Digimon: ReArise [Beginner’s Guide]


This guide is based on all the different aspects and mechanics of Digimon ReArise. DG Gamer talks about all the different mechanics from Evolutions, Awakening, Plugins, and more.

By DG Gamer

Beginner’s Guide

On the main screen of the game, you will see your garden area. This area is where your Digimon will roam around and have all of your decor and facilities.

This is the area where you can raise your Digimon and bond with them to Digivolve. You can only Digivolve a Digimon through their bond and this applies to Digi-eggs as well.

To increase the bond you have to feed them. The more you feed them the more points they will get for their bond and when it is maxed out you can Digivolve them.

A good way to go about it is by learning your Digimon’s favorite food. It is a bit of a waste to give any kind of food to any Digimon.

Focus on their favorite food because it benefits them more and costs you less food overall. That way you can get their bond up easier without having to waste other food on them that might be better for another Digimon.

This garden area is also where you can go to receive rewards from your daily logins as well as completed missions, challenges, and the presents options.

Evolution and Awakening

One thing to note about Digimon and their evolutions are their levels.

  • Baby
  • In-Training
  • Rookie
  • Champion
  • Ultimate
  • Mega

Mega’s are the highest level and the strongest Digimon in the game. But there are some Digimon you can pull from banners that do not have Mega evolutions

So using Ultimate Digimon will sometimes be required with those specific Digimon. But it is not entirely a bad thing because there are a few good Ultimate Digimon out there.

AeroVeedramon and RizeGreymon are two good examples of this. They are great Ultimates that could go toe to toe with other Megas in this game.

Now, to Digivolve a Digimon, there are a few requirements. To Digivolve you need to max out your Digimons level, bond, and awakening values.

Take MetalGreymon as an example. His max level and bond are 60 while his max awakening is 80. You have to max all of those to Digivolve to WarGreymon.

His level and bond are the easy ones because you can feed your Digimon to raise bonds and either grind or use items to give XP. The more time consuming one is raising your awakening value.

To awaken your Digimon, you have to let them workout. By selecting one of the six boxes around the Digimon you can use different materials to make gear that increases your Digimons stats depending on the workout.

Once you have done this enough times your awakening level will increase and you can Digivolve them. To level awakening, you have to have the right amount of BITS as well.

BITS are the currency you get from doing pretty much everything in the game. And to get levels in awakening you need to spend some to fully increase it.

So to recap, you workout your Digimon until all of its slots are full (They will have a little orange symbol on them) and this will require materials. Then upgrade your Digimon by spending BITS to increase its awakening level.

You can also upgrade your Digimons skills as well. This increases the power of their special attacks which is important for clearing PvE and PvP segments.


Plugins are special equipment you can give to your Digimon to make them stronger. Certain plugins raise stats and give boosts.

You can upgrade your Plugins as well by feeding dupes into your desired one. The stronger the Plugin level the stronger the effects it will give.

You also want to focus on high ranked Plugins. Plugins have star ranks and the more stars they have the stronger they are. So know what to look for when you are working with Plugins.


In the game, there are several different modes you can play through. The main story is the biggest feat in this game because of how much there is to go through.

It is pretty basic and easy to understand. And playing through the story is a good way to build up some BITs as you go.

Dimensional Vortexes are important because these are where you get the materials you need to awaken your Digimon. You get food as well which you need to increase your Digimons bond.

So Dimensional Vortexes are something you will want to keep an eye on. They go through a rotation so you may have to wait until the one you want is open.

But you can unlock any of them with keys that you get from quests and events. They only open the vortexes for an hour so you want to open them and then spend that hour farming that vortex.

Next is Underworld which is a labyrinth kind of game mode. Every time you clear it you will get more rewards and items.

And they get better each time you clear Underworld. But it does increase in difficulty the higher you go up so it is a risk/reward kind of game mode.

PvP is Clash Battles and it is pretty self-explanatory. It is the multiplayer mode in the game that mostly takes form as raid bosses.

You and other players get together to fight a powerful raid boss. This is especially a good mode to get into if you are part of an active guild.

You get medals from completing Clash Battles and these can be used to buy some decent things from the shop. So it is a good idea to grind Clash Battles when they are available for you.

You can also get special materials to Digivolve ultimates into Megas. So that is a big bonus to doing Clash battles as well.

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