Atelier Ryza Collab Event Guide [Part 1 and 2]

Atelier Ryza Collab Event Guide [Part 1 and 2]
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Welcome to the limited time event tutorial for Atelier Ryza Collaboration Event! This is a 3 week long event featuring 3 units:

All 3 are really good units to own with Klaudia being the free unit, but if you are limited on resources and can only pity one unit, I would recommend:

  • Lila Decyrus – You lack single target DPS and you want to complete general PvE/PvP content. She shines the most against Centaur, Harpist and Octopus. Once properly geared, she deletes any target that isn’t a green unit.
  • Reisalin Stout – You need an AoE attacker that can provide defense break, anti-heal, mark for PvE content. She shines more in Iron Maiden and Octopus. She is also decent in PvP, although later on she will drop off a bit.

Both units perform well on their own roles, it just boils down to what you need more. If you can already farm Centaur/Maiden/Harpist/Octopus 9 without much problems, these 2 units are just going to be luxury units.

Banner Pity

So in order for you to pity 1 unit in this event, you will need 90 pulls. You will get the skill chips alongside the unique equipment materials required to upgrade her unique equipment.

You cannot use your regular recruitment tickets to summon for them. You have to exchange 10 regular recruitment order tickets for 1 alchemy hiring agreement from the regular supply shop and do a x10 summon.

Alternatively, you can also use 1800 crystals to do a x10 summon. To pity Reisalin Stout or Lila Decyrus, you will spend 16,200 crystals each if you don’t have any tickets.

Ideally, you will want to get to 250 summons for the BonBon XXL reward, which allows you to imprint any 5 star unit. Other good rewards from the summons:

  • 50 Summons – 40x Alchemical General Stabilizer (for unique equipment)
  • 100 Summons – 5★ Alphor x1
  • 150 Summons – 5 Star AG Recruitment Ticket
  • 200 Summons – 5★ Alphor x2
  • 250 Summons – BonBon XXL

So for F2p players, the ideal place to stop is at 100 summons. However, being able to do another 50 will land you a free 5 star AG ticket, which is also very lucrative.

Lila Decyrus’s Banner starts on July 19th, and will follow the same pattern, with the same 9 step goodies along the way to Lila.

Event Battles and Rewards

So the event is pretty standard like the previous banners, with:

  • Chapter 1 – 6 Stages
  • Chapter 2 – 5 Stages
  • Chapter 3 – 4 Stages + EX1, EX2, EX3

The monsters are majority Red and Green. So, Grace as the fodder farmer won’t be as good as EX3 has a mix of green and red units, with the boss being red, accompanied by 2 greens in the final wave 3.

Other good farmers include:

04 is the best choice here since she is free and it is quite easy to max out her skills. If you haven’t built her yet, do not worry. She can do this at 5 stars if you use the rookie mission 6★ Crit Rate set and the Day 6 Pre-Mission Evolution 6★ Attack Set will do the job. I personally already farmed a Crit DMG/Crit Rate set for 04 as I like her as the second cleaver.

This stat line is overkill and can wreck first 2 waves without attack buff.

For those that are new, please check out XuitedGamers detailed guide on how to do this with way lower gear requirements. This will help tremendously when you are just starting out.

According to XuitedGamer, below are the bare minimum stats to do it properly:

However, he runs specific robots as fodders. One is the enhanced repairer that gives her a bonus turn, and the other is the basic repairer that gives 04 an attack buff. He also gave the fodders some gear to make sure they outspeed 04 to give her the bonus turn and attack buff. So there is quite a bit of moving gear around. So, your call on whether this is worth it.

The good news is, once you are able to do it, you can slowly invest in her and make the runs much smoother. Either way, I highly recommend her if you need a second fodder farmer to farm green stages where Grace or Ruri cannot do well.

Note: The Klaudia dupes from the Event Shop can be sold to get 60 Golden Badges, which will get you a BonBon XXL in the Golden Badge Shop.

If you already fed your Klaudia dupes to her, don’t worry, you can reset it by paying 600 crystals any point in time on Klaudia’s character menu.

This is your call on whether it is worth resetting for that cost.

TimaeuSS goes over it here.

Lila’s Part 2 Event

After the first week, Lila’s event will open on July 19th. There will be new EX2 and EX3 stages to farm and a final boss event that can drop a lot of currency, especially the final EX version of the boss.

  • Chapter 1 – 7 Stages
  • Chapter 2 – 8 Stages
  • Chapter 3 – EX1, EX2, EX3 Stages
  • Final Boss – Normal, Hard, Advanced, EX

On chapter 3 EX3 stage, the monsters are red and blue, so you can use Grace or Ruri here to fodder farm. So this will be quite easy. For the final boss though, it will be a bit harder if you are a new player, especially the EX difficulty.

Here is the JP version in which TimeauSS played through with a complete guide:

The EX final boss will require a bit of leveling to beat.

She has 2 phases and she has 2 green mobs with her. Once you get her down to 1% hp and after 3 turns I think, she will transform into her second phase with 70%+ hp. If you can do Centaur 7 difficulty, this should be okay for you to do without much problems. Your actual Centaur team will carry you.

Here are a few F2P team suggestions:

Centaur 7 Team


Alice will make this so much easier with the clutch attack buff and bonus turn. You can use the budget robot if you didn’t pull her.

These are your defense breakers to replace Chihaya if you missed her.

And of course the 2 limited units will be useful here and can act as the main DPS or support DPS.

04 is also a decent unit to help take out the green puppets.

Also, make sure to use your support robot Lela, who will give you attack and crit rate buff.

If you find yourself dying, you can use the guardian bot instead, who can help you block her attacks.

You can take 2 free hits from the enemy without taking damage, which helps in the EX stage.

For defeating the Final EX boss, you get 150 of the event currency per win. If not, here are the amounts you get at lower difficulty:

  • Normal (10 Ticket Cost) – 6 event currency
  • Hard (20 Ticket Cost) – 15 event currency
  • Advanced (30 Ticket Cost) – 30 event currency
  • EX (30 Ticket Cost) – 150 event currency

You can only do EX once a day. The rest of the points you will want to do advanced.

Loot Box Event

So this is the event that you want to save your stamina pots for. There is a total of 7 steps that you can go through, with rewards that you get once in the first 6 steps.

The first 6 steps give good rewards too, such as:

  • 6★ Lifesteal Set
  • 6★ Immunity Set
  • Unique equipment upgrade materials for Lila and Ryza

For the last remaining one, you can do it over and over again. The rewards are really good:

  • Document of Special Intelligence – These are the red items that you get for defeating bosses in Target Elimination. These are very hard to come by and maybe drops from the bosses every 100-200 runs or so. You use them to upgrade your sub stats on your gear via casting. Here is a detailed guide on equipment and gear casting. Get as many as you can as I heard from veteran players that there will not be any event that comes close to being that generous in giving out these as rewards.
  • Blue Intelligence Report – These can be gotten from regular story mode farming, so not as valuable as the red one, but still is needed for fusing, so it is good.
  • Gear Chips (Red and Blue) – These are also hard to come by and farming them is a no brainer. You will be able to upgrade your gear that you want after this event.
  • Energy – There is about a 40-50% energy refund for doing this, so it is very much worth getting it.

It takes around 22.5 energy pots to clear out box 7 which includes 10 energy pots. So around 13 energy pots will get all of the above rewards.

To clean out the entire pool to your hearts desire, you will want at least 80+ energy pots saved up. It will give you more than enough to upgrade many units and their gear.

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