Best Starting Region for PokeMMO for New Players [Pros and Cons Provided]

Welcome to the PokeMMO best starter region for beginners! We will go over the current regions to give you a rough idea which one is the best for what you are looking for.

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PokeMMO Kanto Region

best starter region pokemmo kanto

The Pros

We’ll begin with Kanto, the first region. Kanto has some great features. First of all, it has the best early game money maker, the Safari Zone. It becomes accessible around gym badge number four or five.

The Safari Zone allows you to catch Pokémon and breeders at a lower cost, making it a profitable venture. Additionally, Kanto offers excellent EV training spots for each stat, including defense and speed. As you progress, you unlock the Sevii Islands, where you’ll find good leveling spots and other benefits.

Kanto also boasts Vermilion City, a popular social hub. It’s the main city in the region and allows you to transfer between regions. Another notable feature is the presence of a wild Larvitar spawn on Island Seven, Salva Canyon. Larvitar is exclusive to Kanto, so it’s a valuable catch. Furthermore, Kanto provides access to the Mushroom Maniac, who offers cost-effective move relearning options. The Amulet Coin farming spot on Island One is also worth mentioning.

The Cons

However, Kanto does have some downsides. Many of its great features, such as the Sevii Islands content, are only accessible post-game or after defeating the Elite Four.

Bulbasaur, the starter Pokémon, struggles in the current meta due to several four-times resistant Pokémon found in Erika’s and Koga’s teams. Kanto’s storyline involves numerous long dungeons with complex puzzles, which can be time-consuming. Additionally, breeding is not available until you reach Island Four, which is part of the Sevii Islands, making it a significant drawback.

PokeMMO Hoenn Region

The Pros

Now let’s move on to Hoenn.  One notable feature is that there are two starter wild spawns in Hoenn. Unlike other regions, both Hoenn and Johto starters can be found here. This makes it great for those who want to collect as many starters as possible.

Hoenn also offers excellent EV training spots, with the Battle Frontier being one of the best places for EV training and leveling. Gloom, Nuzleaf, and Seedot provide great opportunities for special attack training, while Hariyama is perfect for HP training.

The Battle Tower in Hoenn is unique to this region and allows players to spend Battle Points on items and move tutors. Smeargle Cave is another noteworthy spot in Hoenn, suitable for shiny hunting, teaching utility moves, and catching Smeargle for profit.

Moreover, Hoenn has a rare five-times Magikarp spot in Pseudopolis City, ideal for shiny Magikarp hunting. Additionally, Lava Ridge Town is home to the best Ditto farming spot in the game, making it easier to catch Dittos. Overall, Hoenn has numerous positive features.

The Cons

However, there are a few negatives to consider. Hoenn has an annoying and lengthy storyline compared to other regions. Navigating through water paths can be confusing and results in frequent Tentacruel encounters.

It is advisable to stock up on Super Repels to mitigate this issue. Some gyms in Hoenn, like the one with Slaking, can be challenging, requiring careful preparation and strategy. Post-game gym rebattles are limited, and shiny hunting through five-times hordes may not be as abundant in Hoenn compared to other regions. Despite these drawbacks, Hoenn remains a highly regarded region.

PokeMMO Sinnoh Region

Moving on to Sinnoh, I have to say that it’s the worst region in my opinion. It was the last region to be added, so there wasn’t much additional content or improvements.

The Pros

However, there are a few positive aspects to cover. Sinnoh has a wide range of unique spawns, including high-level Magikarp in the Resort Area.

This mechanic allows for catching Magikarp at various levels, making it interesting and profitable. Additionally, Rotom spawns in Sinnoh and is highly relevant in PvP battles across different tiers. Honey trees in Sinnoh are another unique feature, offering encounters with niche and rare Pokémon. It’s a great option for shiny hunting and can even be a source of income. Overall, Sinnoh has several unique and rare spawns that make it stand out.

The Cons

However, there are significant negatives associated with Sinnoh. It has the worst EV training spots and leveling spots in the game, with only a few exceptions such as a Golduck spot in the post-game. The Pickup mechanic doesn’t work in Sinnoh, affecting the profitability of Pay Day. Moreover, there aren’t many good Pay Day spots in Sinnoh. In summary, while Sinnoh has some unique features, it is considered the weakest region overall.

PokeMMO Unova Region

Now, let’s talk about Unova. It is undeniably a fantastic region with numerous positive aspects.

The Pros

Unova offers the most EV spots compared to other regions, including high-level spots for EV training. It boasts a great variety of training spots, such as Stunfisk for HP, Mantine for special defense, Pelipper for defense, Bouffalant for attack, Heatmor for special attack, and Rapidash for speed.

Unova has three or four out of the six best EV spots in the game, making it the ultimate destination for EV training. Additionally, Unova excels in gym rebattles, with an abundance of excellent gyms to challenge. There are even two or three gym leaders in the first city alone, making it a remarkable feature.

Furthermore, Unova introduces Moxie Pokémon like Scrafty and Krookodile, which are incredibly powerful and useful for progressing through the story. The region also offers an incredible payday spot that coincides with the best Dratini farming spot, making it perfect for both shiny hunting and profit-making. Unova is home to many five-times shiny spots, including Druddigon, Mienshao, and others. Notably, the region features a mall where players can purchase any TM in the game, offering convenience and potential for passive income by reselling them.

Additionally, Unova provides opportunities to battle formidable NPCs like Cynthia and Morimoto, who reward generous amounts of Pokéyen, surpassing what gym leaders offer.

The Cons

Despite the numerous positives, Unova does have a few negatives to consider. The early game can be challenging and slow-paced due to the first gym countering the chosen starter Pokémon.

Overleveling is often necessary to overcome this obstacle. Additionally, the late game in Unova poses its own difficulties, with challenging Ice, Dragon, and Flying gyms. These final gym battles can be particularly tough. Another drawback is that some of the EV spots and leveling spots are only accessible in the post-game, limiting their availability during the main storyline. However, considering the overall benefits and advantages of Unova, these negatives are relatively minor.


As for where to start, here is my personal opinion:

  • Unova
  • Hoenn
  • Kanto
  • Sinnoh

Unova wins hands down thanks easier story progression and having the best quality of life things available in the region. However, do not discount the other regions. I myself started on Kanto and didn’t regret it since that is the first Pokemon game I played.

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