[8/23] Maintenance

[8/23] Maintenance
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LINK: https://support.ngelgames.com/support/discussions/topics/64000301815?fbclid=IwAR3QEOu_FKjlMw_gSWsdbYFxcdUowfAy7wZxyh25oYOYHAik8yQo2RlhkBw

The game will undergo maintenance on Aug. 23rd to improve your game play experience.

● REMINDER: The new season of Hero Pass will begin after the next maintenance, so try to claim all the rewards before maintenance time. Unclaimed items will be gone and cannot be recovered if you fail to claim the reward. 


▶ Maintenance Schedule: Aug. 23rd (MON), 17:00 ~ 21:00 PDT (4 hours)

▶ Next Maintenance Schedule: Aug. 30th (MON) PDT

▶ New Events

1. Pick Up Cube: Baylord Yama, Phantom Thief Liddie

● Event Period: Aug. 23rd PDT after maintenance ~ Sep. 6th PDT before maintenance

2. Dark Land Festival!

● Event Period: Aug. 23rd PDT after maintenance ~ Sep. 6th PDT before maintenance

● Dark Land’s Festival

※ Dark Land has prepared 5 grades of gifts, and you need [Box Open Ticket] to open each gift.

※ Each gift can be opened with 1 [Box Open Ticket] only, but you may also unwrap the gifts you didn’t wish for. Using more Box Open Tickets to increase the rate for a better grade of reward is recommended.

※ Did you use a lot of Box Open Tickets but couldn’t get the item you want? Don’t worry, there are other chances to get it by collecting [Heart Heater’s Contract] and [Bonus Point].

※ Please note that unused [Box Open Ticket] and [Heart Heater’s Contract] items will be removed after the event is finished. Don’t forget to use all of them during the event period. Lastly, unused event currencies will not be refundable.

● How to obtain [Box Open Ticket]

1) Clear Daily Missions first and claim the tickets at [Ticket Mission]. More details can be found at [Dark Land Festival > Box Open Ticket > Ticket Mission].

2) Purchase the [Box Open Ticket] at the [Dark Land Festival] by paying 20 Gems each. Tap the [Purchase Tickets] button on the page to purchase.

3) Purchase the [Dark Land Present Box Ticket Package] or [Dark Land Present Box Relic Package]. More details can be found in the [New Package] section below.

● Required [Box Open Ticket] and the rates of the grade for each present:

※ e.g.) If you spend 5x [Box Open Ticket] to open a Lv. 3 Box, you can get one of the SS-grade rewards with 1% probability. However, if you spend 10x [Box Open Ticket] to open a Lv. 5 Box, the rate for SS-grade reward increases to 3%.

● List of Dark Land Festival’s Present

● List of Bonus Point Rewards

※ [BONUS POINT] is given by the number of used Box Open Tickets.

※ Acquired BONUS POINT is accumulated and repeats every 200 Points.

● Ticket Mission (Box Open Ticket) and Reward

※ You can get [Box Open Ticket] from the event missions. Basically, you can collect Daily Mission Points to complete the missions at Ticket Mission.

● Dark Land Festival’s Exchange Shop

3. Artifact Workshop

※ You can get an event Artifact, [Sticky Lime Army] from the Dark Land Festival Exchange Shop.

※ You can upgrade it as you want but may not like the random stats’s figures after you upgrade it. If so, you can reset the Artifact’s upgrade level and you will start to upgrade it all over again through the Artifact Workshop event.

● Event Period: Aug. 23rd PDT after maintenance ~ Sep. 6th PDT before maintenance

● If you own [Sticky Lime Army], you can see it on the list when you tap the ‘Select’ button at the Artifact Workshop.

※ If the Artifact is equipped to a Hero or locked, it will not be displayed on the list. If you want to reset the Artifact but it’s not on the list, please double-check if it’s not equipped and locked.

※ If you selected the Artifact to reset its option, you will see the ‘Reset’ button is activated. If you tap the button, you will see a pop-up window before proceeding the reset.

※ You can reset the [Sticky Lime Army]’s random stats and you can also reset it whether it’s upgraded or not.

※ You can exchange the current [Sticky Lime Army] to a new one up to 20 times during the event period.

※ As mentioned in the pop-up window, the cost spent to upgrade the Artifact will NOT be returned when you reset the Artifact’s upgrade level and stats.

※ You can get a new [Sticky Lime Army] by tapping the OK button and find the random stats are changed.

※ Please be noticed that [Sticky Lime Army] can have 4 fixed random stats which are DMG Deflection (by ratio), Skill DMG (by ratio), HP (by ratio), and Debuff Resist (by ratio). Other random stats will not appear for this Artifact upon acquisition or reset.

● Event Artifact [Sticky Lime Army]’s information

4. New Hero Pass

● Event Period: Aug. 23rd PDT after maintenance ~ Sep. 27th PDT before maintenance

● Point and Reward

5. Hot Time Event

● Event Period: Aug. 23rd PDT after maintenance ~ Sep. 26th, 23:59 PDT

● Hot Time Schedule & Reward

▶ New Packages and Merchandises

1. Dark Land Present Packages

● Sales Period: Aug. 23rd PDT after maintenance ~ Sep. 6th PDT before maintenance

● Details

2. New Relay Package

● Sales Period: Aug. 23rd PDT after maintenance ~ Sep. 27th PDT before maintenance

● Details

▶ Improvements & Bug Fix

1. Polished Idol Rockcrawler’s 2ndPassive skill translation.

▶ Finished Events

1. Pick Up Cube: Bam & Ilpyo Park, God-Killer Zero

2. Limited Summer Hero: Lifeguard Pooh Upooh

3. Get the Equipment! Get Ready!

4. Marine Blue Bingo

5. Hot Summer Pass

6. Summer Hot Time

7. Relay Package

8. Hero Pass

9. Hot Time

▶ Finished Packages

1. Lifeguard Pooh Upooh Power Up Package

2. All-in-One Relic Packages

– All-in-One Relic Package

– 2+1 All-in-One Relic Package

3. Hot Summer Summon Packages

– Hot Summer Summon Package

– Premium Hot Summer Summon Package

– Luxury Hot Summer Summon Package

4. Marine Blue Bingo Water Gun Packages

– Marine Blue Bingo Water Gun 6 Package

– Marine Blue Bingo Water Gun 60+6 Package

5. SSS Level Up Package

*More update details will be provided in a later notice.

*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.

*Please be sure to download the update in a stable network environment.