How to Get More Gems in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE!

How to Get More Gems in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE!
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Welcome to the guide on how to obtain more gems in Goddess of Victory: Nokke! We will be going over all the different methods for you to do so.

Daily and Weekly Missions

This is the easiest way to get gems consistently. You get 100 gems completing your dailies and 100 from your weeklies. This brings it to 800 gems per week, 3200 gems per month. You can afford to do 10 pulls every month if you play the game daily and complete the basic tasks. Keep in mind this is excluding the extra recruitment ticket and the mid and high quality molds you get from your dailies and weeklies.

Also, this is the most consistent way to get more gems. The other methods mentioned below are usually one time only.

Commander Level Up

This will grant 30 gems so far in the early levels, but do not expect this to be consistent later on as your commander levels start to slow down.

Special Events

Currently we have the day by day event going on which you can collect 300 gems each day for 14 days, granted that you complete all the tasks. It will take some time, so be patient with it.

There will be future events where similar rewards will be given…I hope!

Tribe Tower

Each floor on Tribe Tower gives 50 gems on the mini stages and 100 gems for every 10th floor, so you can effective collect a hefty amount as your progress in the game. Early on, you will expect to get at least to floor 30 easily. That would come out to be 1650 gems. Getting to about floor 55 will net you 10 pulls.

Also, later on, there will be faction towers which you can further get more gems. However, the game is still young and I have yet to get to chapter 7-13 to unlock it.

Doing Missions On Your Phone Messages (Increase Affection + Advise)

These missions allow you to fight enemies and get gems from them. They are usually 50 gems per battle, but I have seen higher ones at 150 gems. After completing the missions, you can get gift vouchers that you can use to increase the affection of your Nikkes. That will unlock new chapters that give 50 gems each.

Here is an example of Julia, who will grant some gems after watching the episode. You can skip it if you are not into these stuff. Since you will be owning a lot of Nikkes, there will be a lot of gems to collect.

Lost Relics and Jukebox

Each chapter has some lost relics (grants gems) you want to collect. An orange icon will pop up and you want to pick it up.

After finding all of them from each chapter, you will get additional gems as rewards in the Command Center in your Outpost.

In the Command Center, the Jukebox have additional gems you can collect. These are also from the lost relics you find from specific chapters.


Sometimes, dispatch missions can give you bonus gems as well. Just make sure to do them on a daily basis.

Lost Sector (No Gems…but)

Once you unlocked Lost Sector, you can get recruitment tickets as rewards, so it is quite worth it to complete it when new ones unlock.

Redeem Codes via CD Key Redemption

This is also another way to get more gems, although you have to be quick and enter the codes as most of them are limited uses. You can find the code through YouTubers or go to their discord server or twitter page for the latest info.

Reference Videos

That is it for the gems. Have fun and keep it trucking Commander!