Progressing Past Chapter 8 , Level 80 With The Synchro Device[No Dupes Required]

Progressing Past Chapter 8 , Level 80 With The Synchro Device[No Dupes Required]
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As most of you may come to realize that you will not be getting 3 SSR duplicates easily unless you are extremely lucky in pulling a unit 3 times in 5 SSR units. Most will be lucky to pull 1 dupe, while others have just 2-3 SSR units at the start.

Synchro Device to the Rescue

Thank god for the Synchro Device, which is unlocked in Chapter 4 I believe. I don’t remember exactly which stage, but after completing Chapter 4, you will be able to see the Synchro Device in your Outpost.

What the Synchro Device does is it takes the lowest level of your 5 Nikkes and uses that to determine the level of the units you put in your Synchro Device. So it is very much ideal to level your first 5 Nikkes levels equally so that your synced units are also the same level.

When you first unlock it, you only have 5 slots open. Keep in mind that when you slot in any SSR or SR unit in there, once you remove them, there is a 4 hour cooldown timer until you can slot in a new unit. It also costs 500 gems to open a new slot.

If you are F2P and you want to progress Chapter 8 and beyond, it is vital that you utilize this device. Since SSR units are capped at 80 just like the SRs, you will need the temporary boost that SRs give since they can sync your SSR units up to 160.

That should give you some time to try and pull some dupes of your current roster. As you pull more SSR units, you may want to consider opening new Synchro Device slots as you want to eventually have a full roster of Missilis, Tetra and Elysion faction teams to tackle the Tribe Faction Tower for extra gems and high quality molds specific to that faction.

Actually, it isn’t a bad idea to only use SR units until Chapter 4 if you are still re-rolling, that way you would save some gems without having to reset any SSR units.

The Wish List

If you haven’t already, please do setup your wish list with the SSR units you are currently using in your first team. This feature is unlocked after you pull 40 times in the regular banner.

Now every SSR you pull from the regular banner will be any of the 15 units that you wished for. Granted that we get about 13 pulls a month from gems collected monthly from daily and weekly missions, we also get extra pulls from the social banner, if you have added enough friends and send them points daily. Do keep in mind that the social banner doesn’t include any Pilgrims and also doesn’t count towards the wish list.

This will be a slow grind to get your SSR dupes. In the long term, you and I will eventually get some dupes after playing for 6 months to a year. That isn’t too bad, especially for the longevity of the game.

Increasing Your Current Team Combat Power

If you are having trouble in chapter 8 and beyond, it is time to do some mini upgrades here and there to increase the combat power of your team. Right now, every time you are below the recommended power of the enemy, you take a 25% stat loss and it makes the fight much harder. This is a link to the actual evidence this is the case:

Here are some solutions to help you with it.

Equip the Best Items + Upgrade

You want to slot in the best current items and also upgrade them. Each little upgrade will increase the overall team power, which means you can get over the recommended power hump.

Skill Up Your Best Nikkes On Your First Team

NOTE: Actually, don’t skill up for now because the skills don’t increase damage due to bugs, although it still increases your combat power.

You want to do the Simulation Room daily and quickly upgrade the skills of your Nikkes. I would prioritize all the DPS units first, then supports after. When leveling skills, you want to level the skills that can give attack% buff to the unit or the team. This will significantly improve damage output. The second priority is crit rate and crit damage buffs and then healing is last. Right now, the content isn’t that hard that you need healing unless you are in tougher boss fights. As long as you are above the recommended power level, you should be able to easily clear the stage.

Increase Bond With Your Main Team

You want to feed them tickets or items to increase their bond and also advise them daily. When it comes to advice, getting the right answer will net you 100 bond points, while the wrong one gives 50 points. There is a spreadsheet that you can look into if you want 100 points each day.


Make sure to do all the side quests via the messenger for chapters 1-8 once you complete them. Each chapter gives you specific bond item tickets that significantly increase the bond experience points you get. You also get some extra gems along the way.

Upgrade the Recycling Room

In the Outpost, you can unlock the Recycle Room that provides you team specific buffs for various groups. You can get the upgrade items from the Body Label shop.

  • Attackers Common Console – Improves HP and DEF of your attacker type characters.
  • Defenders Common Console – Improves HP and DEF of your defender type characters.
  • Supports Common Console – Improves HP and DEF of your support type characters.
  • Elysion Common Console – Improves ATK and DEF of your support type characters.
  • Missilis Common Console – Improves ATK and DEF of your support type characters.
  • Tetra Common Console – Improves ATK and DEF of your support type characters.
  • Pilgrim Common Console – Improves ATK and DEF of your support type characters.

Which one you should be buying will depend on your team composition. Mine happens to have 3 attackers and 2 supports and they come from Tetra and Elysion faction, so I invest in Attackers, Supports Common Consoles, Elysion and Tetra Consoles.

If you are not sure what your Nikke is part of, you can click on the Nikkipedia in game to find out or check out on our character list.

Hope this helps and good luck in your journey in Nikke land!