Crossing Void Global [F2P Guide]


This guide is for the Free 2 Play(F2P) players. ddgg goes over how to get the most long-term value out of your game while playing F2P.

By ddgg

F2P Guide

The one thing to note about Crossing Void is that compared to other Gacha games it is pretty F2P friendly from the get-go. This shows well in the characters you can use in the game.

S-rank characters are not required to have a good team. You can get by with just A-rank, B-rank or even C-rank units with no S-rank at all.

So if S-rank characters are not what is holding you back then it is probably the energy mechanic. If you are a new player you start with a lot of free energy.

Because of this, you might not realize how bad the recovery rate is. You get 1 energy around every 7 minutes and the energy refills are limited as well.

So, what should you spend your energy on? I recommend spending your energy on story mode because it is an easy way to get exp.

You want exp because you can only level up your characters as high as your account level. You can also unlock the star material to up character star-rank.

And as you progress you also unlock the Fragment dungeons. Which are pretty important in the long-run.

Sometimes you will get to a stage, boss stage, or a special stage that is hard to clear and you get stuck. Another thing you should spend your energy one is the Treasure Hunt.

In the beginning, Treasure Hunt does not give you that much. But eventually, you will need to farm it to get S-rank and A-rank items.

What you will do with these items is trying to get the set and research the items then put them on your characters. This will help you get over the difficulty in the story mode.

In the early game, you will not get too many S-rank or A-rank items and may not use the ones you get. Because of this, you can decompose them to get more equipment exp potions.

So farming story mode is the new player priority. And farming Treasure hunt follows whenever you find yourself stuck during story mode.

The next thing to talk about is fragments. Fragments are pretty important for progressing in this game because they let you roll talents and upgrade your units.

With fragments, you can upgrade your characters from C-rank to B-rank and so on. It is a bit random of when it works but that is why you want to save and farm fragments.

One way you can waste your fragments is once you hit a certain level you can do the fragment Gacha. My recommendation for this is to not use it.

It is pretty much baiting for newer players to use their fragments. You can use 10 fragments to try and roll for a new character.

The rates are pretty bad of what you can get and what will most likely happen is that you will just get another dupe of a character you already have and you will turn 10 fragments into a dupe which turns into a fragment. So you are turning 10 fragments into 1 fragment, which is bad.

Another important aspect of being F2P is what you should pull on. For anyone trying to be F2P, it is important to know that patience is key.

In this game, some banners show up with guaranteed rates for a good character after so many pulls. My advice is to hold off on pulling until these banners show up.

You do not want to waste anything on the normal Gacha banners. You want to wait for limited and special banners.

The reason for this is saving your Maigo(the in-game currency). The limited vouchers you need for these banners cost Maigo. So if you spend it all on normal Gacha banners you will not have any Maigo for the vouchers.

Lastly, if you have played the game for a bit then you will come across the Golden Time event. Which lets you get a free S-rank unit of your choice.

My advice is to wait until you have pulled on one of the guaranteed banners for an S-rank. That way, you already have an S-rank and it will be new because you did not risk your free S-rank being the same character.

At the same time, you can get your S-rank from the guaranteed banner then base your free S-rank unit around the first S-rank you got. Giving you a bit of an idea on who would be good to pick.

But if you do choose to get your free S-rank as soon as you get it I recommend picking Shana. She is one of the best single units in the game right now.

One last thing to mention is the out of game events. There are little events that happen outside of the game itself where you can get involved by doing whatever the event asks.

Such as participating in a character vote or something like that. Doing these will get you free rewards such as Maigo or even Gacha vouchers.

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