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Roblox Ultra unFair Codes – Redeem Now!

Ultra Unfair is a challenging and punishing Roblox title where even the weakest minion can pose a serious threat. Each enemy you defeat brings you one step closer to becoming stronger.

Supreme gene slightly nerfed
Spin speed increased
Lag Fixes
& more

– Rates are completely random! You could roll a 3+ or a 15+
– Most Dev Specs are 1/1K at level 7.5+ (Some are lower)

Roblox But Every Second You Get 1 Jump Power Code – Redeem Them!

Welcome to Roblox but every Second you get +1 Jump Power! Climb the Tower, Gain Wins and Talk to others! Simple Game to Play when Bored! There are also a lot of secrets in the game so try to find them All!

Premium players get +2 Jump Power every second!


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Roblox Treasure Digging Tycoon Code – Redeem for Freebies!

Own your very own factory tycoon in Treasure Digging Tycoon!

How To Play:
– Hire more miners
– Upgrade your automatic equipment
– Find the rarest treasures in the game

– Climb various leaderboards and show who’s the richest miner!
– Tycoon Auto Save!
– Thumbs up and favorite for more updates!

Roblox Legend Magician Code – Redeem Your Freebies!

No job system, 3 spell slots, create your own exclusive role.

Warrior can heal? Nurse throwing fireballs? Assassins use lightning strikes? Mage with sword slash? only what you can’t imagine , no what you can’t create.

  • 1000+ kinds of weapons: knife, sword, spell book, dagger, gloves, axe, staff, wand, shield, hammer, lance, flying knife, darts, etc.
  • 100+ kinds of spells
  • 100+ kinds of fashion
  • 10+ kinds of character skins
  • 5000+ kinds of equipment
  • 10+ types of attacks
  • 60+ kinds of character attributes

Roblox Balanced Craftwars Overhaul Codes – Redeem Them!

This is a demo game, expect some changes, bugs, and some inconveniences.
Private Servers are free, use them to avoid Hardmode servers in public.
Play it if you have nothing to do in your day.

X – Ability 1
Z – Ability 2
C – Ability 3
F – Shield Ability
Q – Dash Ability

Roblox Daybreak Codes Guide – Redeem Them!

Daybreak is an 8v1 asymmetrical horror game which puts survivors against a ruthless killer! Do you have what it takes to survive? Or will you become the killer? Or will you be some headless chicken without a clue what to do? Well this guide is here to help that last one so you wont have to fret!

> Play as a diverse and unique cast of characters!
> Loop the killer or go on a rampage!
> Voice acting (not yet added)
> Collect skins and memories to learn more about the characters

Roblox Anime Champions Codes [Guide and Wiki]

Fight your way to victory and unlock new anime characters and weapons!

Over 90+ Characters to unlock!
Over 100+ Weapons to unlock!

Anime Champions is an RPG simulator where you get to play as various anime characters each with unique abilities and new weapons!

Update 2:
– 12 New characters to play;
– 12 New weapons to use;
– 2 New maps;
– soft cap raised to 55!;
– quest XP capped to soft cap;
– improved the leaderboards;
– added server-level leaderstats;
– decreased mob damage by ~30%;
– 2 more badges to earn equivalent to their new areas;
– fixed other minor bugs

The game is in its early stages there are still bugs and everything will be patched eventually

USE CODE: RELEASE for 1000 yen in-game!

1 – primary ability ;
2 – secondary ability ;
E – Interact ;

Roblox Marvel New Journey Codes [Guide and Wiki + Tips]

Marvel: New Journey is fan-made PVP/fighting game inspired by Marvel Studios and Comics. Play as a superhero or a villain and try to beat ur enemys to earn coins and unlock various characters, your journey is just starting.

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