[8/31] Maintenance

[8/31] Maintenance
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LINK: https://www.facebook.com/notes/hero-cantare/831-maintenance/147401547037182/

The game will undergo maintenance to improve your gameplay experience.
☞ Period: Aug. 31st 16:00 ~ 19:00 PDT (3 hours)
☞ New Features
1. New Costumes: Crimson Rose Yuri Ha & Captain Grey No-name
  • Costume discount sale until Sep. 28th before maintenance
    Crimson Rose Yuri Ha: 90 Costume Coins → 60 Costume Coins
※ Captain Grey No-name can be acquired from Fiesta Exchange Shop during the Hero Fiesta event. For more information, please check the detailed note for the event.
※ After Fiesta Event ends, Captain Grey No-name will be added to costume shop for 3,000 gem
2. A New Relic of 100 Day Festival New SS Relic: Everyone’s Festival
As 100th day celebration , 1 SS Relic: Everyone’s Festival will be distributed to all players who log in Hero Cantare Aug 31st after maintenance Sep. 14th before maintenance.
3. New Items are Added to 100-Day Exchange Shop
The new relic: Everyone’s Festival and new items will be added to the 100-Day Coin
Exchange Shop.
  • The Added item list
☞ New Events
1. Hero Fiesta Dungeon – Queen No-name
  • Event Period: Aug. 31st after maintenance ~ Sep. 27th 23:59 PDT
  • Mission Distribution Period: Aug. 31st after maintenance ~ Sep. 20th 23:59 PDT
  • Tips
    1) Fiesta missions last 14 days from your mission starting date.
    2) All events related to Fiesta missions are closed at Sep. 27th 23:59 PDT.
☞ Finished Events and Packages
  • Pick-up Cube: Urek Mazino & Charlotte
  • Costume Discount: Holy White Mira Yoo & Marine Blue Endorsi
  • Hero’s Extra Activity Event
  • Special Summer Pack
☞ Improvements & Bug Fix
  • Bug Fixed
    The bug that Debuffs, [Confusion] and [Curse], that damages oneself does not activate Passive Skill is fixed.
  • Heroes’ skills description are corrected and polished (no changes to the skill itself)
*More update details will be provided in a later notice.
*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.
*Please be sure to download the update in a stable network environment.