Last Updated: June 3, 2022
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This is the character tier list for Dislyte! We will will be adding and updating the list as we get more espers in the game. The espers are graded in the following categories:

  • Story Mode - How well the esper does here, be it for farming, taking on bosses or progressing through the story mode.
  • Cube Miracles - This mode has extra skill bonuses that can alter how espers perform here.
  • Kronos - The easier starter boss dungeon to farm relics. Best to use espers that excel in this category first.
  • Apep - A dungeon where multi-hit espers are discouraged. Immunity and cleanse are highly recommended.
  • Fafnir - The harder boss dungeon compared to Apep and Kronos. Requires strong attackers, multi hits and cleansers to survive.
  • Spatial/Temporal Tower - This rates the esper's usefulness in this content. This content requires a variety of espers to complete, especially Temporal Tower.
  • PvP - This is primarily how the esper performs in both offense and defense for Point War.
  • Holobattle (soon) - 3v3 club PvP battle. This will rate how espers perform in this content.

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{{character.tier.story || 'N/A'}} {{character.tier.sonic_miracle || 'N/A'}} {{character.tier.kronos || 'N/A'}} {{character.tier.apep || 'N/A'}} {{character.tier.fafnir || 'N/A'}} {{character.tier.temporal || 'N/A'}} {{character.tier.point_war_pvp || 'N/A'}} {{ getOverall(character.tier) }}

The new sand units will be rated up next. (Ollie, Laura, Meredith and Nicole)

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Overall Rating: {{getOverall(modalCharacter.tier)}}

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