Current Known Bugs in the Game (Affects Nikkes like Pepper, Alice, Sugar, Vesti etc…)

Current Known Bugs in the Game (Affects Nikkes like Pepper, Alice, Sugar, Vesti etc…)
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Attention Nikke lovers, there are some known bugs currently in the game which you may or may not know about. This affects certain characters and also how your team performs. Thanks to the reddit and NGA players, we are able to help notify you about who is affected.

Minor Bugs

  • Sugar’s ATK speed boost has no actual effect
  • Vesti’s burst skill deals only 1 damage due to passive skill bug.
  • Pepper’s “Refresh Heart” passive skill does not actually stack.
  • Maiden’s “Kotodama: Words of Assault” attract skill has no actual effect.
  • Burst Skill level up has no effect
  • When Max Ammunition Capacity Boost Skill expires, all Nikke get full magazine. Yuni’s passive skill add max ammo capacity for 5 seconds. Cast when attacking during Full Charge. Manual Yuni = Infinite Ammo
  • Snow White’s burst skill can fire twice, when paired with ammo capacity bug. Fire just before ammo capacity skill expires, and you get a second shot.
  • Increases stack count of buffs skill refreshes all buff duration. For example: Rupee takes about 12-13s to fire 100 shots and reload. It means 15s duration buffs would last forever, 10s buff would last 15-19s on average.

To see the full discussion, check it out below via reddit u/RevenXXX:

The next list is found via NGA: and reported thanks to u/tyw214

The list of bugs include:

BUG 1 (insane effect on gameplay):

For “Charge” up type weapon sniper/rocket launcher, everything they do is affected by that charge %, which means if you use Burst when Haran is fully charged, you do 250% more damage.

When you auto, it’s random, but the huge damage you see haran do, this could be it.

Bug 2 (insane effect on Gameplay):

When you manually control Yuni, when her Max Ammo Capacity buff ends, it reloads the entire clips for everyone. This makes Scarlet into a non stoppable machine gun, never needing to reload which is her only downside.

Bug 3:

Every non stackable buff is counted as “Stack 1”, so Rupee’s skill “Prize” will actually refresh every buff making every 15 second buff to be permanent literally. Or it could extend lower duration buffs.

Bug 4:

You can make Snow White shoot twice in Burst mode by releasing it a bit early.

Bug 5 (insane effect on Character):

Vesti’s is completely broken in bug and design. Her Burst is 40 seconds, and her stacking buffs only last 30. Without some insane CD reduction you can’t stack it, and even if you do, STACKING doesn’t work, it only refreshes. On top of that, no matter what, her Burst only does 1 damage on EVERYTHING and Anything.

Bug 6 (insane effect on Character):

Sugar’s increase attack speed doesn’t work period.

Bug 7 (insane effect on character) (seems intended and only a shield on Poli which blocks dmg for everyone):

Poli’s shield only effects herself. You only see a blue shield bar on herself when you use her burst.

Bug 8 (insane effect on character):

Pepper’s 2nd skill’s recovery amount is always just counted as stack 1 amount. On top of that, sometimes the stack desyncs between character, causing the game unable to properly calculate it, and freeze your Burst II.

Bug 9 (insane effect on character):

It seems healer’s Burst skill that heals always only use Level 1 skill level’s amount. increasing skill level does absolutely nothing.

Bug 10:

Yan’s burst can cause it to bring mobs into unattackable/stuck terrains.

Bug 11 (big effect on character):

Maiden’s second skill doesn’t work period. no effect, and no buff icon.

Bug 12 (big effect on character):

Ludmilla’s provoke has no effect at all.

Bug 13 (insane effect on character(s))?:

It seems like not only healer’s burst skill doesn’t increase in heal with level up, Yulia’s burst skill also doesn’t increase damage in skill… it could be that none of the burst skill level increases damage despite saying so…

BUG 14 (insane bug for simulation):

ANY “last shot/hit” effects are way higher % than it says. The Last shot for X% damage, activates way too often more like 50% at lv 1. The reload at last shot, you can get infinite ammo if you just keep holding down attack and have someone in your aim.

Bug 15 :

Solines’ burst there is a chance your aim reticle will disappear, and if it’s next to your teammates, will kill your team mates. NOT a joke.