Dislyte F2P Guide [Progression Guide Beginners]

Dislyte F2P Guide [Progression Guide Beginners]
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Welcome to the detailed progression guide for Dislyte. We will be going over all the nitty gritty details how to progress in the game. I just completed day 32 F2P at the time of writing.

Also collected all course rewards available except for the level 40 and 50 Temporal Tower completion (1 gold record and 1 legendary abilimon). As the rookie double xp bonus is over, the levelling of fodder has slowed down significantly and I can definitely feel it. I have now officially hit mid game to end game grind, which is farming for top relics and looking to tackle temporal tower 50 ever month as my main goal.

I will share with you some things to optimize for in the early game and also mistakes to avoid as I did.

Progression and Resource Collection

Progression in the game is determined by who you promote first and how quickly you can 6 star the right espers and form a decent team that can clear a majority of the content. Early in the game, the free resources you collect from the Course Rewards will easily get you 2 6★ espers. It is highly recommended that you promote your damage dealing espers first. They need the health, damage and overall survivability to help you progress further.

Pre-60 Progression

The good thing about the start is that during the first 30 days, you will get the rookie XP bonus, which means all experience in the game is doubled. You will want to take advantage of that to get as many espers to 6 stars as possible. After that, leveling will slow down as mentioned above and it is noticeable. There, is the option of buying the XP bonus (24 hours only) again via the Club shop for 400 points if you want to do some quick leveling.

During the early game, you will be flooded with a lot of resources which normally takes more time to get, so don’t be fooled that you will get the same amount after the “honeymoon period” is over. However, gold will be scarce, as you will often find yourself running out of it if you are upgrading relics.

Also, look at the beginner’s course missions and see what you need to do to get the rewards they setup for you. Complete as many as you can along the way. These will really help you strengthen your espers. If you find yourself stuck in specific areas such as Story Mode, Kronos, Apep, Spatial Tower or Sonic Miracles, it often means you are not leveled enough to do that and further improving your espers, especially getting them to max ascension phase 6 will really help.

The key relics you want to quickly get are:

  • Chapter 6 Normal War Machine Set (4★)
  • Chapter 9 Normal Hades Set (5★)
  • Spatial Tower 80 Wind Walker Set (6★)
  • Cube Miracle War Machine Set(6★)
  • PvP Tournament Shop The Light Above Set (6★)

These are the farmable sets in the game that will help you a lot. The story mode sets will go to your first farmer or DPS. The Wind Walker set from the Spatial Tower 80 is really going to improve the survivability of your support.

Once you are strong enough to farm enough resources from Cube Miracle, that set will replace the chapter 6 set. The tournament shop set is optional, but I highly suggest getting the Mui II ATK% piece as it is helpful early game.

While you are doing Kronos or Apep dungeon runs, try and find SPD stat on Mui II slots. You will want your supports to actually go faster than your DPS espers. The max speed stat at +15 are:

  • 4★ +38
  • 5★ +40
  • 6★ +45

It is also a bit cheaper to upgrade 4/5★ relics, saving you some gold until you are able to find really good 6★ SPD main stat relics on Mui II slot. The faster your supports are, the faster they cycle their skills. This will help keep your buffs and heals going for a longer period of time.

Post 60 Progression

Mona, the free archer esper is given to you as your starter. She can be your dedicated fodder farmer, although it is not necessary. I made her my first 6 star to become the farmer to level up fodders quickly. Although now that I look back, maybe I should have made Li Ling the farmer instead with slightly slower run times. That would have allowed me to complete my Fafnir 10 auto battle team at the time of writing (32 days in).

You will also get a choice to pull between Li Ling and Tang Xuan as your guaranteed Legendary Espers in your first 10 summons. I highly recommend Li Ling as he does well in almost all PvE content such as story mode (can be you farmer), Kronos, Apep, Fafnir, Cube Miracle, Sonic Miracle and also Spatial/Temporal Tower. Tang Xuan is more for PvP and due to his element disadvantage, he is not suitable for Kronos, which is the first dungeon you want to be farming for good relics. Li Ling’s damage also scales well into end game, since his skill 3 and 3 will always do damage based off enemy max HP.

If you are lucky and pulled some of the top DPS espers like Lin Xiao, Sander, Lewis and Chloe, it will really help speed up your PvE runs later.

As a F2P player, you will want espers that can be used in many places to provide coverage since your first 10 6★ espers will also determine how well you do in Temporal Tower and PvP after you get to mid game.

Below are the areas in the game where you will want to consider when deciding to invest your resources early on:

Story Usefulness

This will grade how helpful is the unit in terms of helping you clear the story from normal all the way to purgatory . When you get to purgatory, supports and controllers become more important as the monsters start having more health, damage and defense. A lot of your DPS units will not be able to survive without protection. Most DPS will do fine until purgatory 3-4, where the monsters can potentially one shot your DPS depending on your relics.

Kronos 10

This is the first criteria to consider when deciding whether to build an esper early game. Being able to get here quickly and farm it at a high success rate 80%+ is vital to your progression to mid game. You will want decent enough relics so you can proceed to build your Apep 10 team. Kronos has 2 popular sets that people want -> War Machine (+30% Attack) and Wind Walker (Spd +25%). These sets are vital in gearing your DPS and supports.

Apep 10

Apep will be the next boss dungeon that will determine which esper gets built. This boss drops popular sets like Hades (Lifesteal+35%), Ocean Waves (+35% chance cooldown -1 turn), Fiery Incandescence (+20% Crit Rate), Adamantine (Shield for 2 turns), Sword Avatara (Counterattack +25%).

A lot of late game units like the following pairs:

  • War Machine/Fiery Incandescence (For DPS)
  • Wind Walker/Adamantine (For supports)
  • Hades/Sword Avatara or Fiery Incandescence (For sustain and DPS)
  • Ocean Waves/Master Grove or Adamantine (For cooldown reduction)

Both Kronos and Apep will gear pretty much all your espers in the game. That brings us to the next boss

Fafnir 10

I will not include this in the criteria, but being able to help with this boss dungeon is a bonus. While Fafnir is not mandatory to build a team for, but if you want to complete the Fafnir 10 auto-battle quest achievement in your beginner’s course mission, then you will want to at least successfully auto it once. This gives you a Gold Record and a Legendary Abilimon.

Spatial/Temporal Tower

The Spatial Tower completion gives you a free Legendary esper, in our case right now, its Apollo (Lucas), but it could change later. Temporal Tower will unlock after that and that is what most espers will be graded or accounted for. Being a big help in this mode will improve your overall resources gained each month, since the Tower gives really good rewards every 5 floors.

PvP (Point Wars and Holobattle)

This criteria weighs less since farming low PvP battles still allows you to get decent amount of resources. Tier 6-10 gives decent resources still and is quite easy to beat, even with F2p units. For Holobattle, you can fight similar tier opponents and you wouldn’t lose out so much on club points.

Building Your F2P Core Team

So with the criteria mentioned, lets talk about the F2P options available early on.

DPS, Farmer Options

Mona is a fast fodder farmer for early to mid game, but will fall off at around purgatory 6+, where you really need a very good Hades/Sword Avatar set to even try farming beyond that. Using her means your XP stage runs are quite fast and usually around 1-1:30 mins.

Since you will be spending 1-3 months (depending on your own pace) leveling fodder on XP stages prior to purgatory 6 and below, it is not a bad investment at all. She has some uses in early game PvP or if you build her with a Tyranny of Zeus set that stuns enemies with her skill 3.

As for Li Ling and Tang Xuan, with a decent 5/6 star War Machine or Hades set, they will be able to also farm XP stages, but the time taken will go up to around 2mins+ depending on which stage you are doing.

Let’s take a look at the other DPS options, which you may either use them in Kronos, Apep, Fafnir, Tower or PvP.

Tang Yun is a decent choice. He actually hits quite hard, at the cost of being fragile. He has a lot of RNG built into him. I have mine built currently and he tears up Sonic Miracles and Fafnir 9/10 quite easily. You do need a good supporting team to keep him alive though.

Lynn is good in Fafnir and can be a decent single target DPS. I would recommend building her to 5 star if you really need to complete your Fafnir 10 achievement.

Freddy is a viable Apep option or a good single target attacker when his health gets lower. While he is outclassed by Chloe, he is still decent for F2P players.

Leon and Chalmers are more late game attackers that excel with very good relics. I would only recommend building them when you have reached mid game, where you can farm all difficulty 10 hunts easily. They are usually built to speed up your Kronos runs down to less than 1 minute.

Support Options

Chang Pu is always a good option since she provides immunity for your team. I have been running her for Kronos and Apep in both my 3/4 man runs. Once you are able to get decent speed on her (160+), she will do well for you in most PvE content.

Berenice is key in Fafnir and also story mode, which we will go over in the story mode section. Her 3rd skill when max gives a nice shield that will help your DPS survive. She also offers defense break as well, which is super useful.

Fabrice excels in all content due to his utility. He is a good option for those that need immunity or do not have a cleanser. His AP push + attack buff for slow attackers is also super good, especially in Holobattle or hard tower modes where you need good DPS but they don’t have enough speed to keep up with your speedy supports.

Gabrielle without a doubt is the best support unit for all F2P players. She provides too much utility to ignore. Even paying players will use her. She provides defense buff, immunity, attack down and defense break, which are all sought after in the game. She also does decent damage for a support, especially if she is speedy. Needless to say, she is a staple unit for many early game players when it comes to Kronos, Apep and Fafnir, Point Wars and story mode.

The last 2 units, Ye Suhua and Dhalia are only available in the Ripple Dimension, which you can join other player’s, friends or your own. The problem is that they are a bit rare and often you have to check chat to find them. This may deter some players from getting them since you may have to camp in chat for it. I recommend slower channels such as 16 and 17 for this.

Ye Suhua is probably the next best thing since Gabrielle. She is a shimmer, so she does not suffer from element disadvantage. She gives attack and defense buff, which is a rare combination so far in this game. She can give invincibility and recovery for an ally and apply attack down on the enemy, reducing the damage of bosses such as Kronos and Apep. Aside from being part of the boss hunts, she is also strong in the Tower and Cube Miracles. Overall, a good support to have.

The same goes with Dhalia. She is the offensive support that can provide action bar pushing, attack and crit rate buff, allowing your DPS units to run Crit DMG on Una II. With 70% crit rate on your DPS, they will be able to crit all the time with Dhalia’s buff. Due to this, the faster your Dhalia is, the more turns you will get over time. She can also freeze and stun units on her skill 2 and 1 respectively, making her a good single target crowd controller.

Controller Options

For controllers, there are less options. Melanie can be gotten from the Club shop and is very useful in helping out in story purgatory mode and Spatial/Temporal tower. She is a pure AP controller that pushes the enemy action bar back. Her passive allows her to petrify units with less than 30% action bar. She shines the most when paired with other controllers that can push AP back such as Lucas, Long Mian and Sienna.

Jeanne is often overlooked as she doesn’t do much outside of being a stun bot in Spatial/Temporal Tower and PvP. However, she is highly recommended to build if you are having trouble with troublesome units. She is overshadowed by stronger stunners like Pritzker and Dhalia as they do offer a bit more utility.

After completing Spatial tower 100, you will be rewarded with Lucas, who is a top controller that can carry you in story purgatory mode, Temporal tower and PvP. His key skill is his first skill, which steals a lot of AP, allowing him to lap his opponents often. He also has AoE dispel and stun, which are both useful skills to have.

With all these units mention, you will pick and choose units above and come up with a well balanced team. As a general guideline, you will want to pick something like this:

  • 2-3 DPS, 2-3 Supports, 1-2 Controllers, 1-2 Healers

You will then want to upgrade them if you run into issues progressing.

Completing Story Mode (Dealing with Purgatory)

When it comes to doing the hardest difficulty, your DPS units will not be as useful since a lot of the enemies can 1 or 2 shot your DPS if they do not have any damage mitigation from either shields, buffs or damage sharing effects. This is where your supports and controllers will start to shine. Past purgatory 6, the grind is long and slow, as units have more hp and you cannot run full DPS teams and expect to survive.

If you have Lucas, Melanie or any other controllers built, you will have a much easier time, especially if you run 2 or more controllers in the team alongside a healer. Also, Berenice will shine in this mode as her thick shield is going help your DPS survive.

The final 12-8 boss is also weak to poison and AP controllers like Melanie and Lucas. With those 2, you will not have much trouble killing him. He may not even get a turn if your Lucas has over 200 speed.

Beginner Kronos 10 Team

The beginner Kronos team is very easy to build and it does not require to have any legendary whatsoever. For those that need a Kronos guide, you can check it out here,

The core F2P team is:

Here is an example run of my original team:

The run times are slow at around 3.30 minutes initially, but as you improve your gear, the run times will go down over time. My current run times are around 2.20 minutes with a 5 man team. However, recently, I have been using a 4 man team with a fodder excluding Drew and its back to 3.30 minutes.

As for relic quality, you will need decent 5/6 star relics with:

  • Hp%/Hp%/Spd for supports
  • Crit R or Crit Dmg/Atk%/Atk% or Spd for DPS

If you are using debuffers, Drew will need around 40% to consistently land the defense break. Your DPS will also need around 16-17k hp and 1k defense to need not get instantly one tapped by the nasty rock. Having a defense buffer such as Gabrielle and Ye Suhua will help a lot.

Chalmers and Leon are good DPS units that can speed up the entire run, although you can fail sometimes depending on your gear. These 2 can really speed up the run to less than 1 minute if you have some really good relics.

Beginner Apep 10 Team

The F2P Apep team is actually the same as the Kronos team, although the win rate is not 100%. It is around 90+%. If you need an Apep guide, click here.

The right crystal of the Apep boss will mess things up if it manages to dispel your buffs and poison you. It would improve your win rate by killing the right crystal first, at the cost of some extra time. The initial team is also:

Right now my team has gone down to just a 3 man team of Drew, Chang Pu and Gabrielle to train 2 fodders. This will take time as you farm your way to better relics.

Tackling Spatial Tower and Temporal Tower

This is probably the most fun or annoying content depending on whether you have the units and relics to do so. Unlike the other content where you can just run the same 5-6 espers and get it done, this section will require you to use a variety of espers to get to Spatial 100 for Lucas and Temporal 50 for the sweet platinum record for a chance to get 4-5 star legendary espers.

You will need a mix of DPS, AP Controllers, Support, Healers and hard stun/freeze/petrify. From the roster of F2P options, the most valuable ones are going to be:

Since Temporal Tower enemies change very month, you will face different team compositions, with one very particular hard to counter unit – Hyde. As F2P, he is a constant threat due to his HP ceiling reduction, unable to be debuffed and very few counters. His major weakness is AP control and raw DPS. So if you don’t have sufficient DPS or you are missing Lucas or Melanie at the time, it may be very hard.

I suggest building Melanie and later Lucas when you get them, as they will help you along the way. Some floors will be too hard for F2P and requires specific espers to get through, which can discourage a lot of players.

PvP – Point Wars and Holobattle

For Point Wars, it is best to stay in tier 6-9 at the current state of the game for farming PvP tokens. The reason is at these ranges, there will be easy wins where other players will put an easy defense team to keep their ranks, which in turn helps you score easy wins. For F2P, you can use this F2P team (substitute Long Main for Melanie) to cleave for offense AND defense.

I also use this for the offense team to cleave teams that aren’t fully built. At tier 6-9, you get a decent amount of under-geared teams that you can auto without having to worry about losing, allowing you farm your 10-12 points per battle.

However, if you want a challenge, I suggest going above 9 and 10, where all the players here are significantly better and have much better relics. It will require you to manual though, so you will be spending more time playing.

Holobattle is a bit harder as it also depends on the guild you are fighting against. Going for teams with 50 or less club points per battle is going to be optimal for those that just want to farm easy wins and get the PvP done.

This pretty much sums up the progression guide. Hopefully this was able to give you a rough idea on how you should be progressing as you play!

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