Fun Games Like Eversoul (Anime Waifu Gacha Style!)

Eversoul has been quite a fun game so far when it comes to Waifu simulator and relaxed game play. If you are looking to add a few more similar games to your list, here are some that you should consider checking out. Both new and older ones are suggested.

Girl’s Frontline: Neural Cloud

Quite a fun idle game that requires little time investment (plenty of QoL features OH YEA) and many beautiful waifus. Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud is a spinoff from the hit game Girls’ Frontline. Set three years after “Project Neural Cloud” in 2060, this bad boy is all about a two-month collaboration between some heavy hitters: the International Institute of Quantum Sciences and the Important Operations Prototype Corporation (IOP).

Led by the 42LAB organization and with some mad scientist level help from Persicaria, a renowned AI and Doll researcher, in the form of her own doll clone. You’ll be stepping into the shoes of the “Professor”, the head honcho of Project Neural Cloud. Let’s see what kind of research we can accomplish.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke

With so many mobile games out there, it can be hard to find one that truly stands out. However, every once in a while a game like this comes along and allows us to play with one hand (ya know what I mean). This title is one of a kind, it’s taking two of the biggest genres, shooters and gacha RPGs, and mix them together to create a somewhat buggy experience (but it is all forgotten when melons are in your face).

As a player, you’ll be building a squad of powerful synthetic beings called Nikkes and shoot down waves of enemies as you progress through increasingly challenging levels. This game is not like the others, it definitely defies human physics.

Worth a shot if you don’t care about the bugginess and long loading times. Story is great too despite the games flaws.

Seven Mortal Sins Xtasy

This game is extremely cultured compared to Eversoul, so be prepared for some uh..delicious waifus.

It all starts with Lucifer, the ultimate rebel, defying God’s will and getting kicked outta heaven and sent straight to hell. But, things get interesting when Lucifer’s path crosses with a normal human high-school girl named Maria. Lucifer decides to give her a little piece of angelic blood and takes her heart in the process.

Now these two are pretty much attached at the hip and their destinies are forever linked. Lucifer starts taking out all Seven Mortal Sins one by one and throwing a wrench in the plans of Heaven and Hell to recreate the world. The Lord of Pride becomes the leader of the Seven Mortal Sins. But just when things are going good, Belial, the Lord of Vainglory, joins forces with a mysterious Third Faction and kidnap Maria. The adventure has only just begun!

Oh wait, do we even care about the story? ^_^

Path to Nowhere

Let’s be real, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen a gacha game come this close to copying another, but still having its own unique spin on the formula. If you’re a huge fan of Arknights and want more of the same, or you liked Arknights but couldn’t get into the chibi and furry designs, then you should already be playing this game, no question.

Gameplay wise, it differs in the following ways; Characters cannot be rotated and there is no air/ground attacks and you can move your characters around after deployment. Almost all units can block an enemy. Moving things into strategic areas is key in this game. In terms of story, it is dark and fantastic, which doesn’t do its silly outsourced ads justice that you see online.

Highly recommended for the high quality waifus and story voiceovers. Waifu wise, it is just as good as Eversoul.

Memento Mori

If there was a Netflix and chill game, it would be this. Memento Mori is an AFK-RPG game that’s all about the visuals and sounds. From the get-go, you’ll be enjoying the best parts of this game: the music and art. Fully animated 2D characters and a killer soundtrack, that’s the heart of this game.

Story wise, the world is suffering from some serious curses and the Church is blaming it on “Witches” – regular girls who have been corrupted by Chaos energy. But don’t worry, that’s where you come in. You’ll be playing as the “Staff Wielder”, a powerful being who can save these girls, purify them and end the curse for good. If you’re into “Visual Novel” games, with chill gameplay, a great story, top tier music and amazing 2D art, Memento Mori is the game for you.

The Eminence In Shadow: Master of Garden

This game follows the ongoing anime and due to the success of it, this game was born. Initially I thought it was a cash grab, but the game turns out quite decent.

Here is how the story goes. Cid Kagenou, a dude from modern Japan who’s all about becoming a superpowered hero. But when he’s smacking his head against a tree during his daily training (hey, no judgment here), he sees a bright light and thinks, “Yo, this is it! My powers are finally awakening!”

So he starts running and jumps straight into the light…only to find out it’s just a huge truck barreling down the road. RIP Cid. But don’t worry, ’cause things are about to get real. He gets reincarnated into a fantasy world where magic is a thing and the adventure begins. Cid starts a secret organization called the “Shadow Garden” to take down the Cult of Diabolos.

Blue Archive

Usually when it comes to gacha games, I ain’t got time for reading the story. It’s just too much text and it doesn’t really add anything to the game, so I just skim through a few lines and move on. But Blue Archive was a pleasant surprise and the characters’ dialogue is actually quite enjoyable to read.

The story is cute, lighthearted and often times hilarious. After reading some of the goofy dialogue, I couldn’t help but smile and reminisce about the good old visual novels I used to play. I was definitely not bored by the story.

As for gameplay, don’t believe the haters, it is not as brain-dead as some people might say. On the tougher stages, you need to pick the right counters and skills if you want to come out victorious.

Much like Path to Nowhere, I recommend this game.

Azur Lane

Azur Lane is a mix of side-scrolling shooter gameplay, like the Touhou Project games, with RPG elements and gacha collection of cute ships, similar to Girls’ Frontline and Kancolle.

The gameplay is all about naval combat, you have two fleets, one in the front row, called Escort fleet and one in the back row, the Main fleet. The front row, is directly controlled by the player, you have to move them around to dodge enemy attacks on a grid, while the back row is all about support, it charges abilities that can be unleashed on the enemy. But it’s not just about the combat, there’s also a gacha ship building, a character dormitory, a marriage system, character upgrades and so much more. Using auto-controlled AI to complete is not as efficient as player control.

Not as hands off as Eversoul but worth playing in my humble opinion and also the oldest game in this list.

Konosuba Fantastic Days

This game is fully voiced and if you are into good voiceovers, this game is lit and can also be just a side game.

Story wise, it starts with a little chit-chat between the goddess Aqua and our protagonist, Kazuma Sato, who unfortunately is deceased. But don’t worry, Aqua has a plan to bring him back to life in a parallel world made of network games and the mission is to take down the Demon King. And the best part? Sato gets to bring whatever he wants with him. So what does he choose? The goddess herself, Aqua. Together they head to the fantastical city of Axel and begin their adventure, making new friends, enemies and facing off against all sorts of dangers.

There you have it. Hope this has helped you find new waifu simulator games to play!