[Digimon ReArise] Tier List Guide


This is a Mega Tier List of the current rankings for Digimon in Digimon ReArise. Josh goes over which ones are new, have been moved up the list, and who has been moved down it. Check out the channel when you get a chance.


To start, there are two new additions to this list with Shine Greymon and Phoenixmon. Aside from that, some things have changed with Digimon moving up and some moving down.

Titamon and Puppetmon are in the B-tier though honestly, they don't see much play in the recent meta. They are more often overlooked and replaced by Plesiomon, MarineAngemon, or even Phoenixmon now.

Going for more of an offensive build with healing or some kind of defense that makes your team tankier. And now that a lot of people have their hands on plugins you are seeing much higher block rates and because of that people are just not running Titamon. And Puppetmon has the issue of there being Digimon better at what he does.

Now, Phoenixmon is a new addition and he is gonna be placed in B-tier because there are vastly superior healing Digimon coming later on down the line. Phoenixmon really does not have a place in the meta right now.

Even in the Underworld, you are better off running a tank instead. Phoenixmon has no attack damage which means its burn damage is going to be bad as well as having very low speed so it will not help much on a speed team.

Plesiomon is an overall better option in most regards. Shine Greymon has a similar situation in terms of there being better Digimon like War Greymon.

WarGreymon, Boltmon, and Metal Garurumon sit in the A-tier even though they are mainly used in Clash Battle. The only time you really see them in PvP is when they do not have many options or have lucked out and obtained a skill level 5+ War Greymon.

Boltmon as well, you do not see too many of those around. But there are a lot of Mega Gargomon being used as well as Piedmon and Gankoomon because a lot of players have done well in PvP so they have grabbed their Gankoomon egg and they have built him up.

Therefore, Gankoomon is being utilized a lot more than before giving him a spot in the A-tier. He's got similar utility as Creepymon but Creepymon is overall the better Digimon but if you don't have him Gankoomon fits the bill.

Creepymon is essentially the strongest Digimon in the game despite coming pretty early on. So he holds his spot in the S-tier along with Piedmon.

And because of that, it allows Machinedramon to be in the A-tier because of his Power Down which will come in very handy. Machinedramon can be a great counter to dealing with the stronger Digimon and one of the few good ones.

Because there are some players running War Greymon with a high skill level it gives Machinedramon more use than he would normally have. The same goes for MetalSeadramon who has seen a lot more play lately and this puts him in the B-tier.

HiAndromon takes place in the A-tier despite having the issue of being replaced by a few of the other A-tier Digimon in the list. He still plays his role well if he is what you have to work with.

Ravemon is in the A-tier because of the lack of Wargreymons being used in the meta. But Piedmon is far superior to Ravemon in overall DPS as well as being one of the best Digimon for PvP and Underworld.

So between the two, Piedmon is a far better choice than Ravemon. But if you don't have Piedmon then Ravemon can substitute nicely.

Both Gankoomon and Mega Gargomon are in the A-tier. These two Digimon have mostly taken over Noble Pumpkinmons place due to their high attack power.

However, Noble Pumpkinmon is still really strong, especially with his AoE capabilities. Because of this he also stays in the A-tier even though he's lost some of his use in the current meta.

Much like HiAndromon, I do not see him moving from A-tier anytime soon. With most players opting for high attack or high-speed teams he really does not stand out as much as before.

If you are in a situation where you are left with just HiAndromon then he is going to fall quickly. And his defense up skill really does not do any damage at all.

Rosemon and Metal Etemon both sit in the C-tier because they're pretty much unseen in the current meta. There are way better units in the game like Ebemon in B-tier who is a dumbed-down version of Minervamon.

Minervamon and Sakuyamon are both in A-tier and even with Sakuyamons lack of damage, she is still great support. They practically make using Rosemon pointless because they're just overall better Digimon.

Venom Myotismon and Grand Kuwagamon are both in B-tier and probably not moving any time soon because I do not see anyone using Grand Kuwagamon because people are running less tank driven teams. They are focusing more on high damage and high aggro team nows.

So unfortunately even with his taunt Grand Kuwagamon just is not doing very much. Plus, Creepymon can already do that anyway and much better.

And then you have Venom Myotismon with low HP and with everyone building their plugins for higher attack or more crit it is easy to one-shot him. So if you build a very aggro team then Venom Myotismon is done for.

As for the D-tier, you really can overlook it entirely. Prince Mamemon is nothing special and there are Digimon who covers what he can do only better.

As for the Platinum Numemon, they're not built for PvP. You're wasting a slot on your team if you use one in PvP or any other difficult mode.