Black Clover: Phantom Knights [Reroll Guide]


This guide focuses on the mechanics and benefits of rerolling your accounts. SpaceTiiger talks about how to reroll, which characters to aim for, and how to get the best starting game you can.

By SpaceTiiger

A big thanks to SpaceTiiger for the information in the video above.

Reroll Guide

The first thing is first when you start the game they give you a free summon that lets you pick from a 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star. From there, you will want to know a few things:

  • What banner to pull from and what 5-star to aim for
  • How to reroll if you don’t get the right 5-star
  • Why rerolling is beneficial
  • Setting up your characters once you’ve obtained them

I would recommend going for 5-star and if you do not know which 5-star to pick the best bet is Mimosa because she is one of the best in the game.

When you actually get into the game there are a lot of rewards you get from pre-registration and you are given three 5-stars right from the get-go. And she makes sense because Mimosa is a healer and there are not many in the beginning.

So, how do you get your pre-registration rewards? Basically, you go into the locked area of the Brigade section then press on one of the characters.  It will show you the characters you have enough sheets for in order to unlock.

By selecting one of these characters it will go into the same animation as the summoning banners gives. After that, you will have that character in your Owned inventory.

You will also be given Black Jewels which are used to summon characters from banners. In all honesty, the only good banners you should pull from are Black Asta and Mereolena’s.

The 7 step banners are a lot of black jewels but they are the best banners you can pull on. And getting black jewels is not too difficult because you get them every time you complete a stage as well as doing events.

Now, the suggestion is trying to get Merelona or Black Asta in the first two steps of the banners. If you do not get them by that point then that is your spot to re-roll.

There is no guarantee you will get the character so it is better to re-roll and up your chances the next time you do the first two steps of those banners.

Once you have re-rolled and you have got the characters you will want to go back into Brigade. With all the rewards you will get you should have enough to max out at least two characters.

So, pick your two best characters and max them out then go through the Quest stages until you reach a point where you find it difficult to progress. Once you hit that point you can go into the Honing Gates to get more levels and materials to further progress the rest of your characters to get a full 5 man line up of level 80 units.

The point is having your two maxed-out characters carry your team so you can do the stages repeatedly and grind for XP Tablets. Cause each time you do stages you will get XP Tablets to level up.

To use them you press on a character in Brigade then go to the cross icon by the GP amount. There you can select how many tablets to use to get more GP in order to unlock your characters Grimoire Board entirely.

Once your characters have been leveled up you want to get equipment for them. So, you will want to head to Defend! and do them up to around tier two and three on Heath Battle.

It might be pretty tough but you can get good weapons from Heath Battle. But you can also get them from Quest stages as well. I suggest doing the North and East stages.

You also want to get Flags of Glory from doing events. It is a bit of a grind to get enough but it will be extremely beneficial in the long run.

This guide is mostly based around helping you start off strong and giving an idea on how to get the best out of your start in the game. Hopefully, some of this helped and you will have a good idea of where to start.

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