[16/06] Patch Note – King Dark is Here!

[16/06] Patch Note – King Dark is Here!
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The game will undergo maintenance to improve your gameplay experience.
☞ Period: June 15th 20:00 PM ~ 23:00PM PDT
☞ Details:
1.New Hero: King Dark
2. Pick Up Draw Event for 2 weeks: Max Level Warrior(SS) & King Dark(SS)
Period : June 15th after maintenance ~ June 29th before maintenance
3. Permanent Pick Up Draw Event : Black-March Bam (SS) & Yeon’s Flame Khun (SS)
A Pick Up(Black-March Bam & Yeon’s Flame Khun) Cube will be added for the new players.
※ The event is scheduled to end sometime in the future. An announcement will be posted in advance in when the ending date is decided.
4. New Relics : limited Summer Special
  • Beach Grill Party
  • A Special Vacation of Armes
  • Marine Girl’s Summer Vacation
  • For the Good Tan
Period : June 15th after maintenance ~ July 6th before maintenance
You can obtain New Relics from shop, summon and events!
5. Other World Boss Added
If you tap the box in the story main scene, Other Word Boss having unlimited HP will appear randomly!
Defeat the boss with other players! Rewards will be determined by the rank based on damage you’ve inflicted on the boss monster.
Please note, the Other World Boss will appear during these times.
Period : June 15th after maintenance ~ June 29th before maintenance
  • Appear daily from 06:00 ~ 22:00 PDT
  • Ranks calculated daily from 22:00 ~ 24:00 PDT
  • Rewards can be redeemed daily after 00:01 PDT
6. Etc
– Server Optimization
– Odette’s Monthly Summoning package’s limit count will be increased
  • Current: 10 per one account monthly
  • New: 30 per one account monthly
e.g. If you have already purchased the package 5 times, then 25 times will be available.
– Fixed an issue where gems weren’t properly spent when using the quick city search. The missed gem counts will be properly added during the maintenance.
-Open Contents Rank. The ranks are updated during our weekly maintenance.
ㄴ Contents Rank will be open after next maintenance (Updated at 14:43, June 15)
-Fixed Incorrect in-game text
-Fixed Elaine’s skill (Updated at 06:47, June 15)
  • Fenrir’s Claw (2-Chain) Lv. 5: Fixed boosting all allies’ [Crit Hit DMG] to be applied to all allies but herself only.
  • Needle: Red Thread’s Restraint (3-Chain) Lv. 4 and 5: Corrected the condition ‘If the opponent is bleeding, inflicts additional DMG’ to be worked.
☞ Ending Events and Bundles:
Pick Up Draw Event : Crusade Mira Yoo & Green-April Yuri Ha
*Further details will be announced soon.
Please close the game before the maintenance begins to ensure the account is kept safe.