Hero Cantare Tier List [Reference for Re-roll]


This is the global tier list for Hero Cantare with Webtoon.

This list is graded based on their usefulness in the following areas:

  • Story Mode
  • Raid
  • Maze
  • W-Raid
  • Maze Solo
  • Arena


The Tier ratings are:

  • S - Top tier units and can do all content with ease.
  • A - Great units that can do well in most content.
  • B - Decent units that performs well in some content.
  • C - Mediocre units that only has niche uses in certain content.
  • D - Doesn't do well in most content.

S Tier Units Overview

Witch Mira Yoo (Dark)

  • AoE poison attack special
  • Good offensive stat boost
  • All skills inflict poison
  • Can attack front and back row with skill 2 and 3

Hilda (Dark)

  • Strong AoE attacks
  • Can heal allies with 3rd skill
  • Skill 1 can extend damage over time debuff duration
  • Becomes stronger under 50% with poison stacks
  • Pairs well with anyone with damage over time debuffs

No-name (Dark)

  • Critical hit damage booster
  • Defense break on 1 enemy in the backline
  • Cleanse one debuff for allies + debuff immunity
  • Good offensive stat boost
  • Gains 1 mana when using 3 chain skill

Yeon's Flame Khun (Fire)

  • AoE attacks with attack buff for allies
  • Slows enemy down
  • Good passive stat boost
  • Can revive ally

Jade Emperor Daewi Han (Light)

  • Buff removal
  • Speed slow and reduce crit rate on enemy
  • AoE attack with heal
  • Status immune passive when ally dies
  • AoE buff removal attack special with bonus crit rate buff

Heavenly Warlord (Light)

  • Counter attack on S1
  • Defense break on 1 enemy in backline
  • AoE attack on S3 with heal
  • Good stat boosts on passive
  • AoE stun special

References: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IZSMAGCL3fJ8ifu3Vv4zXZ5Ou3I4PtBAqvk6fkHYEyI/htmlview?usp=sharing&pru=AAABcoZQkXs*AOSNBSDGPGW-Uou7tAyjRw#