[7/26] Maintenance

[7/26] Maintenance
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The game will undergo maintenance on Jul. 26th to improve your game play experience.

Summer Festival Update~

Enjoy the Summer Breeze with Hero Cantare!


▶ Maintenance Schedule: Jul. 26th (MON), 17:00 ~ 00:00 PDT (7 hours)

▶ Next Maintenance Schedule: Aug. 2nd (MON) PDT

▶ New Features

1. Limited Hero: Lifeguard Pooh Upooh (SS/Ice/Element)

● Lifeguard Pooh Upooh’s Skills

 Fixed the 3-Chain Skill’s name from Lobster Smash to Crab Smash. (Edited at 05:45, Jul. 26 PDT)

● Lifeguard Pooh Upooh’s Hero Dungeon is updated.

2. Wave Raid

※ Zeus, one of the Heavenly Realm’s Gods has arrived at Hero Cantare and he will face our heroes as the boss of a new raid battle.

● Wave Raid Requirement

– Clear 3 Stages 12 of Advent Boss (Phoenix, Salamander, Kuvara).

● Wave Raid Team

※ Wave Raid has 3 battle times called ‘wave,’ and you have to place a team for each wave.

※ Team Placement Requirements

– You can place heroes to the teams only Level 95 or more.

– Requires at least 1 hero for the teams of 1st and 2nd wave.

– Requires 4 heroes for the last wave team.

※ You can use other heroes as the WAVE BUFF HERO who can give a buff during the wave.

● Wave Raid Battle

※ [Wave 1~2]

– You can use only 20 Hero Blocks in a wave. (It does not include EX Skill Blocks)

– The waves ends when the one of following conditions is met.

(1) When more than 5 turns passed.

(2) When your all Heroes are defeated.

(3) When no Hero Block left.

– The count of heroes who survived in the wave raises the count of the ‘Survived Heroes.’ It affects the count of available Hero Blocks in the 3rd wave. (1 Survived Hero will add 2 Hero Blocks at the 3rd Wave.)

※ [Wave 3]

– The Boss becomes stronger and uses more powerful skills at the 3rd Wave.

– You can use 20 Hero Blocks and get additional blocks by ‘Survived Heroes.’ 1 Survived Hero adds 2 Hero Blocks

– The wave ends when the one of following conditions is met.

(1) When more than 9 turns passed.

(2) When your all Heroes are defeated.

(3) When no Hero Block left.

[Monster / Weakness]

– All monsters do not die.

– The Boss has a weakness. If you attack the weakness successfully, the boss gets [Groggy].

● Wave Raid Season

※ Wave Raid is a seasonal content. When the season ends, the season data will be reset.

– Ranking, High Score, and High Score Achievement will be reset.

※ The Changes when a season ends

– Monster / Monster Pattern / Reward related conditions and missions, related products in the Raid Shop

● Wave Raid – Zeus Season

● Season Period: Jul. 26th PDT after maintenance until Sep. 27 PDT before maintenance

● Wave Buff Hero

※ Hero List: Witch of the West Mira Yoo, Ghost Bride Hwaryun, Ehwa Yeon, Lifeguard Pooh Upooh

※ Buff: 15% ATK, 20% HP, 20% Debuff Accuracy Boost

※ Hero list may be added during the season.

● Giant Boss Information

※ <Zeus> / <Light> / <God> 

※ <Thunder Zeus> / <Light> / <God> 

● Wave Raid Reward

※ You can get rewards in the Wave Raid through 2 ways, personal Best Score and public Ranking.

● Wave Raid Shop

3. Awakening Renewal

● New Awakening Renewal will make the players more simply to awaken their Heroes.

※ By the renewal of the existing system, all Awakening Slots will be reset. However, it doesn’t include [EX Skill] and [Exclusive Relic] slots.

※ Opened relic slots will be reset. and the equipped relics will be sent to the inventory.

※ Activated Passive Skills will be reset.

※ The material items players used for the awakening will be sent to the inventories.

※ The total cost of awakening is the same as the existing system. However, the item cost for stage 3 achievement is increased with decreasing the cost for stage 2.

※ Players can check the changes of stat and combat power before the Awakening.

※ [Continuous Awaken] activates the slots that are fulfilled.

※ The requirement and material cost are displayed when you tap the slot.

※ You can continuously activate the slot via keeping the tap on the [Continuous Awaken] button.

4. Awakening Mastery

● Previous ‘Awakening Passive’ has been changed to ‘Awakening Mastery’.

● What is Awakening Mastery?

– The mastery level increases with the Awakening Tree of [Origin SS Grade Hero] achievement, and each mastery level has an effect.

– As the level of Awakening Mastery increases, various effects can be acquired, and additional effects will be added later.

● Awakening Mastery Effect

※ Example for Awakening Mastery Level 20

– 85 Advent Boss Skip Tickets become available to purchase in the Special Shop.

– 4 S+1 Equipment Selection Chest become available to purchase in the Special Shop.

– 2 Fallen Angel Michael’s Memories become available to purchase in the Special Shop.

– 1 Artifact Special Stat Changer becomes available to purchase in the Special Shop.

– Daisy’s Flower Earrings become available to purchase in the Special Shop.

5. Awakening Passive Collection

● New Awakening Passive Collection has been added in Awakening Mastery.

● Each Hero type has the hero lists, and the list activates the bonus stats via heroes awakening in the list.

6. SS+2 Equipment

● SS+2 Equipment has been added.

●  You can try to upgrade your SS+1 Equipment into SS+2 Equipment using Haphaestus’s Hammer that can be purchased in the Raid Shop.

●  SS+2 Equipment have higher stats than SS+1 Equipment.

– SS+2 Armor has 2% ATK higher

– SS+2 Weapon has 2.5% HP higher

– SS+2 Gloves has 2% ATK higher

– SS+2 Boots has 2.5% HP higher

7. Advent Boss Skip Ticket

● Advent Boss Skip Ticket has been added and it can be used to skip Advent Boss Battle.

● How to Get?

1. Daily – Your Advent Boss Skip Ticket will be filled up to a certain number depending on your Awakening Mastery’s Level.

2. Awakening Mastery Special Store – You can purchase the tickets in Awakening Mastery Special Store. The ticket counts you can purchase depends on your Awakening Mastery’s Level.3. Summer Skip Ticket Hot Time – Log in during the ‘Hot Time period’.

● How to Use?

1. Clear the Level of Boss that you want to Skip.

2. After clearing it, make sure that you have at least a Skip Ticket and then start to calculate the Combat Expedition Time.

[In-game Picture]

3. If the result of the Combat Expedition Time is less than 10 minutes, you can use the Skip Ticket to skip the battle and receive the reward immediately.

[In-game Picture]

8. New Relics

● 2 New Relics have been added.

※ Both Relics can be purchased in the Raid Shop.