentially screw up your runs as well if you don’t have other debuffs on Centaur.

Ghost (5★ Blue)

A decent debuffer and attacker here. She will not be getting the bonus attack from her skill 3 unless Centaur has the speed buff. Her skill 3 multiplier is already very high, so it is still good DPS. Her skill 2 can apply silence and skill 1 can apply defense break, although her debuffs won’t be as reliable.

Milvus (5★ Red)

Her skill 3 can apply defense break, but not as reliable due to it being 70% (85% when skilled up). Her skill 1 can apply accuracy reduction debuff, which can be useful. She would be the last option I would go for if I did not have any of the above debuffers.


All the attackers mentioned here will need a defense break unit as an ally to work well.

Grace (3★ Blue)

While Grace may not be the best option here due to her having AoE attacks and no debuffs, she can do sufficient damage in lower difficulty Centaur missions. This works well, especially with a defense breaker. Since she is most likely going to be your fodder farmer, she can fit into the team to farm Centaur 5-7 until your team gets strong enough to take 8 and 9.

Kanna (3★ Blue)

She is actually very good here. Due to her passive, she can never be debuffed by Centaur as she dodges 100% of the time, allowing her to dish out damage safely as long as she has enough defense and health. Her skill 1 can apply accuracy reduction, which helps your team take less damage. Her skill 3 scales off speed and can reduce Centaur skill cooldown by 1, so she can do some good damage and delay Centaur’s powerful attacks.

Shinobu (5★ Blue)

A free unit given to you early on. If you don’t have Ginga, then she can be the replacement, but you will need a defense breaker. She has okay single target multipliers.


Alice (4★ Blue)

Alice is probably the top support for Centaur and other hunts as well. Her most important skill is her skill 2, which grants the ally an extra turn + attack buff. Due to this mechanic, many other units can cycle their skills quicker, allowing them to chain their skills with bonus damage. When skilled up, it has a 3 turn cooldown. She is also used in Harpist runs and other game modes, as well as PvP. Overall, you can’t go wrong having her as the main support alongside your debuffers and DPS.

Morris (4★ Red)

She is given to you for free early on. She does well in keeping your team healthy and can cleanse off the shock debuffs. Since most teams will have at least one support initially to help survive the burst, she will be a good member if you don’t have Alice. Once you reduce the skill cooldown of skill 3 by 1 to 3 turns, you can cycle skill 3 -> 2 -> 3 indefinitely on herself to heal your team every other turn.

Enhanced Repairer (3★ Red)

This is the budget Alice who can grant ally the bonus turn, but with no attack buff. You can farm him on 1-1 story mode. He is vital if you want to cycle your DPS skills quicker. Since I didn’t re-roll for Alice, he will be on my team until then. However, you cannot control who he gives the bonus turn to, so you will have to test it out on your team who he likes to push ahead.

Caroline (3★ Blue)

Caroline can reduce the cooldown of your units by 2 turns (3 turns when she gets tech 3 upgrade), which means having her on there will allow most of your units to use their skill 2 and 3 again much quicker. Some units such as Ginga or Chihaya can rotate their skills again the next turn.

Teams for Centaur 7-9 (F2P Included)

Completing Centaur 9 helps if you don’t rush and actually spend a bit of time in 6,7 and 8. Farm up some 5 star or 6 star crit sets from Harpist 5-8. Upgrade and invest in your DPS, Debuffer and Support of your choice. Once your main debuffers can reach about 48% accuracy and your DPS has upgraded skills and decent damage, you can attempt Centaur 9 clear.

The good thing is you can use F2P units to clear. It will require decent gear and team setup. At the time of writing on day 7, I just cleared Centaur 9 for the first time using Roko, Ginga, Chihaya and Grace. It took about 11 tries. The gear requirements aren’t too steep, here are the following gear I used on them:

Ginga (2/4/3 Skill)

Ginga is using the 6 star attack set given when you complete the Pre-Mission briefing event. It is a really good set. It has crit damage, crit rate, attack% and flat attack on 3 pieces, with 1 having status accuracy instead of flat attack. These are going to last a long time all the way to end end game.

You will get that on day 6 if you complete all the relevant quests. You will need to use all your energy to get them done, so keep that in mind.

For the Aiming and Amplifier component, I farmed for a day in Harpist 6 for the 5 star crit pieces. I have Crit Rate main sub on there and used a T2 Gear Crystal to transfer a nice piece with decent sub stats to the main crit piece. The cool thing about this game is that you can always transfer good sub stats on gear pieces that are not what you want. It is important to keep all your unwanted off sets with good sub stats.

Chihaya (0/0/4 Skill)

I also farmed a good amount in Centaur 6 and 7 for Chihaya’s gear. She is on:

  • Propulsion System – Spd main stat with crit rate and crit dmg
  • Aiming Component – Crit rate main stat with crit damage, accuracy and hp
  • Amplifier Component – Atk% main stat with crit rate and crit dmg

These are 5 star gear, but it gets the job done for now. The goal is to get her to 85% crit rate so she is always guaranteed to crit Centaur due to element advantage, which will trigger her skill 2 and extend her defense break. She doesn’t hit the 48% accuracy yet, so it needs a bit of work there.

Grace (6/3/6 Skills)

Grace is using the 5 star attack set and 6 star crit set, both given when completing the Rookie Mission.

Morris (0/0/4 Skills)

Morris is still using most of the free gear given in the Rookie missions. She just need to be tanky enough to survive the first 2 rounds to cleanse + heal the team and give the slight action bar boost to allow Ginga to go again.

Roko (5/5/5 Skills)

Roko has element disadvantage here, but if the stars and moon align, she will be able to chain skill 3 into skill 2 at about a 23% chance. This will apply 2 corrosion stacks if lucky and when Chihaya and Ginga apply their debuffs and damage, it will be enough to kill Centaur before she sweeps the entire team.

I Don’t Have Ginga! Now What?

Ginga can be replaced by a few units, most notably Greer and Kanna. Both are 3 star powerhouses. The only reason why they are not talked about is because most are focused on the 5 stars. 😀

To form a decent stable team, you will want something like this:

  • 1 Support, 1 or 2 Debuffers/DPS

You will have to mix and match what works the best based on your team. Later on, when you can grind gear, then you can start building full one shot teams and all that good stuff. However, for early game, it is best to settle for stable runs. A good example team would be:

  • Greer(Debuffer/DPS), Chihaya(Debuffer/DPS), Kanna (DPS), Morris (Support Healer)

As you can see, TimaeuSS has shown us that it is definitely a very viable option to use them to clear Centaur 9, although the gear requirements are a bit higher than the meta Alice + Ginga or Suriel combo. If you are new and not aware of why Alice is key to all the boss runs, have a look at TimaeuSS’s Centaur guide here.

Hope this guide was able to give you a rough idea of the gear requirements and what it needs to be done to clear Centaur 9. With enough time played, you will eventually farm Centaur 9 comfortably, so do not worry about how fast you need to complete it!