Artery Gear Fusion Fodder Farming Guide [Get 6 Star Units Fast!]

Welcome to the robot farming guide for Artery Gear: Fusion! Getting your unit to 6 star quickly is vital in progressing in the game. In gacha games, there is a term called fodder farming, which means you bring 1-3 robots to level them up and use them to star up your key units.

How Many Robots To 6 Star One Unit?

So this question is quite easy but takes a bit of time to do so. To get 1 unit to 6 star (granted you already have the 5 star unit max level):

  • 100 three star robots
  • 25 four star robots
  • 5 five star robots

That is the short summary. However, this process can be cut short by getting Alphors, which drop from story mode, event mode and quest rewards.

Alphors come in 3 versions and are always max leveled so you can just promote them to the next grade. The red Ahlfor is the 3 star, the purple one is the 4 star and the green one is the 5 star.

Red Ahlfor α

These are the most common ones you can get and here are the locations:

  • Daily Quest – You get one from completing Elimination Mode once
  • Event Quests – Usually any current event will have them in the event shop
  • Event Stages – Usually the last few stages in the event modes drop often
  • Alliance Shop –  You can get unlimited ones for 200 alliance points each

Blue Ahlfor β

These are more rare but also attainable on a monthly basis:

  • Weekly Quest – You get one from promoting 3 Red Ahlfor α to 4 stars
  • Alliance Shop – 1 per week for 300 alliance points

Green Ahlfor γ

These are the rarest and you can only get them consistently on a monthly basis from the Alliance Shop for 600 alliance points.

Fodder Farming Locations

Story Mode is a great place for farming, although the drop rates are lower when it comes to ahlfor α drops. You can choose between normal or hard mode to farm basic and advanced decoder chips as well.

Now if you have Grace as the fodder farmer, then you want to farm the following areas:

  • Normal/Hard –  All of Chapter 3 and 4, 5-5, 6-8

6-8 hard is the highest I have tested with using a 6 star Grace with the free rookie gear given and can still carry 3 fodders easily. 5-5 and 6-8 all have fire units only, making Grace do more damage and take less damage as well, making them ideal for farming. On these stages, you can get away with only 85% crit rate, since elemental advantage gives a bonus 15% crit rate.

Leveling Robots

When you run out of Alphors α/β, you will need to use the regular robot drops you get from story or event mode. You need to either level them up by farming stages or feed them using experience cats.

You can get them from the PvP shop and also if you upgraded your Fleet’s Armament Ship, you can get them daily there as well:

On a daily basis, you can also farm the Cat Orb stages for 2/3/4 star bonus cat orbs. I highly suggest you do it daily even if you don’t need it for now. You never know when you need to max a unit quickly.

When you farm stages or event modes, make sure to do the highest level you can. For example, here is my Grace’s stats:

The reason people use Grace to farm fodder is because her passive gives her 50% crit rate and resistance bonus when max skilled, which makes her easier to get 100% crit rate. Her skill 3 is an AoE that can be used again if she kills a unit. This makes her kit super good for this purpose.

Here is how Grace can do when she is decently geared:

However, the event is over by the time you read this, so you should just do 5-5 or 6-8 normal/hard, depending on your gear quality. There are a few robots that are quite useful that can speed up your runs, they are:

Enhanced Repairer

He will give your Grace a bonus turn, allowing her to clean up any units that Grace did not kill after 1 attack.

Basic Repairer

He gives a team attack buff and some healing. Also a decent robot to level up as fodder.

Once you get the robots to max level 30, you will want to star up them to 4 stars. You can also level up your Red Ahlfor α to 40 as they get a 3% bonus experience compared to the regular robots.

Once they hit max level 40, then you are going to need 4 four star robots, which you will need to level up another 4 three star robots. As you can see, it is pretty tedious for some folks. For gacha gamers, this is just another day in the office.

6 Star Expectations

So in general, a casual player should only expect 1 six star unit per month based on the energy you get. Players that refill their stamina daily with max refills can usually get one 6 star within 2-3 days if they have enough robots and ahlfors.

The game gives you enough ahlfors early on to 6 star at least 2 units. After that, the progression will slow down a lot.