Nikke: Goddess of Victory Beginners Guide [Basic, Re-roll and Team Building]

Nikke: Goddess of Victory Beginners Guide [Basic, Re-roll and Team Building]
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In Nikke, you get to collect your waifus that can come in different shape and sizes, different rarities, skills and weapons. While it may not be necessary to always pull the recommended characters at the start, it does help in progression. The game’s gacha system relies on having dupes for your character to shine. An SSR unit requires 11 dupes to fully max out her stats. The SSR rates are a bit higher than the industry average, at 4%. Most gacha games have a 0.5% to 2% rate.

Character Overview

Each character will have the following:

Rarity (R, SR,SSR) – SSR is the highest rarity and have much better stats and higher level cap than SR and R. R units are mostly placeholder units until you pull some SSR units. Some SR units are also viable when it comes to having a place in your team.

Element – There are 5 elements (Fire/Water/Wind/Electric/Iron). When a character has elemental advantage, they deal 10% more damage. Not a big advantage, but significant enough to pay attention to.

Weapon – There are 6 weapon types, each with a different range and fire power.

  • Assault Rifle (25% to 45% range) – The most well rounded weapon. Has a decent range, good reload times and good firepower. Units with this type of gun is quite popular.
  • Sniper Rifle (45% to 100% range) – As the name suggests, this gun excels at mod to very long range attacks. Each shot needs to be charged as well. They reload more often and generally have lower magazine count.
  • Shotgun (0% to 25% range) – The opposite of sniper rifles. Does very well close range and cannot target enemies that are far away. They also have low magazine count. In the end game, they are very strong.
  • SMG (15 to 36% range) – Decent close range fire power but with low magazine count.
  • Minigun (35% to 55% range) – Has the highest magazine count among all gun types, but each shot deals less damage on average. It has decent range and is comparable to the assault rifle.
  • Rocket Launcher (Full range) – Can shoot anywhere on the screen with good AoE damage, but usually requires reload after each attack.

If you fire outside your weapon range, you will get an accuracy penalty and potentially take some damage. In most missions, you will need to bring the units with the correct weapon to match the enemy range.

You will need a diverse group of weapons to tackle different stages. In other words, you are going to need at least 1 of each type.

Burst Type – This is one of the most important factors when it comes to game progress and creating your own team. Each character can have one of the three burst types, Burst I, Burst II and Burst III.

In battle, when you kill enemies, the burst meter will fill up and you can use your characters burst skill when it is full. However, there is a caveat, you can only use your character’s burst skill in the correct phase. Burst I skills can only be use in the first phase, Burst II in phase two and Burst III in phase three.

You are required to have all 3 types on your team in order to progress through each phase. Not using Burst I skill in phase one will prevent you from moving to the next. After the third phase, you will go to the final burst stage, where you meed to use any skill to keep your Burst meter full. Otherwise, it will reset and you have to build it again.

Burst I and II characters are usually support/healers, with Burst III being mostly DPS types. Some burst skills have long cooldowns, and they are usually between 20 to 40 seconds. It is much preferred for Burst I and II units to have lower cooldowns so you can often enter final burst mode, which allows you to spam more skills.

Ideally, you want a team that consists of:

  • 1x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 3x Burst III (high damage, some support/heal)
  • 2x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 2x Burst III (balanced team)
  • 3x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 1x Burst III (super defensive)

Battle Formation – You can have up to 5 units in your team. Since most of the time you will be using auto battle, it is vital to know how the AI works when it comes to choosing skills. You will want to use any 40 second cooldown Burst Skill characters on the first slot. The reason is because the AI will always use the first slot character’s skill first. Having characters with 20 second cooldown on their Burst Skill not on the first slot will ensure the AI will utilize other character skills.

Leveling and Limit Break – So to level your character you will need credits (gold), battle data sets which you get from different modes and core dust. You are actually soft-gated by the amount of core dust you can get daily. There are some from the shop which you can buy it from to speed this up.

All characters get to level 80 and require limit break to increase the level cap. Limit breaking requires a dupe of the character. Each dupe will increase then limit by 40. SSR can go up to 200 (3 limit breaks) while SR can go to 160 (2 limit breaks).  A character’s level can always be reset, so don’t worry about leveling the “wrong” characters.

Resetting allows you to get all your materials that you used back. Each reset costs 10 gems, which isn’t too bad.

Skill Upgrade – You need to farm materials from the Simulation Room. Skills start out at 1 and has a max level of 10. Resetting a character’s level doesn’t affect the skills.

Equipment – All characters can have up to 4 equipment slots and these can be farmed from story mode (mostly low level ones) and Interception mode, which gives much better quality gear at higher levels. You get nice stat bonuses, especially on the higher tier ones. If you equip manufacturer exclusive equipment, you also get better bonuses as well. You can use module boosters to upgrade your equipment or use other lower level tier gear to do so.

Leveling (Synchro Devise Strategy)

When it comes to leveling our Nikkes, it is better to level them evenly. Also, you only need to level 5 Nikkes overall initially. With the Outpost unlocked after completing story chapter 4, you can put in level 1 Nikkes and get them to the lowest level of your Nikkes. This means you won’t need to spend additional resources to get them higher.

The key is to use at least 1 SR unit on the team, who you can easily max limit break to 160. This means all your SSRs will at least be 160 in the end game without ever having to limit break them. Do keep in mind when you switch Nikkes in the synchro device, there is a 4 hour cooldown until you can put in new ones. Each additional slot after the first 5 will cost 500 gems.

Story Progression and Team Building (Potential Re-rolls)

The game is relatively straightforward from story mode 1 to 7, which requires you to build a decent team to complete it. After chapter 8 is where things start to get harder. You get to field up to 5 Nikkes on your team to take on the robots, who have taken over the world.

When it comes to re-rolling, you can use the wish list to further improve your chances of getting a specific Nikke.

While the game has auto play and it may seem easy, but it is actually not. After chapter 8, the team and units that you use will really start to matter. A lot of the enemies in the later chapters can 1 shot your Nikkes if you let them live.

Below are some good units to look out for. These units are good, especially for clearing story mode.

Priority Targets for Progression

In this group are the DPS stars. If you can get any one of them, then you will be using them as your priority DPS.

Great DPS with decent utility with some buffs. While shotguns have low ammo each round, they have tremendous firing power. Her burst skill increases her ammo capacity for a short period of time and deals a lot of damage. Her passive will release thunderbolt and hit low hp enemies after 10 hits. On top of that, she also has a party buff that increases all allies hit rate for a short duration while increasing her own attack. 

She will also excel in the late game against raid bosses, so you don’t have to worry about her getting power creeped.

Overall, she will help you out in story and various modes of the game as an all purpose DPS unit.

Guillotine is a premier boss killer thanks to her super high multipliers on her burst skill. Her supporting passives give crit rate buff (at the cost of some hp) and crit damage buff to further improve her damage.

Her burst skill will also deal a lot more damage once the target’s health falls below 50%. On top of that, she herself also gains more attack should she fall below 70% health as well. So it is a bit beneficial to keep her health lower than that if possible.

Pair her with a shielder with damage mitigation for protection and she can dish out tonnes of damage without worrying about dying. Overall, she is a good DPS and can fit in many teams.

Because of Drake’s presence, Sugar doesn’t get mentioned as often as they are both shot gun DPS units,

Sugar offers quite a bit for both herself and her team. She can cast crit rate, crit damage and reload speed buff on herself, allowing her to do more damage over time.

She also has a max ammo capacity increase buff for all shotgun members. This is a very good buff as it is vital for a shotgun team and it can be used in late game progression and also in raid bosses.

Niche Units

Since she is an SR character, she is easy to max out eventually. Her primary use is to increase the shotgun’s team ammo capacity. Alongside Sugar, the shotgun team can really do some havoc to the enemies, especially in boss raid.

Scarlet is a pure DPS that can buff her own attack, crit rate and crit damage. She does good damage, but it comes at a cost.

Her S1 passive increases her attack, but makes her lose HP. Her burst skill increases her crit rate, but only available if below a certain HP threshold. Her S2 passive also has a similar affect, gaining crit damage under certain HP conditions.

She will need a good support that can grant her a shield to keep her bonus damage as her HP falls.

She is good for general PvE missions.

One of the top DPS units in the game. With the assault rifle, she is pretty well rounded. She has her own self crit rate and attack buff thanks to her passive. She also has AoE damage coverage, which is vital for late game story mode and tough boss raids.

She gains penetration on her burst skill, which is very good late game against bosses and pretty much any tough battles.

You can’t go wrong having her on the team and having her as a re-roll priority.

Penetration Units

These are your defense debuffers or defense penetration units. Having them will allow your team to do more damage.

A very self sufficient attacker that can debuff her enemies. Her S1 passive can lower enemy attack and defense. Her S2 passive gives her lifesteal, allowing her to sustain herself without needing a healer.

Her burst skill can apply defense down on enemies and deal decent damage. Overall, she has decent damage coverage on top of her debuffs, which improves the damage your allies do.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with having her on your team.

Firma is primarily a defense breaking unit that can do really well against bosses. While her burst skill also provides decent defense down debuff, her S1 passive can lower enemy defense up to 28%. That is huge against bosses.

She can also improve max HP of all allies, although this would only be useful if the duration is longer. Her burst skill also offers that as well.

Overall, she is a bit niche and mostly brought into tough bosses for the defense break so your allies can deal more damage.

AoE Units

This is vital, especially past chapter 8. However, for chapters 1 to 7, a lot of these units will also help clear it well.

Free unit given to you early on. Carries you in story mode to about Chapter 8. She has AoE damage, which is super useful and she has defense break on multiple enemies.

Overall, she does decent damage for an SR, but her stats will fail her and will be easily replaced by any of the SSR DPS.

Berlota is a decent AoE damage dealer that can apply defense break. Until you can get SSR units, she is a good makeshift attacker that can help your team.

She has a low burst skill cooldown, allowing her to give her team charging speed bonus. This works well when she is in a rocket launcher or sniper rifle team.

She will help you in early game to progress through story mode.

Yuni is a very strong support thanks to her S2 passive which gives allies some lifesteal, increase ammo cap and defense. She also improves the charging speed of all allies during full burst phase.

Her own burst skill is also strong as it can stop enemies from moving, which can buy a lot of time. She comes in clutch in tough battles and when you are overwhelmed.

Overall, she is very valuable as a support in a very offensive team thanks to her buffs and crowd control. She is a high priority re-roll target if you can get her.

Mica is a decent supporter that can buff their attack via her S1 passive. Her burst skill can provide a minor defense down on all enemies in the map.

Since she uses a rocket launcher, it will require decent aiming skills if played manually. Aside from providing the attack buff, the rest of her kit is quite average. However, she can be a decent backup until you can pull some good SSR units.

Being an SR unit means having lower stats, which hampers her end game capability.

N102 is a decent early game supporter that can give your entire team an attack buff during burst phase. She can also strengthen the highest attack ally with max ammo capacity increase and also improve their critical damage.

She also works best if there are charge type allies present in the team to take advantage of her active skill 2.

Other than that, she has average stats and will be replaced by stronger SSR units when you pull them.

Priority Support Units

A very versatile unit that combines the role of buffer, healer, tanking and damage mitigation all at once. However, due to this, her skills are to spread out she is a jack of all trades, master of none.

Her damage reduction kicks in only when she gets attacked and has a relatively low chance. So it can be unreliable at times. Her skill 2 active can taunt the enemy to focus fire on her while she gains increased max HP.

Her burst skill gives regen based on her max HP while increasing all allies’ max HP as well.

Overall, she is quite good and can act as the only support for story mode if you want to run a more offensive team. She also plays a role in tougher battles as her burst skill heal is super vital in keeping your team alive.

Volume is a support type attacker that can buff allies to boost their critical chance, critical damage and decrease their burst skill cooldown. She herself has a self attack buff after killing an enemy unit.

Due to her incredible support skills, she is one of the primary buffers for a damage team and it improves the overall DPS your entire team can do.

She will be key in many game modes due to her utility.

Maxine was nerfed in technical test as she lost her penetration on her skill 1 and now only her burst skill gives her penetration. Her skill 1 is now a buff that improves the charge speed and attack of 2 units with the highest attack. This helps sniper teams the most.

Her skill 2 passive grants her additional crit rate and critical damage if there are more than 5 enemies.

Her burst skill does a lot of damage and gains penetration but requires reload.

She is still a decent DPS that can also buff allies.

Privaty is a well rounded assault rifle specialist. With her weapon being the most balanced, it is best suited for general story mode. Her burst skill can stun enemies, which is useful in preventing enemies from doing anything. However, it can only be used in the phase 3 of burst, which means you have to use it in specific intervals.

She deals extra damage when enemies are stunned. Since her burst skill is AoE, it is vital in the latter story mode where you need AoE attackers to clear out dangerous monsters who can 1 shot your entire team if not killed.

Healers and Shielders

These are the backbone of your team. Having at least one of them will ensure your DPS survives.

Ether is a decent defender that can help protector 1 low health unit on the team. Her burst skill provides shield to 3 allies with the lowesst HP, but it does have a long skill cooldown.

Her active skill can lower defense of one enemy during full burst phase. She does offer some AoE damage, but not much.

Her damage isn’t the best, but she can help you through early game story mode.

In the early closed beta, she didn’t have good healing. However, after some buffs, she is now a very good healer as long as she is healthy. Her burst skill not only heals all allies, it also provides regen heal over time.

She does have her S2 passive giving regen heal, but it does require her to be above a certain HP threshold.

Her S1 passive is a bit random in terms of healing since it only activates 5% of the time when attacking. However, it is an AoE heal, so it is still quite good.

Having her as the main healer of the team and having 3 other attackers is a very good team to build around.

Noah is a more offensive tank that can help allies with some damage mitigation while being able to dish out some damage herself.

Her S1 passive requires her to be attacked to activate, which means the damage mitigation is not always consistent. Her S2 passive gives her increased crit chance and gains penetration, which is great for dealing more damage.

Her burst skill deals damage to many enemies, which is great in latter stages in PvE.

Do keep in mind that Rocket Launchers needs charging and require a bit of aiming if played manually.

Aria’s kit was changed slightly in technical test and she no longer can cleanse debuffs off her allies.

This changes the way she is played. Now she is a pure offensive support that can boost ally crit rate and crit damage for  allies.

Her burst skill skill provides shield for all allies during the burst phase and increases her own hit rate for a decent duration.

Overall, she is viable for general PvE use and can perform well across all team types.

She got a bit of a nerf in technical test in terms of damage. However, her shield is really good in protecting allies. As long as she keeps hitting an enemy, she can quickly reduce her S2 cooldown, allowing her to keep shielding all allies often.

Her burst skill can apply defense down to 5 enemies, improving the overall damage of the team. She works really well in a team of 1 healer and 3 DPS units. She will act as the primary damage mitigation unit and keep the DPS safe in dishing out damage.

Do keep in mind in manual mode in tougher battles, you do need to be decent at aiming in order to reduce her S2 cooldown.

A very good defender that can provide attack buff to all allies while protecting the ally with the lowest HP by sharing some damage.

Due to her ability to provide a shield for allies and attack buff with her burst skill, she is extremely valuable for offensive oriented teams.

Also, shotgun is a very popular weapon for end game story mode + boss raids, so she ranks high due to her usage there.


Overall, you want to pick a team that will fit into the following:

  • 1x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 3x Burst III (high damage, some support/heal)
  • 2x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 2x Burst III (balanced team)
  • 3x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 1x Burst III (super defensive)

This will give you a very good balance and will help you progress in the game. Good luck and have fun!

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