Future of Exos Heroes

Future of Exos Heroes
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The director has address the future of Exos Heroes via this post: https://www.facebook.com/notes/exos-heroes/directors-noteadditional-way-to-grow-and-contents-updates/140512930970475/

Hello, This is Director Young Zun Choi.
The words I’m going to share today are about the additional way to grow and contents updates.
[Main contents]
Content – Embodiment of Avarice

“Polymus” is an one-eyed giant, greedy for treasure. Because of its powerful strength, Polymus causes huge problem whenever it gets out of its shelter. Many people started to gather in the desert to defeat Polymus and get the treasure.
This is new contents that can challenge Boss Monster by utilizing grown heroes.
It is based on the hero’s battle power without a separate battle,
and rewards are given according to the combined battle power rating and user’s ranking.
Daily rewards include Ancient Tokens and Ore of Mana for growing equipment,
weekly rewards include Xes, Star of Fate, and new pet Polymong.

▲ Polymong

▲ Polymong in-game feature
The pet Polymong will be given 1 to 6 according to your ranking and will remain for a week.
The number of Polymong will be updated according to next week’s ranking.
Director’s intention:
The embodiment of Avarice that can check the growth scale of heroes among users will be opened. We will add Polymong’s function through henceforward updates, so please pay a lot of attention.
Growth – Dragon Power Release
This is a new growth content that can improve the skills and abilities of heroes which below the legendary level to similar to the fated heroes by Dragon Power Release.
You need Solarseal and Circle items from each country to Dragon Power Release.
After clearing Story 10_02, Circle Items can be acquired while exploration in every country(Lenimbe, Green Land, Estoris Republic, Wasted Red, North von Frosty) with a certain probability.
You can acquire Circle Items that correspond to the country you are exploration.
Director’s intention:
This is an additional growth system that helps foster your heroes below the legendary level.
Through continuous updates, I will try to make sure that there are no difficulties in growing the unique heroes in Exos Heroes.
Balance – Core Reverse
Through the Core Reverse, Fatecore skill below will be changed.
Fatecore, which has been re-balanced through Core Rivers, will emerge as a Fatecore Chance-up later.
[Wandering Flamemaster] Annie
[Red Outlaw] Deva
Director’s intention:
We will re-balance Fatecore regularly under the name “Core Reverse” so that various heroes can perform. Please look forward to it.
[Other modifications]
Balance – Blue-rated Fatecore Re-modify
Changes of Blue-rated Fatecore effect
Blue-rated Fatecore is designed to work in Core-Raids.
But to make it available for more content, it has been changed to conditioned buff effect(rise of Heroes’ attack / health / defense) when carrying Blue-rated Fatecore.


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