[22/06] [Hero Cantare] x [Noblesse] Special Collab

[22/06] [Hero Cantare] x [Noblesse] Special Collab
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Link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/hero-cantare/622-maintenance/152838739689713/

The game will undergo maintenance to improve your gameplay experience and to start Special Collaboration!!!
☞ Period: June 22nd 16:00 PM ~ 20:00PM PDT (4 hours)
☞ Details
[Hero Cantare] x [Noblesse] Special Collaboration
Don’t miss your chance to get the SS Noblesse Hero for free!
☞ Ending Events and Bundles:
-Kaiser Level Up Package
-Elaine Level Up Package
-Crusade Mira Yoo Level Up Package
-Pick Up Draw Event : Kaiser(SS) & Lo Po Bia Elaine(SS)
-Hero Level up Mission : Kaiser(SS) & Lo Po Bia Elaine(SS)
*More update details will be provided in a later notice.
*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.
*Please be sure to download the update in a stable network environment.