[Eversoul] Tierlist Re-roll Guide for Global Launch!

Welcome to the Eversoul tier list for the global launch on Jan 5th! This is a special thanks to Clint Wulf as he is the one that gave us the information about the game. Please do check out his channel for more Eversoul content.

The tier list will be divided into five tiers:

  • Tier S - Units that can fit on almost any team and still perform their role effectively. These units have overpowered or broken kits that give them strong advantages in the game.
  • Tier A - Units that have above average kits that offer unique abilities, self-sustainability, or debuffs and buffs. They are strong secondary options to the foundational Tier S units.
  • Tier B - Units are good units that can be plugged into different situations or used as needed, but they may not be as essential as Tier 0 or 1 units. Many of them are DPS units or have interchangeable skills.
  • Tier C - Units that are very niche or have specific purposes within the game. They may only work well with certain units or in certain team compositions.
  • Tier D - Units that are difficult to use, have underwhelming kits, or may even hurt themselves. These units are not recommended to use.

Re-roll Guide and Process

The re-roll process is relatively quick thanks to the setting in the menu that allows you to wipe the data and avoid having to re-download resources. But before re-rolling, keep in mind:

  • Everyone gets pre-reg rewards and a free Mica (she's in your bag once you claim her, have to double click to combine the shards)
  • Talia is a reward for buying anything in the game (so even 1$ gets you her copy)
  • Linzy is a free reward from tutorial
  • Chloe is a free reward for clearing Chapter 2
  • Clara is a free reward for clearing Chapter 3
  • Rebecca is a free reward for clearing Chapter 5
  • Seeha is free from Boot Camp
  • Mephi is free from 7 day login.

The game uses a dupe system, so it is not a bad thing to have multiple copies. However, your re-roll units should ideally not have the free reward units.

As for re-rolling in general, the game has a multi-select summon feature that lets you choose any character from one of the main four factions (no Demon or Angel unfortunately) by continuing the re-roll.

You do get a little bit more than a 10 pull from the pre-registration rewards, which guest accounts are good for. If you're trying to re-roll hardcore, you can try and roll an epic hero from these rewards.

Here is the process. When you first start the game, select a region. There is NA/EU and Asia. After selecting a region, you'll have to choose how you want to log in. The main options, like FB and Google, will be at the bottom middle of the screen. The guest login is at the top left. Using the guest login is optimal for re-rolling.

You'll need to download additional resources, which is about 3GB. Once the download is finished, you'll start the tutorial and select a name. Pick whatever you like and continue.

After the early tutorial, you just need to follow the prompts. You'll do a few basic battles, get Lindsay as an epic hero, and then go through a campaign with four battles. Before starting the campaign, there are a couple key things to note. You can't skip the initial cutscene, but once you get through it, there will be a menu option on the right that allows you to skip all the talking. If you're playing on an emulator, it might be slow and say 'connecting' in the top right, but the clicking won't work. It works better on a phone.

In the tutorial, you will first use the 2x speed and auto combat (and eventually use 3x speed). You can also turn off the camera icon for ultimate animations, which will make the game faster. That's the basics. The rest will take you through the campaign stage and then to the multi-select summon.

To reset the game and reroll, go to the settings and select 'wipe data'. Rinse and repeat until you get the units you want.

General Guide

Here are some common terminology to get used to.

  • Buffs are positive effects that enhance the stats or abilities of your souls.
  • Debuffs are negative effects that weaken your souls.
  • Crowd control (CC) effects stop a soul from fighting, such as stun and sleep.
  • Damage over time (DoT) is a negative effect that causes a soul to take damage for a certain duration.
  • Cleanse is an ability that removes debuffs from ally souls.
  • Dispel is an ability that removes buffs from enemy souls.


  • Common characters (indicated by a green background) have a maximum level of 40 and are not frequently used in the game. They can be sold for currency to be used in the shop.
  • Rare characters (indicated by a blue background) have a maximum level of 60 and are used in the early game. However, they may be replaced by epic characters later on. Rare characters can be upgraded to epic rarity and used as fodder to improve the rarity of epic characters.
  • Epic characters (indicated by a purple background) have a maximum level of 100 and will become the core of your team once obtained. However, having a single copy is not sufficient.


  • Casters are mages who deal damage from a distance using spells.
  • Defenders are characters who protect the team by standing in the front and taking damage.
  • Rangers are characters who deal damage from a distance using ranged attacks and skills.
  • Strikers are agile characters who focus on dealing high damage but have less bulk than defenders and warriors.
  • Supporters are crucial to the team as they provide healing and buff effects.
  • Warriors are frontliners who balance both damage and defense.


  • The Human faction in Eversoul has characters that are pretty universal and can fit in any team.
  • The Beast faction is similar to the Human faction in that their passives and skills make them versatile and easy to use in a variety of teams.
  • The Fairy faction focuses on controlling the battlefield with crowd control abilities.
  • The Undead faction┬áconcentrates on damage over time effects and other debuffs.
  • The Angel faction is a special faction as they can be countered only by the Demon faction, but also they are much harder to obtain and raise.
  • The Demon faction is a special faction that can only be countered by the Angel faction and also harder to obtain/raise.

Game Summary

Eversoul is a gacha idle game developed by Nine Ark and published by Kakao Games. The team behind Eversoul is based in South Korea, and this is their first game. Kakao Games is a well-known publisher that has released other popular games like Guardian Tales and World Flipper.

In an idle game, players don't need to constantly input actions in order to progress. At first, players will spend time completing the story, unlocking new game modes, and strengthening their characters. However, there will eventually be a point where the player's characters are not strong enough to advance. At this point, the idle aspect of the game comes into play.

Since there is no stamina system and players cannot return to earlier stages to farm resources, the only option is to close the game and wait for the game to automatically farm resources for the player. When the game is reopened, the player can use these resources to make their characters stronger and overcome the previous obstacle. This process can be repeated as the player continues to progress through the game.