[07/07] Guild Wars

[07/07] Guild Wars
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Get to the TOP of Hero Cantare, Guild War!
Compete with other guilds and see which guild takes the crown!

What is Guild War?

Fight for your guild’s glory! If you joined a guild and it has more than 10 guild members, your guild meets a qualification to participate in Guild War. Guild master can register to Guild War and guild members can compete with the opponent guild in PVE (Guild War Monster: Queen No-name) and PVP (5 VS 5 Arena).

Guild War (Pre-Season)

Guild War’s pre-season lasts for a week. When the regular season starts, all records from pre-season will reset.
During the Guild War pre-season, 300 Guild Coins per a Guild War play(PVP or PVE) will be distributed via in-game mail as rewards.
<Getting ready for Guild War>
  • From 01:00, Monday to 23:59, Thursday (PDT): Preparation period for the next Guild War.
  • From 00:00 to 23:59, Friday (PDT): Guild Master registers to Guild War. Afterwards, all guild members can set their defense team.
<Guild War in progress>
  • From 00:00 to 11:59, Saturday (PDT): Guild War system finds the opponent guild to match with. Both guilds check their opponent guild and their Defense teams.
  • From 12:00, Saturday to 23:59, Sunday (PDT): Guild War processes.
<Calculating rankings and sending rewards>
  • From 00:00 to 01:00, Monday (PDT): A Guild War finishes and system calculates ranking and sends rewards to all participants.

Getting ready for Guild War

[Guild master] can register their guild to Guild War.
Once the registration is complete, every guild member can set their defense team during this period.
At least 10 guild members are required to set Defense Team. Unless, the registration for Guild War will be canceled.

Setting Defense Team for Guild War

Every guild member must set 2 defense teams with 5 Heroes each.
When guild master registered for Guild War, the guild members will be relocated to Setting Defense Team automatically.
Defense team can be modified during the ‘Getting ready for Guild War’ period. However, it cannot be modified after the Guild War started.
During the Guild War period, the changes of each Hero’s status or equipment cannot be reflected to the Defense Team.

Matching of Guild War

There are 5 sets of Guild War Matching: 10 VS 10, 15 VS 15, 20 VS 20, 25 VS 25 and 30 VS 30. The numbers mean the amount of Defense Teams and all guild members belonged to the guild can attack regardless of the set’s number.
Guild War system matches two guilds with the closest number of defense teams.
i. e.) If guild A has 31 Defense teams and guild B has 27, and the system makes them matched, it will be 25 VS 25 set and the system will pick 25 Defense teams considered the balance.
When there is no guilds meet the balance, the guild will have a match with a guild with clones of Nightmare. In case, the guild will have the cloned opponent from their guild’s defense team.

※ The accounts seen in this image are not the real accounts.
Guild War PVP
Guild War PVP allows to attack the opponent guild member’s Defense team.
Every guild member has 2 chances to choose their opponent to attack on the field.
1 Attack chance decreases when one battle is completed regardless of the result.
If a guild member’s Attack team wins from the Guild War PVP, it will get 1 Star and it will be contributed to the Guild War Point.
If a guild member’s Defense team loses from the Guild War PVP, it will retreat from the Guild War and cannot be attacked again.
Since every guild member has 2 teams of Defense team, total 60 Stars can be acquired if they matched as 30 VS 30 and succeeded to defeat all opponents’ Defense team.
In Guild War PVP, every Hero can be used only once. If a Hero is used in the first attack, it cannot be used in the second attack.
When you set your Attack team, only the Heroes assigned to your Defense team can be used in your Attack team. Also, the Heroes will share the same status and equipment applied to your Defense team.
Guild War PVE
In the middle of the Guild War field, Queen No-Name is stationed leading New Nightmares.
Every guild member has 1 chance to attack Queen No-Name in Guild War PVE during the Guild War period.
Queen No-name never retreats with the power of nightmare.
Every guild member has 15 turns to attack Queen No-Name and the amount of DMG from the guild members are accumulated.
When the Guild War is finished, the system compares two guild’s DMG and gives more Stars to the guild dealt more DMG.
Unlike Guild War PVP, a Hero used in PVP can be assigned to Attack team in PVE.
Top 5 Guild members’ DMG record from each guild who dealt the most DMG in Guild War PVE are listed on the board.
Please not that this post is based on the Guild War pre-season. Contents/features may change when the regular season begins.
Time to raise the guild flags!