Fun Games Like Genshin Impact You Might Have Missed in 2023

Genshin Impact without a question is the top dog of gacha gaming in the MMORPG world. Granted that it is so popular, some other ones might be overlooked or not mentioned as much due to that.

Here are some games that I have played that are similar to Genshin Impact in certain ways and you might find some fun in it as well if you are looking for something else to play.

Dragon Raja

This game is actually developed by a company Archosaur Games. Dragon Raja is based on a novel series of the same name and is set in an open-world RPG. Like Genshin Impact, you can create your own character from scratch and customize the heck out of ’em, from clothes to accessories. The options for customization are no joke – you’ll be able to rock entire sets of gear, not just single pieces.

You’ll be able to fight dragons like it’s the Middle Ages or build a futuristic city that is light years ahead of our current technology. In this way, the game delivers on its promises. You start off as a new character bundled up in a greatcoat to fight off the cold in a small school in the middle of the forest. You will complete some easy quests, meet some characters, learn some basic attacks and instructions on how to play your class.

There are some combo moves that are overpowered and useful to beat final bosses and a bunch of enemies. You can also recruit companions to build your own army, which comes in handy in battles.

Overall, Dragon Raja is a game that stands out from the crowd. The game does pretty well to keep me interested for a while. It may do that for you as well.

Sky: Children of the Light

If you don’t mind a game that has no fighting action, this might be up your alley. This one will be more of a social adventure game where you play as a child exploring the many worlds of a once-giant kingdom, discovering stories of old spirits and relighting the candles at various elder temples. The game’s main selling point is its flight mechanic – you can soar through the seven realms of Sky’s world in the clouds.

As you explore, you’ll encounter other players. You can work together to complete tasks, and some extras actually require more than one player. They’ve added tons of emotes and abilities to take advantage of this focus on social interaction.

One of the best things about Sky: Childern of Light is the variety of environments. You will find mushroom-filled swamps, beautiful high plains, deserts, and valleys. The environments are also stunning, especially considering this game was designed for mobile first.

Now let’s talk about some cons of the game.

The flight mechanic in the game is a lot of fun, but it also has some issues. You have two flight modes: one that hovers, and another that soars. The second one feels like true flight, but the freedom is inconsistent. When you’re in more gamified areas, your character feels heavier, and you can’t soar like you did before, which can be jarring and take some getting used to.

Here are some cons of the game. The social mechanics are well-intentioned, but the execution is uneven. The idea is to connect players, but you don’t have a choice in the matter. Sometimes other players can finish objectives and move the level forward before you’ve even had a chance to get your bearings. In some areas, extras are locked behind a minimum-player limit, which can be frustrating.

However, it is definitely worth checking out for the flight mechanics and a stunning environment. Who knows, you may like it.

Stormfall: Saga of Survival

This is a survival game and the art style is very different from Genshin Impact, so please have a look at the gameplay above to determine if this is your cup of tea. You get play as a Lord or Lady who has been exiled to a mysterious island and the main goal is to survive and rebuild your kingdom.

Since its a survival game, you have to gather resources, build structures and defend your settlements from enemies. However, the game offers so much more than just that though. From exploring the island to building and upgrading structures, to training and defeating enemies is quite fun.

The game has a variety of in-game currencies like gold, iron, and crystals which you use to purchase buildings, upgrades and other items. And the crafting system is pretty straightforward and you can use resources to create weapons, armor, and other items to aid in my survival.

The graphics in this game for me are quite good and fits the game’s theme. The landscapes, characters and buildings are all detailed and make for a great gaming experience. The combat system is also decent. Give it a try sometime.

Honkai Impact 3rd

I was a bit reluctant to review this game as it is made by the same company and plenty of you probably have tried it. Honkai Impact 3rd is a mobile game that has often been compared to Genshin Impact, as many characters from Genshin Impact are redesigned or revamped versions of Honkai Impact 3rd characters. Even seven years after its release, it is still fresh and has decent gameplay.

The game’s writing is quite good as well. If I remembered correctly, it is inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, the game takes place on an alternate version of Earth plagued by a mysterious force called “Honkai,” which sends alien-like beasts to Earth and even turns humans into god-like individuals. The character development and well-developed storyline, which combines various elements from science fiction, drama, and political intrigue, is intriguing, emotional, and gripping.

As expected from the makers of Genshin Impact, it features hack-and-slash gameplay with both melee and projectile weaponry, and incorporates elements of various game genres such as shoot ’em up, platforming, and dungeon crawling. It also offers various alternate gameplay options, including several single and multiplayer modes, although it doesn’t feature an open-world map or the kind of resource collection that Genshin offers.

There are regular content updates for both the main storyline and limited events. It has enough content to entertain players for quite a long time. Also, it has an nice collection of cross-media tie-ins with a slice-of-life anime series multi-volume manga series too if you are into these.

Fun to play to for me at least. Give it a try if you haven’t already.

Evil Lands

Evil Lands is a mobile game that combines elements of an MMORPG with small servers on three different islands. You get to create a character from the usual warrior, assassin, and mage classes, and then take on a series of quests to earn XP and level up. The game has a great combat and skill system.

However, the game has a lack of challenging end game PvE content. The PvP, like most gacha games, are pay to win. For a short period of time, I was playing it and eventually stopped.

It did bring me some fun hours though.

Tower of Fantasy

Oh boy, this one was all hyped up to kill Genshin Impact, but can barely touch the top 10 in terms of revenue compared to Genshin. The game has quite a few bugs when I played. I will sum up what I feel about the game and what other people have said as well. I still included it here since it is pretty much a game just like Genshin Impact.

You play as a customizable character who loses his/her memory and ends up in a shelter called Astra. There you meet Shirli and her brother Zeke and become embroiled in their drama. The world is plagued by “Aberration,” caused by a product called Omnium. The elite live in a place called Hykros, safe from the dangers below. Zeke joins a rebel group called Heirs of Aida and the main character sets out to find him and rescue Shirli.

For me, the intro was slow and didn’t have a proper build-up. The game doesn’t do a good job of making you feel connected to the characters, unlike Genshin Impact where I was able to make a connection with the characters. The cutscenes and voice acting felt stale and I couldn’t skip dialogue until the text fully played, which is something that annoyed me a little bit.

While the combat can have some glitches here and there, the fighting system is pretty good and I was able to pull some decent combos with various weapons. If only they merged their servers so that their game doesn’t look that dead due to the lack of other folks running around.

Overall, it was okay game play for me. It is up to you to decided if it is worth trying.

There you have it folks. I hope these reviews will give you a good idea if you want to pick up any of these games to play that are like Genshin Impact.