Artery Gear Fusion Equipment Guide for New Players!

Welcome to the simple but detailed equipment guide! In this tutorial, we will go over all the nitty gritty details on how to upgrade your equipment, what stats to look for, how fusing and casting works and important tips to know.


Gear Basics

In Artery Gear, there are 6 slots which you can put gear on your character to improve their stats and overall performance.

Here are the 6 slots:

  • 1 – Weapon System (Flat Atk main stat)
  • 2 – Power System (Flat Hp main stat)
  • 3 – Shield System (Flat Def main stat)
  • 4 – Propulsion System (Spd, Atk%, Hp%, Def%, Flat Atk, Flat Def or Flat Hp main stat)
  • 5 – Aiming Component (Crit Rate%, Crit Dmg%, Atk%, Hp%, Def%, Flat Atk, Flat Def or Flat Hp main stat)
  • 6 – Amplifier Component (Status Resist%, Status Acc%, Atk%, Hp%, Def%, Flat Atk, Flat Def or Flat Hp main stat)

Slots 1, 2 and 3 will always have their main stats fixed. While slots 4, 5 and 6 have more variety and requires a bit of luck to get the desired main stat you want for your character. The main exceptions for slots 4, 5 and 6 are:

  • 4 – Propulsion System – Spd is the only main stat that can spawn on this gear piece
  • 5 – Aiming System – Crit Rate% or Crit Dmg% are the only 2 main stat that can appear here
  • 6 – Amplifier Component  – Status Resist% and Status Acc% are the only 2 main stat that can appear here

The thing is, Spd is the most sought after stat on slot 4, because having more speed means your units get to go ahead of your enemies. The faster they are, the more they can cycle their skills as well. This is important for both PvE and PvP, but especially for higher difficulty dungeons and top end PvP.

Gear rarity starts with 1⭐ to 6⭐, with the latter being the best. The difference between 5⭐ gear and 6⭐ gear is very noticeable. For example:

  • 5⭐Aiming System – Crit Rate% at max +15 gives 35% Crit Rate
  • 6⭐ Aiming System – Crit Rate% at max +15 gives 45% Crit Rate
  • 5⭐ Propulsion System – Spd at max +15 gives +25 Spd
  • 6⭐ Propulsion System – Spd at max +15 gives +35 Spd
  • 5⭐ Amplifier Component – Hp/Def/Atk% at max +15 gives +40%
  • 6⭐ Amplifier Component – Hp/Def/Atk% at max +15 gives +50%

Spd, Crit Rate and Crit Dmg gets the most noticeable boost from 5⭐ to 6⭐. As for flat stats, the max value you can get from slot 1, 2 and 3 respectively at +15 is:

  • 625 Atk
  • 3055 Hp
  • 350 Def


Each gear can have up to 4 sub stats. All sub stats can roll on a gear, except for the stat that is occupying the main stat. For example, a slot 4 Spd main stat Propulsion System cannot have Spd sub stat or a slot 1 cannot have flat atk on its sub stat.

Each sub stat also has random rolls based on the rarity. Below is the range of  6⭐ sub stat rolls.

Name Blue Purple Gold
Attack 85 – 134 136 – 183 184 – 232
Attack(%) 8.4 – 14.5 14.6 – 20.8 20.9 – 27
Defense 63 – 98 99 – 135 136 – 171
Defense(%) 8.4 – 14.5 14.6 – 20.8 20.9 – 27
HP 371 – 587 588 – 804 805 – 1021
HP(%) 8.4 – 14.5 14.6 – 20.8 20.9 – 27
Spd 4 – 8 8 – 12 12 – 16
Crit Chance(%) 4.9 – 8.5 6.6 – 12.3 12.5 – 16
Crit Damage(%) 7.9 – 13.5 13.6 – 19.3 19.4 – 25
Status Acc(%) 8.4 – 14.5 14.6 – 20.8 20.9 – 27
Status Res(%) 8.4 – 14.5 14.6 – 20.8 20.9 – 27


So there is quite a lot of RNG involved when it comes to sub stats. For example, here is a gear piece with 4 sub stats:

Most of the rolls were somewhere in the middle. Also, each sub stat unlocks at different intervals.

  • +3 – Unlock 1st sub stat
  • +6 – Unlock 2nd sub stat
  • +10 – Unlock 3rd sub stat
  • +15 – Unlock 4th sub stat

So if you want some cheap stats to increase your characters power quickly, you want to look for gear pieces with the desired sub stats on slots 1 and 2 to quickly unlock them to get the bonus, since getting a gear from 0 to 6 doesn’t cost as much as getting it to 15.

The cool thing about this game is that you can transfer very desirable sub stat rolls from 1 gear piece to another, as long as they are dropped from the same boss monster in Target Elimination mode. This is achieved using fusing gear with T1/2/3 crystals. This will be elaborated in the fusing section later.

Farming Gear

To get gear for your characters, you need to head over to Target Elimination to take on 4 different bosses.


A fast horse looking boss that is very quick and requires a strong debuff team to handle it effectively. It drops:

  • Speed Set (4 Piece): +25% Spd
  • Status Accuracy Set (2 Piece): +20% Accuracy
  • Status Effect Resistance Set (2 Piece): +20% Effect Resistance

This is the most popular boss hunt among the 4 since it drops speed set and it is the most commonly used set. It is good on almost all units as you need speed to go first. Some might argue that farming this boss is all you need.

Iron Maiden

A large puppet that has 2 minions accompanying her, healing and casting buffs on her. It drops:

  • Attack Set (4 Piece): +35% Atk
  • Hp Set (2 Piece): +15% Hp
  • Def Set (2 Piece): +15% Defense

This boss is less popular as the sets are outclassed due to sub stats being able to roll way better than what you can get from the set bonus. However, the Attack Set is still quite a decent set if you can get Spd sub stat rolls on them.


This boss has 2 puppets that accompany the Harpist who can cast the Harpist’s Curse on you. This boss is also a very popular choice as it offers:

  • Riposte Set (4 Piece): Counterattack chance +20% when hit
  • Immunity Set (2 Piece): Gain immunity for 1 turn at the start of battle
  • Crit Set (2 Piece): +12% Critical Chance

All 3 sets are really good, with Crit Set being a good 2 piece for DPS units while the Immunity and Riposte set are more for PvP.

Octopus of Lava Land

This boss is the hardest of the four and requires AoE attacks to do well. It is more for end game players who are trying to get a nice advantage in PvP.

  • Crit Dmg Set (4 Piece): +40% Crit Dmg
  • Lifesteal Set (4 Piece): +35% Lifesteal
  • Counter Engine Set (2 Piece): Action Bar Increase

Usually this is the last boss to farm after you have gotten enough sets from Centaur and Harpist.

Difficulty Levels

Each difficulty level will drop different pieces when it comes to the boss hunts.

  • Difficulty 5 – Drops 5⭐ Weapons, Power and Shield Systems
  • Difficulty 6 – Drops 5⭐ Propulsion System, Aiming and Amplifier Component
  • Difficulty 7 – Drops 6⭐ Power and Shield System
  • Difficulty 8 – Drops 6⭐ Weapon and Propulsion System
  • Difficulty 9 – Drops 6⭐ Aiming and Amplifier Component

Keep in mind that difficulty 1-4 is not worth farming and you are given free sets through the rookie missions, which is more than enough to carry you to difficulty 5. The goal at the end is to build teams to be able to farm the following combinations:

Centaur 7/8 and Harpist 9 

This allows you to get the following easily:

  • Slot 1-4 Speed Set
  • Slot 5/6 Crit Rate or Immunity Set

The reason for doing this is because Centaur 9 is a bit harder than Harpist 9 since Roko can’t cheese Centaur 9 as easily.

Octopus 7/8 and Harpist 9

This allows you to go for:

  • Slot 1-4 Crit Dmg or Lifesteal Set
  • Slot 5/6 Crit Rate or Immunity Set

Since Octopus 9 is much harder, this combo will make it easier for you to farm your sets easily.

Iron Maiden 7/8 and Harpist 9

This allows you to go for:

  • Slot 1-4 Attack Set
  • Slot 5/6 Crit Rate or Immunity Set

Also a viable combo, although I still think speed set is better. While I believe this is the most efficient way to farm, that doesn’t mean you need to follow it to a tee. If you can farm Centaur/Iron Maiden 9 easily, then you can use most 2 sets on slots 1-4.

Octopus 7 or 8 and Centaur 8 or 9

This is mostly for the Speed/Counter Engine set for PvP. Not recommended until mid game at least.

Stats and Substats to Look For

So when it comes to figuring out which gear you should be keeping, I will give you a rough guideline here. For early game, you will want to be less strict on the criteria, as you are still looking to build your first 4-5 gear sets for your DPS and Supports.


For main stat:

  • Slot 4 – Spd
  • Slot 5 – Crit Rate% or Crit Dmg%
  • Slot 6 – Atk%

For sub stat:

  • Atk%, Crit Rate%, Crit Dmg%, Effect Acc%, Flat Atk, Spd

You will need about 48 Acc% on DPS debuffers like Ginga, Chihaya and Roko for PvE boss hunts at difficulty 9. As for PvP, you may or may not need more as it is basically a contest of who has more accuracy or resistance.


For main stat:

  • Slot 4 – Spd
  • Slot 5 – Hp% or Def%
  • Slot 6 – Hp%, Def% or Effect Resistance%

For sub stat:

  • Spd, Hp%, Def%, Effect Acc%, Effect Resist%, Flat Hp, Flat Def

Effect Resist% is really good in PvE if you can get it over 140%+. Your support will start to resist a lot more debuffs and can help them survive if you do not want to run an immunity set.

When building your first few DPS sets, I would be more lenient and use gear like this:

A lot of blue and purple sub stats with some undesirable stats. But it will get you started in being able to farm the higher difficulty hunts. Once you are able to consistently farm 7/8/9 hunts, then you will want to become picky and only pick the better ones like:

You can then further improve them with gear casting, which takes a lot of time and resources.

Also, high speed rolls are also very desirable, such as:

You will want to keep them and give it to say Alice or Timmy, people that need to be fast and go first in battle. They are super useful for both PvE and PvP, especially when the SPD rolls on the first 2 slots. It allows you to cheaply upgrade them and gain tonnes of speed.

How To Find Desirable Sub Stats Strategy

Since you will be spending the majority of your time looking for good sub stats, it is vital to know how to go about farming. Once you are able to farm Centaur 9 and Harpist 9, you won’t want to be farming them all the time as it is not very stamina efficient. Your goal in farming either Centaur/Harpist 8 or 9 is to get the main stat you want for:

  • 4 – Propulsion System – Spd main stat on Speed Set or Crit Set
  • 5 – Aiming System – Crit Rate% or Crit Dmg% on Crit Set/Speed Set, Hp% or Def% on Speed Set
  • 6 – Amplifier Component  – Atk%, Hp% on Speed/Immunity/Crit Set

The reason why I don’t look for Accuracy or Effect Resistance main stat is because you can easily get them on the sub stats. And since the boss hunts only require 48% accuracy for difficulty 9, you won’t need more unless you want to do raid bosses. As for effect resistance is only good if you have over 140%+ of it in PvE and it is hard to get them early on without sacrificing health and defense for it.

The goal is to collect the required main stats from difficulty 8 or 9 and call it a day. You will then want to farm only difficulty 7, especially if you want to improve your DPS’s gear. While this strategy will come at the cost of having to use more T3 Gear Fusing Crystals, it will improve your odds on finding really good sub stats. As F2P, you can buy 2 per week from the supply shop, and get 1 from the weekly missions, which is more than enough.

Lock up 1 or 2 of the main stats, disregard the sub stats. You will fuse desired stats on them later.

You will want to get 1 to 2 copies of the main stats. For  a rough guideline, I always keep:

  • 2 Spd main stat Speed Set Propulsion System
  • 1 Crit Rate% and Crit Dmg% main stat Crit Set
  • 1 Hp% and Def% main stat Speed Set
  • 1 Atk% main stat Crit Set and Hp% main stat Speed Set

After I have them, I will move back to farming Centaur 7 or Harpist 7 for potential good sub stats. On difficulty 7, you get:

  • Power System – Flat Hp main stat
  • Shield System – Flat Def main stat

This is a good one to farm for DPS units, since the undesirable sub stats for most DPS are out, leaving you with these potential rolls:

  • Atk%, Def%, Hp%, Spd, Crit Rate, Crit Dmg, Accuracy%, Resistance%

Over the long run of farming, you will get better odds of rolling something good. A lot of the rolls you saw above were from farming Centaur 7 hunts and I transferred them to the other slots. You also save a lot of stamina per run compared to difficulty 9 and your team doesn’t need to have completely decked out gear to do them consistently.

Once you can complete 2 good DPS sets and 1 Support set alongside the free ones you got from Rookie Mission, you will be set for doing all the PvE content on a monthly basis.

However, if you want to have Bruiser gear, then Centaur/Harpist 8 might be a better choice. Since the weapon system provides flat Atk main stat, you have higher chances to roll good stats like Hp%, Def%, flat Hp and Def alongside Crit Rate% and Crit Dmg%.

Filter example

Once you have found some really good sub stats, don’t forget to lock them and flag them. You can also use the in game filter to find them easily by selecting 2 of the sub stats and 1/2 gold sub stat option.

Next, we will move into gear fusing.

Gear Fusing

This is where the grind and fun begins, depending on how lucky you may get. This is considered the end game, where you fine tune your characters to challenge PvP or trying to create teams to 1 shot bosses. The cool thing is that you can transfer sub stats from unwanted sets to the ones that you want.

All you have to do is to farm 1 type of boss, for example, Centaur 7/8/9 and you can easily transfer any sub stat of any equipment into another. There are some exceptions when transferring sub stats.

You cannot transfer sub stats to a gear when the main stat has one of the sub stats present. For example, on a slot 4 Spd main stat Propulsion System, you cannot transfer any gear that has the Spd sub stat on it.

You cannot transfer sub stats of gears that dropped from 1 boss hunt to another. For example, you cannot transfer speed set sub stats to a crit rate set, since one belongs to Centaur and the other belongs to Harpist.

However, you can transfer sub stats from a 5 or 6⭐ to a 6⭐ equipment of the same boss. Also, if your gear is already upraded to +15, you can choose to transfer the experience alongside the sub stats as well. The experience transfer will have a slight penalty. When you do that, the old gear will be destroyed.

In the above example, I transferred a 5⭐ +15 crit rate piece(the right piece) to a 6⭐ +0 crit rate piece(the left piece). In the end, the new gear become +10. So you do not have to worry about  “wasting” time farming 5⭐ gear, because you can always transfer them later at the cost of T3 gear fusing crystal. Keep in mind they are rare, so only do it on gear with sub stats that is worthwhile.

Here is the associated materials required when transferring sub stats:

  • 4⭐: 8k gold and 1 T1 Gear Fusing Crystal
  • 5⭐: 12k gold and 1 T2 Gear Fusing Crystal
  • 6⭐: 15k gold and 1 T3 Gear Fusing Crystal

You can get these crystals from supply shop. For F2P players, I suggest getting 2 of the T3 Gear Fusing Crystals on a weekly basis via Sample Exchange.

Gear Casting

Now if you want to upgrade your existing sub stats to the next color tier, you will need to do it via gear casting. This is only available for 6⭐ GOLD quality gear, which means they have 4 sub stats. This is the end game upgrades where you try to get each sub stat to Gold tier, which is the highest tier you can get on any sub stat. It is time and resource consuming. The format for upgrading is simple.

You need the specific boss materials of the Target Elimination of the relevant set and the following item:

  • Casting Parts T1 for blue/purple sub stat + 50k gold
  • Casting Parts T2 for 1 gold sub stat + 100k gold
  • Casting Parts t3 for 2 gold sub stat + 200k gold

So for example, if I want to upgrade this 2 gold sub stat gear, it will cost me a bomb. It needs a Gear Casting T3, 900 Lapsed Horn and 60 Special Intelligence Documents, which takes forever to get.

You can get Lapsed Horn by selling any 6⭐ Centaur gear with at least 1 gold sub stat. They are denoted by the yellow dot on the gear. This works the same for the other hunts if you want their specific materials.

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