Grimlight F2P Resources Guide [Dailies and Weeklies]

Grimlight F2P Resources Guide [Dailies and Weeklies]
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Now that Grimlight has been out for a while, let’s take a look at how much resources an F2P player can get from playing the game consistently. There are a few key resources that I think the game gives out an a decent amount for F2P players to progress gradually.

Summoning Shards and Weapon Shards

Fateful shards is the premium currency used to summon rate up special banners. You can get 1 weekly and also from events. So far, there is only 1 event that allows you to farm 15 fateful shards. Assuming we get 2 events per month, we can potentially farm up to 34 fateful shards monthly. That would allow F2P to pity a banner every 3 months.

As for the golden shards to summon on the regular banner, you get 1 for completing daily. So assuming you do it every day, you get 30 free summons per month. Not too bad if you plan to play for the long haul. If you want, you can also get them once a week from the arena shop for 500 arena coins.

As for weapon shards, you sometimes can get them from the special events. However, it is not known on how consistent this will be. Once you get the ones from story mode, you can get them from the arena shop daily for 500 arena coins.


This is the stamina of the game and initially during the disaster launch, there was a lack of keys available daily. Thankfully, they listened to the feedback and increased ways to get keys. Below are all the current methods to get more keys.

From the resources shop(daily):

  • 50 keys – 1k gold x1
  • 50 keys -10k gold x5
  • 100 keys – 60k gold x2
  • 150 keys – 145k gold x5
  • 50 keys – 45 diamonds x5
  • 50 keys – 90 diamonds x3

From the arena shop(daily):

  • 100 keys – 100 tokens x1

From the guild shop(daily):

  • 90 keys – 900 guild points

For f2p players, I suggest getting 300 keys daily from the resources shop, cleaning out the 1k and 10k gold keys. If you are mid game or higher, you can also get the 2 sets of 100 keys for 60k gold. Anything else would cost too much. The guild shop keys and arena keys are optional as well since if you want to save up for good gear, getting the daily arena keys would means slower progression on gear.

For completing the daily quest after clearing 5 campaign/event fights, you would get another 25 keys. So on average, you can get at least 325 keys.


This is probably the most scarce resource after keys. There are a few ways you can get it.

From resource shop (daily):

  • 15k gold – 50 gems
  • 150k gold – 500 gems

From the guild shop (daily)

  • 1k gold for 250 guild points (unlimited)

The most consistent way to get gold is from the daily Gold Dungeon. The ideal difficulty to get to is at least difficulty 8 as you will get about 10k gold per run. This will allow you to break even when buying the keys that are worth 10k gold. Any difficulty above that would put you in a net positive gold gain.

Everything in the game requires gold. Upgrading characters and equipment all use it. I don’t recommend using gems to buy gold as you want to spend those on pulling characters.

Experience (Emeralds)

In this game, gaining experience requires Emeralds, which you can earn from either normal battle or through the Experience Manifestation Dungeon or through shops. Your characters don’t earn any XP from battling. This makes it important to prioritize who to level up first to get the most out of pushing through story mode.

In the resource shop, you can get (daily):

  • 5 Purified Emerald – 50 gems x3

In the arena shop, you can get (daily):

  • 5 Purified Emerald – 50 arena coins x10

In the guild shop, you can get (weekly):

  • 5 Purified Emerald – 500 guild points x10

Not really worth it unless you are trying to quickly level up a new character. In the Experience Manifestation Dungeon, you will want to get to at least difficulty 5 to start getting Purified Emeralds. Try to push as much as you can while leveling up your team.

Tomes (Stat Enhancers)

This is limited as you only get 3 chances daily in the Grand Library. However, you can often find extra tomes in the marketplace shop from time to time. These will increase the base stats (HP, ATK and DEF) of your units by 1% each enhancement. The higher the level, the more tomes you will need.

Ascenders and Hammers (Equipment Upgrades)

The ascenders can be farmed from the Forgotten Forge. Sometimes, you can find them in the market place for cheap prices. During early game, it is not top priority until your units are 60+ where the stat upgrades start to matter more.

As for the hammers, you can get 5 golden hammers from the guild shop for 500 guild points weekly. Similarly, you can get 5 golden hammers from the arena shop for 100 arena coins x10 weekly. This is something you will want to consider once you have gotten your roster to max level cap (70). As for bronze and silver hammers, you will want to farm Path of Midnight Tears of the appropriate level you can clear comfortably. They may cost 50

Elemental Stones

These are needed to upgrade skills for your characters and also limit break them every 10 levels. The easiest way to quickly get them is by pushing story mode as it will give a huge chunk of the basic elemental stones to limit break your starter team members,

However, once your story mode progression has slowed down, the more reliable place to get them is the elemental dungeons. There is a rotation from Monday to Friday, while all elemental dungeons are open on Saturday and Sundays.

  • Monday – Nature/Fire
  • Tuesday – Water/Light
  • Wednesday – Fire/Dark
  • Thursday – Light/Nature
  • Friday – Dark/Water

Difficulty 7 is where the tier 2 shards start dropping, and difficulty 11 starts dropping tier 3 shards.

The arena and guild shop is where you can buy the crystalized elemental stones (tier 3), which is required to get your character from 60-70.

Weekly Quests

The weekly quests are just an extension of the dailies. These are as follow:

  • Clear 25 story/event battles – 25 keys
  • Clear 25 dungeon quests – 10 small exp stones
  • Make 25k gold – 3 random tier 1 elemental stones
  • Get 25 equipment – 1 silver hammer
  • Login 5 times – 1 random tier 1 elemental stone
  • Complete 15 arena matches – 10 arena coins

Upon completing all of this, you get a fateful shard. I think the weekly rewards are a bit underwhelming, but it is what it is.


When it comes to resources gained for F2P, it is important to focus on a team of 5-8 characters. Anything more results you in spreading your team too thin and progression can come to a halt.

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