Exos Heroes Guide for Beginners [Re-roll and Tips]

Exos Heroes Guide for Beginners [Re-roll and Tips]
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Welcome to the Exos Heroes guide for beginners! We will be going over all the important things you got to know about the game.


Thankfully, this games discourages you from having to create new accounts over and over again to roll for good heroes.

Right at the get go, they will give you 1 unlimited summon to get a good hero that you want or need. The best out come is to get a 5 star of your choice and one or two 4 star units thrown in there. However, if you still want to re-roll, it is possible on android, but you need to create many gmails, which is a bit of a hassle.

Below are our recommendations.


A popular pick due to having 2 AoE skills. Great for clearing in both PvE and PvP. Her passive generates mana once the battle drags on. The more mana the entire team has, the stronger her attacks are.


A good single target attacker that can snowball well if he can kill an enemy. He can also steal mana + generate mana for back row ally, which really helps in letting them use their stronger attacks quicker.


She is a strong backline mage that has a powerful AoE attack and a decent single target ice attack. The only drawback to her is she has not debuffs or additional utility. She is also quite slow.


A top offensive healer to pick if you already have pulled another 5 star DPS unit. Passive gives her mana and also she has emergency heal when ally drops below 20% hp. She has AoE heal + cleanse and a strong single target skill to deal good damage. Her skills are costly to use though.


There are a lot of different types of resources in the game. Here is a short list of resources in the game.

  • Gold – Most commonly used resource such as upgrading heroes and gear.
  • Levistones – In game energy. Mostly used for AFK exploration and special dungeons.
  • Crystal – Real money currency.
  • Xes – Premium currency for summoning characters.

  • Powder – Used to buy gear from exchange shop. You can get powder by disassembling gear you don’t need.
  • Exodium – Used in Door of Creation for hero recruitment.

The 2 main resources that requires a bit more attention is gold and Xes.

Gold is scarce in the game and it is required for upgrading gear, fusing , enhancing cores and blessing heroes. There are 2 main dungeons that will provide you gold income. However, they are not enough for what we need in the game. So it is highly recommended that you:

  • Sell unwanted 1 and 2 star heroes for gold
  • Make sure to keep a copy of 3 and 4 star heroes
  • Transcend first to +5 before selling dupes
  • Keep 25 units for dispatch missions
  • Prioritise using gold on your DPS first over supports
  • Gear upgrades can wait until you get higher rarity gear (at least blue)
  • Fusing heroes is last priority when it comes to spending gold

When it comes to Xes, we suggest the following:

  • Avoid gear summons = waste of Xes
  • Only use it rate up banners of your choice
  • Fastest way to collect Xes early on is story mode, account leveling and achievements
  • Once you complete story mode, go back and 3 star all missions for the 3 star Xes bonus
  • Lupir’s Labyrinth is also a great source of Xes and extra hero summons (available monthly)
  • Do your best in PvP to get good weekly Xes rewards
  • Transcending 10 units give extra 1200 Xes for achievements

When you dissemble gear, you can get powder, which you can use them to buy better gear for your heroes.

Focusing On Story Mode

The story mode is actually quite fun and the characters range from serious to downright goofy. The faster you progress here, the more resources you will gain over time and unlock important challenges to upgrade your heroes. Story mode is going to give you a lot of free Xes for summoning, which is especially important as a F2P player.

Each story mission will provide 10 to 40 Xes for the first clear. You will get 50 Xes for clearing each stage in a chapter, 80 for 2 star and 200 more for 3 stars. To 3 star missions, most of the time you will need to manually play it since it a lot of them require you to have no break.

Team Building + Hero Management

Assuming that you did not spend countless hours re-rolling via gmail, you will most likely start off with 1 5 star hero, maybe a few 4 stars and the rest are 3 stars.

The game has a basic formation that it follows:

  • 2 Frontline
  • 3 Backline

Many 4 and 5 star heros have passives that will give specific bonuses to either the front or back line. So having them will give you a big advantage in being able to cast stronger skills on turn 2.

Most people usually roll for a DPS type unit, so you will need a healer to sustain the team. Here are our recommendations for a well rounded team:

  • 3 DPS, 1 Tank, 1 Healer
  • 2 DPS, 1 Tank, 1 Support, 1 Healer

Having a healer will always benefit in tougher battles where you cannot just burst the enemy team quickly. Also, units with low mana (1 mana) cost are really good ones to use early game as they can spam their stronger skills on turn 2.

Your goal should be to get a team of top tier units that covers at least 3 different element types. Since Zeon is Fire, Liffy is Darkness and Glenn is Machine, you can opt to cover these 3 elements first. Later as you improve your roster, you want to have one of each element type. This is mainly for break quests which requires specific colors.

Gearing and Upgrading Your Heroes

There are a few ways to improve the combat power of your heroes. The basic way is to level them up. Equipping them with better gear over time slow increases your overall team combat power.

You can also either enhance or transcend the hero to further improve their level cap for even more bonus stats. Currently, each character can get up to level 100, with certain characters being able to use Fate Core to make them even more powerful.

Keep in mind getting your hero to 6 star is a very long process and requires a lot of enhancement materials and gold.

Challenge Mode

As you progress through the story mode, you will start unlocking daily challenges that will give you resources. Most challenges have various difficulty levels and higher difficulties will start unlocking once you progress further in the story. Here are all the available challenges:

  • Experience Sanctum – Get materials for quickly leveling your heroes.
  • Spirit Sanctum – Get enhancement materials to transcend your heroes
  • Hero Battle – Get free heroes. David Johnson is free!
  • Ancient Gold Mine – Gain gold, which is vital for game progression.
  • Solar Trade Route – You get gear enhancement materials here.
  • Lunar Trade Route – You get gear materials and reforge equipment.
  • Blessing Sanctum – You get materials to bless your heroes. Use it on your best units first.
  • Zebenstunier (PvP) – 5v5 battle against player AI. Do your best here for bonus Xes.
  • Yupir’s Labyrinth – A great place to get free hero summons and Xes. Resets monthly. Do it early in the month as purging hard mode gives extra levistones.

World Mode Exploration

This is one of the best functions in the game. You have 2 options here. Either have Liffy explore the world or do offline exploration. Both options are good, but Liffy exploration will get you rewards quicker than doing offline exploration. The game will also put you in power saving mode often while using world exploration.

Offline exploration is best done when you can’t play the game for more than 8+ hours. Since offline exploration takes longer, this will be the best option.

Extra Tips

  • Join a guild as soon as possible for extra resources and rewards.
  • Always keep 1 copy of a 3/4 star hero.
  • Only use sunstones in exchange shop instead of summoning.
  • In battle, once you break an enemy, your attacks always crits.
  • Some enemies requires various elements to break.
  • Early on, use blue gear until you can afford to get purple and start upgrading them.
  • Always dissemble gear for powder to get 4 star equipment from the exchange shop and never sell them for gold.
  • Spend your blessings on your best Fate Core heroes since the materials are rare
  • Try your best to get as far as you can in Yupir’s Labyrinth each month. First clear of hard more is a free 78 summons.
  • Fusion/Re-recruit is the best way to get a chance to obtain characters you want. By fusing 2 4 star units, you can get a random 4 star unit or a small chance at a fated unit. You can also fuse 5 star¬† units that you don’t want for a random fated unit in return. A vital method for F2P players to obtain OP units like Rachel and Bathory.

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