How to play Brown Dust – Tactical RPG on PC


Brown Dust – Simple SRPG / JRPG with the high quality anime characters.
An easy-to-follow guide and friendly interface! Forget other boring JRPG and gacha games!
The hero wars are continuing! Dozens of brave unique heroes are waiting for your command.

If you are good at strategy games like chess, then prove your skills in this epic multiplayer Strategy RPG game. Build your unique formation of heroes or simply click auto deploy button to begin your combat war.

It’s a free-to-play tactical role-playing game in which you assemble a team of mercenaries to fight against monsters in turn-based battles.

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Download BlueStacks and run the installer
Complete the one-time setup
Go to the search bar at the top-right corner and search for Brown Dust – Tactical RPG
Click the icon then click install on the Google Play screen.
Once installation completes, click the Brown Dust – Tactical RPG icon in the My Apps tab



hermetic-reverse says
"Hero collection game with deep strategy and great artwork. There are many interesting things to do everyday, even if you don’t choose to spend money, You will unlock and build up your group of fighters, mostly cute anime girls, and deploy them on a grid to take on different challenges that auto-resolve in turn-based combat. While you don’t directly control their actions, your choice of merc, formation and turn order will decide their success. There is a very long campaign with a pretty good story (500+ repeatable stages, in normal or hard mode), 3 different PVP arena modes, multiple challenge towers with different rewards for resource farming, co-op missions, rotating “world bosses”, and guild wars. You will not quickly get “stuck” or be easily bored here. While I think this game is quite generous for free players, you can also spend money to acquire resources faster. If you want to dominate the arena and get the best mercs quickly maxxed out then you will need to spend money of course, however it is still very possible to be competitive by using better strategy and spending only a few bucks here and there"
Frozbytee says
"Despite only having to watch your units during missions it is still fun to play. What keeps me playing are the cool character designs (ignoring half naked female units), the devs generosity when it comes to rewards, compensations, and some other event stuff (like giving us a bunch of good stuff on major events i.e christmas, holloween, etc.), and with the recent update to the daily mission rewards (aka SurPrize) its gonna be alot easier to catch up to some, if not most of the players."



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