Fun Games Like Girl’s Frontline: Neural Cloud

GF: Neural Cloud has been a big hit since its release. I have been casually having a blast in the game. If you are looking for another side game similar to Neural Cloud, I will be recommending you some that have some elements of this game.

The Eminence In Shadow: Master of Garden

This game follows the ongoing anime and due to the success of it, this game was born. Initially I thought it was a cash grab, but the game turns out quite decent.

Here is how the story goes. Cid Kagenou, a dude from modern Japan who’s all about becoming a superpowered hero. But when he’s smacking his head against a tree during his daily training (hey, no judgment here), he sees a bright light and thinks, “Yo, this is it! My powers are finally awakening!”

So he starts running and jumps straight into the light…only to find out it’s just a huge truck barreling down the road. RIP Cid. But don’t worry, ’cause things are about to get real. He gets reincarnated into a fantasy world where magic is a thing and the adventure begins. Cid starts a secret organization called the “Shadow Garden” to take down the Cult of Diabolos.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

From the get-go, the references to the anime hit hard, especially in the Boar Hat Tavern where we kick off with Hawk, Meliodas, and some seriously nasty grub. The map progress marked by Hawk’s Mom is a tiny but adorable touch that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear.

Turn-based battles can be slow, but not in this game. The combat system is sick with its graphics and unique skill synthesis mechanic. When you match two skills of the same tier, they’ll upgrade and combine into one. This opens up some strategy – you can shuffle your skills for a bigger impact on the battlefield. The simplest move is to use the skills separating the matching pair first, but you can also reposition them manually at the cost of an active skill slot that turn. Trust me, the payoff is worth it with a bigger effect next turn.

The RPG elements in this game are top-notch. You can explore the tavern and quest areas manually or use the ‘Go Now’ auto option. Interacting with NPCs can lead to new quests and opportunities to buy materials. And there’s even an AR mini-game in the tavern that’ll reward you for finding all its hidden rooms. Cooking and running the tavern is a fun way to earn coin and bonuses outside of battle, and eating the grub you cook up grants stat boosts for the next campaign.

Epic Seven

Much like Neural Cloud, E7 follows the gacha model of waifu/husbando collector but with an Anime style. So, let’s start with the graphics. This game is 2D all the way, with some sweet anime cutscenes and smooth transitions between gameplay and cutscenes. The backgrounds are static 2D but still look lit af. The best part? The inn. Damn, they put so much detail into that place. You’ll be staring at all the little animations, like characters hanging out or the bartender cleaning a glass, for a while.

The story and cutscenes in Epic Seven are top notch. It’s all dialogue based, so you can pause or skip any part of it. Plus, you can always replay it in the journal. The animation in these cutscenes is on par with good anime movies. The transitions between character movement and animation are especially smooth, especially when they’re using their skills.

The sound and music in Epic Seven are straight bangers. The music is on point and you won’t regret leaving it on while you play. Voice acting is in different languages for all characters and they got voice lines for when they’re using skills and grunts for when they’re getting hit. The sound effects are also fire, like a sword hit sounding like a sword slash.

Finally, the game length. This game is a time sink, no doubt about it. But, the more time you put into it, the more it rewards you. It’s an objective game, so you need certain characters or gear to progress. You can’t just do the daily and call it a day, or you’ll fall behind. And falling behind is not good, ’cause you’ll miss out on a lot of weekly rewards in PVP. Honestly, sometimes I get so into this game that I don’t even realize how much time has passed. All in all, Epic Seven is a game that will keep you hooked for hours.

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In this game, you’re stepping into the shoes of “The Doctor,” a mystery man rescued by Rhodes Island. You wake up with no memory of your past, but you’re rescued by a boss lady named Amiya and her squad. The world is a mess with natural disasters leaving behind Originium, a valuable resource that also infects anyone who touches it with a disease. But, it also gives tech and magic abilities to those who can control it.

There’s a semi-animalistic group called Ancients who are more susceptible to the disease, making normal humans fear them even though most are good folks. Then there’s The Reunion, a terror group of unhappy Ancients who will do anything to change the discrimination against them, even if it means violence. As the leader, you gotta stop The Reunion and bring order back to the world.

What’s dope about this game is the systems that let you succeed without just relying on five and six-star characters. Sure, they got better stats, but sometimes a three-star sniper or mage can be more effective in certain situations. The game’s got a ton of content with the story, base-building, and resource collecting side missions, but I wish it had a PvP mode or event story modes like other mobile games.

But, Yostar knows how to hook you in with tower defense gameplay and an intriguing dark story featuring kemonomimi characters. Be prepared to drain your wallet, but you can also play without spending a dime.

AFK Arena

Don’t let the “AFK” feature fool you, this game has a lot more to offer. Every hero you summon has a unique backstory and skillset. The character portrait collection you can unlock just adds to the fun of collecting all the heroes.

And the battle system? It’s a strategic masterpiece. You gotta choose your party members wisely and position them right. Full tanks in front, spellcasters and long-range attackers in the back. But wait, it’s not just that simple. You gotta check out each character’s special abilities too. AOE skills might only hit a certain part of the battlefield, so positioning is key to maximize your damage.

And let’s not forget the factions – Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders, Graveborn, Celestials, and Hypogeans. These factions are like elements, with some being stronger or weaker against others. And placing certain factions in your party can give you HP bonuses. So much to strategize, so you can win every battle.

AFK Arena might seem casual, but it’s anything but. It’s not like those idle games where you just sit back and watch. You still gotta control the start and end of battles, even if you turn on the auto-fight feature and fast forward the combat. “AFK and chill” might be the vibe, but you’re definitely not just idling.

Azur Lane

So, what is Azur Lane? It’s not just a dating simulator or an AFK gacha game. It’s a bullet hell game with a side of turn-based Battleship-esque mechanics. The game is based on the naval battles of World War II, and the real-life ships are the anime girls in the game. You gotta build a fleet, and micromanage the right equipment for the right ships. It’s all about strategic thinking.

Once you’ve got your fleet together, you gotta go into the game world and set foot in enemy territory. Every chapter features multiple maps, and you gotta destroy the enemy fleets until the boss shows up. Defeating the boss and the fleets earns you up to 3 stars to advance to the next map. The more you advance, the more challenging the game becomes. Your enemies spawn more, bosses become more unpredictable, and the later chapters will require you to think properly on the right equipment.

So, if you’re into bullet hell games, anime girls, and strategic thinking, Azur Lane is the game for you.

Memento Mori

Memento Mori is a visual feast for the eyes. The watercolor style art “bleeds” across the screen creating an otherworldly vibe, made even better with Live2D. Each character even has their own sick theme song. Bonus, the game has English voice acting straight outta the gate, but the real otakus will probably switch to the Japanese dub.

But what really sets this game apart is character growth. Level up your chars by getting dupes, upgrading their rarity, and equipping gear. It’s a grind to level them up, but totally worth it to unlock sick skills. There’s also a spark system that’s kind of mysterious, but if you hit 300, you’re guaranteed a reward.

So if you’re down for some cute ladies, sick beats, and a dope art style, give this game a shot. It’s not gonna take up too much of your time, promise.

There you have it folks! Hope this was able to help you perhaps pick a side game like Girl’s Frontline: Neural Cloud!