Fun Gacha Games Like Azur Lane Recommendations

If you enjoyed Azur Lane, I have compiled a list of fun gacha games like Azur Lane that you might want to check out. They all have some similarities to the mobile game. Have a look at these recommendations.

Girls' Frontline

Girls’ Frontline is a strategic mobile game set in a future world where humans and androids known as Tactical Dolls coexist. The game revolves around managing a team of Tactical Dolls and participating in tactical battles against rogue androids and other adversaries.

Players take on the role of a commander and must recruit and train a variety of Tactical Dolls with different abilities and weapon types. Each doll has her own unique personality and backstory, making them more than just tools for battle. As the commander, you will form squads, equip your dolls with weapons and equipment, and strategically deploy them on the battlefield.

The gameplay combines turn-based strategy with real-time combat, where players make decisions and issue commands to their dolls during battles. Each doll has a specific role, such as tank, assault, sniper, or support, and it’s crucial to utilize their strengths and coordinate their actions to achieve victory.

Apart from the combat aspect, Girls’ Frontline also features an engaging story mode that delves into the world’s lore and unveils the secrets behind the conflict. Players will encounter various characters, engage in dialogue, and make choices that can influence the outcome of the story.

Additionally, the game includes various events, challenges, and missions that offer rewards and allow players to further develop their Tactical Dolls. There is also a customization feature that lets players personalize their dolls’ appearances and outfits.

With its combination of strategic gameplay, immersive storytelling, and a diverse cast of characters, it offers an engaging experience for fans of tactical mobile games and anime-style aesthetics.

Artery Gear: Fusion

This game is called Artery Gear: Fusion from the developers at BiliBili. These guys have made some popular mobile games in the past like Fate/Grand Order and Azur Lane. This mecha game features small mecha girls, known as Artery Gears (or AGs), fighting in an apocalyptic world where humanity is being attacked by puppet-like machines.

The AGs in this game are not just pilots, but they are actual mecha units, which is different from the traditional mecha game setup. It creates a different kind of relationship between the characters. The game has a pity system instead of the gacha system, which guarantees players a 4-star AG in the first round of pulls. All summon points on special banners are carried over to the general banner, so players have to spend resources wisely.

The game also features gift packs and microtransactions, but it is also possible to play for free through the AFK system and story rewards. It’s a unique take on the mecha genre, but it’s up to you if you want to give it a try.

Summoners War

If you’re into monster-collecting RPGs, this game is for you. You play as a summoner, summoning monsters from all over the world to fight for you.

The gameplay is sick, with turn-based battles that let you strategize and watch your monsters wreck shop. You’ve got tons of monsters to collect, each with unique abilities and stats. And, as you play, you can level up your monsters, making them even stronger. It’s like building your own dream team of beasts.

The graphics are fresh, with vibrant monster designs and cool special effects. And the game keeps getting better, with new content and events added regularly. It’s like a never-ending monster party, and I’m all in.

One of the best things about “Summoners War” is the player community. You can join a guild and take on massive boss battles together, or trade monsters with other players. It’s like having your own army of friends, ready to take on the world.

In short, “Summoners War” is a beast of a game. The monster-collecting, turn-based battles, and huge player community make it a real gem. So get ready to summon your way to the top, summoner! The world of monsters is waiting for you.


With so many mobile games out there, it can be hard to find one that truly stands out. However, every once in a while a game like this comes along and allows us to play with one hand (ya know what I mean). This title is one of a kind, it’s taking two of the biggest genres, shooters and gacha RPGs, and mix them together to create a somewhat buggy experience (but it is all forgotten when melons are in your face).

As a player, you’ll be building a squad of powerful synthetic beings called Nikkes and shoot down waves of enemies as you progress through increasingly challenging levels. This game is not like the others, it definitely defies human physics.

Worth a shot if you don’t care about the bugginess and long loading times. Story is great too despite the games flaws.

Epic Seven

Yo, gamers! In Epic Seven, you’re the Heir of the Covenant, chosen by the Goddess of Creation, Diche, to take on the ultimate boss, the Archdemon. Diche’s been resetting the world every time the Archdemon destroys it, but she’s getting weaker and weaker, so it’s up to you to gather a squad of elite Heroes and take down the Archdemon for good.

The game’s got a sick anime vibe, with unique aesthetics and characters that are lit AF, with crazy attention to detail. The cinematics are off the chain and make you feel like you’re watching a high-budget anime. Combat’s like other gacha games, with turn-based battles and a Rock-Paper-Scissors element system.

When you’re not fighting, you’re chilling in the tavern, where you can access all the game’s content. As you progress, you can join guilds, enter the arena for PVP, and unlock more content. Epic Seven is fire, with a unique art style that’s straight out of an anime, highly detailed characters and cinematics, and a dope story. Get ready to save the world and become the ultimate Hero!


Eversoul is a role-playing idle gacha game set in a world where humanity has been wiped out by a cataclysmic world war and failed evacuation. In this world, magical beings called Souls are born from artifacts left behind by humanity and are rebuilding their world, Eden, until a mysterious gate brings forth monsters from an unknown place. Queen Yuria and Mephistopheles perform a ritual to summon a hero from the past to help the Souls access greater power and fight against the threat.

This hero is the player, known as the Savior, who leads the Souls into battle and is responsible for their growth and development. In battle, the player can activate the Souls’ Active and Ultimate skills to turn the tide. Out of battle, the player can level up the Souls, upgrade their stats, and form bonds with them through the Bond System. The player is also in charge of their own town, which they can customize and protect from monsters.

MARVEL Future Fight

I’m here to give you the 411 on MFF. If you’re a fan of the Marvel universe, you’re gonna love this one. You get to play as your favorite superheroes and villains, battling through an interdimensional crisis.

The gameplay is straight fire, with a mix of action-packed brawling and RPG-style character progression. You assemble a team of three characters, swapping between them in battle to take down waves of baddies. And let me tell you, seeing Iron Man blast his repulsors while Captain America shield-bashes enemies is a real sight to behold.

The roster of characters is massive, with over 200 heroes and villains to collect. And, the game keeps getting better, with regular updates adding new characters, costumes, and story content. It’s like a never-ending comic book crossover event, and I’m here for it.

The graphics are dope, with detailed character models and special effects that bring the comic book action to life. The voice acting is also on point, with many characters being voiced by the actors from the movies. It’s like playing through a Marvel movie, and it’s awesome.

In short, “Marvel Future Fight” is a must-play for Marvel fans. The action-packed gameplay, massive roster of characters, and faithful presentation make it a real gem. So suit up and join the fight, hero! The fate of the multiverse is in your hands!