Black Desert Mobile [Class Guide]


This guide is about the different classes you can choose from in Black Desert. Legit Mobile talks about the different classes, what they are good at, and the benefits of each one.

By Legit Mobile

Class Guide

In Black Desert Mobile you have access to 5 different classes you can choose from during character creation. The 5 classes are as follows:

  • Warrior
  • Ranger
  • Witch
  • Giant
  • Valkyrie

There will be more classes as the game progresses in time. The console versions of the game have around 19 different classes so you can expect some of those others to show up in future updates.

I do want to make one side note before we begin. This is just an opinion based on the in-game classes and ultimately you should be playing a class you enjoy.

Do not play one based on the meta or what is strongest right now. Because as this game evolves the meta is going to change so what is strong now may not be strong in the future.


Up first we have the Ranger who is an elven female pre-awakening uses a longbow and a dagger. She is a very mobile character class which presents a quick style of play.

Because she has so much mobility the drawback is that she cannot take a lot of hits making her a weak defense character. She does have great PvE content clear and is great on large scale PvE.

She is also higher on the consumption side of things in terms of stamina from how fast she goes through it. She is very good on a 1v1 scale and has a lot of CC’s and stuns and her mobility plays a factor in that.

Her large scale PvP is not the strongest though she does offer value if she can stay out of range. Because she cannot take a lot of damage being on the weaker side.

She probably is the hardest class to master because she offers a different style of play. But she is very strong because she is the hardest to master.

She is great in dungeons and against bosses. Once again especially in 1v1 and her biggest issue is her low defense so stay mobile and deal a lot of damage while keeping distance and you should do just fine.


Next up is the male Giant. He does dual wield axes and is a tankier melee class with a lot of in your face abilities.

He is great for PvE content because of his AoE damages. As far as PvP 1v1 he is one of the stronger classes because he is tankier with a lot of damage.

For Guild wars, he is not the strongest one because he does not offer a lot of support. Because he does have to be in your face as a melee class he does take a lot of damage so he is not the best for this game mode.

He is good at PvP and farming content. He is fun to play because he is aggressive and does a lot of damage making him feel like a real power fantasy.


The Warrior is a great equalizer for every MMO. You can always count on a warrior and a mage being in every MMO.

With that said we have the male Warrior wielding a shield and longsword. He is a tankier melee combat character class.

For grinding PvE content he is not the strongest and takes a bit more time from his lack of AoE abilities. In PvP one on one, he is one of the strongest classes because he is tankier and a lot of his skills are single-target abilities.

PvP on a large scale he is not the strongest in the category because of his single-target capabilities. As for gameplay, I would not say he is as fun as the Giant or Ranger in terms of style but that is based on opinion.

One thing to say about the Warrior is that he has a very high skill ceiling. They do grow better than a lot of classes with the leveling and gear process so they do have that advantage as well.


Up next we have the Valkyrie. This is a human female who is blessed with sacred powers and is great at balancing offensive and defensive skills. As well as dealing heavy damage at close range while supporting allies with buffs and recovery skills.

She can be very effective in all scenarios if played and geared correctly. So this is one of those classes that will take more time and more precision much like the Ranger class.

You will not be able to just jump into this class like Giant or Witch and just grind easily. It is a bit more challenging to play.

The Valkyrie is decent for farming PvE content and grinding. It is not one of the strongest but not one of the weakest.

As well for 1v1 PvP, she is right in the middle. She has a high skill ceiling in that content so she does get stronger as her gear gets better and levels up.

For Guild Wars, she is not the strongest as well but she does have that heal and support to enhance her allies. But she is not super effective in guild wars.

She is a fun character to play offering healing and attack as well as being in your face as a melee. She is kind of a jack of all trades master of none character.


The last class we have is the Witch. She is a female who uses a staff and a dagger and is one of the strongest classes in the game.

This will be the most overplayed class in the game. This is the strongest PvE content clearer and PvP large scale clearer and they are highly sought after for Guild Wars because of their ability that helps defend everyone in a circle area.

So witches are going to be a very strong class. The weaknesses for the witch will be one on one PvP because they are not the strongest in that area.

But what they lack in the small scale PvP they make up for in Guild Wars and large scale PvP. As for playstyle, they are super fun to play.

Instead of a roll, they do a flash which is ideal for most mage range classes to have that flash. They are on the squishier side so you cannot take a lot of hits so you have to constantly dodge attacks but aside from that this is a very fun class to play.

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