Shop Guide for F2P Players [Goddess of Victory: Nikke]

Shop Guide for F2P Players [Goddess of Victory: Nikke]
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Welcome to the F2P Shop guide for beginner players! We will go over the items you should consider buying and what to prioritize for the long run.

General Shop

The general shop refreshes daily and you can pick up some good items here. The first slot is always going to cost 0 gems/resources and you can always get a good deal daily. They can be credit, battle data set or core data set. Always buy them daily!

As for the other slots, it will vary. Some items can be good deals. I almost always get the 1 hour Battle Data Set if it costs credit to buy. Since the Battle Data Set allows you to level up your Nikkes, it is the vital one to have if you want to progress faster in story mode.

Another item that is good is the Nikke bond items. They are called various names, but the general one is the “A Helping Hand” or “Date with CO”. Increasing your bond with your current team Nikke will also increase their stats and combat power, hence allowing you to progress further.

As for paying some gems (72-100 gems) for 1 hour Battle Data Set might not be as worth it, but for light spenders, it is the cost you can pay to speed up your progress.

Union Shop

Currently, the union shop is unavailable for purchase until we get the guild raid boss content. I will update this post as the content is released.

Body Label Shop

For this section, there are some debates on whether picking up the High Quality Gold Mold or investing your hard earned Body Label Coins for consoles to boost the stats of your Nikkes. You get Body Label parts by pulling from the Gacha and I believe you get 200 for SR dupes and 150 for R dupes.

There are some key decisions you will have to make. This will depend on where you are at the game. If you already have a decent main team of SSRs and SRs that can clear story mode content just fine, it is better to further invest in the consoles to improve combat power. There are 7 types that you want to pay attention to:

  • Attackers Common Console – Improves HP and DEF of your attacker type characters.
  • Defenders Common Console – Improves HP and DEF of your defender type characters.
  • Supports Common Console – Improves HP and DEF of your support type characters.
  • Elysion Common Console – Improves ATK and DEF of your support type characters.
  • Missilis Common Console – Improves ATK and DEF of your support type characters.
  • Tetra Common Console – Improves ATK and DEF of your support type characters.
  • Pilgrim Common Console – Improves ATK and DEF of your support type characters.

Which one you should be buying will depend on your team composition. Mine happens to have 3 attackers and 2 supports and they come from Tetra and Elysion faction, so I invest in Attackers, Supports Common Consoles, Elysion and Tetra Consoles.

If you are not sure what your Nikke is part of, you can click on the Nikkipedia in game to find out or check out on our character list.

As for the High Quality Mold, there is a 60% chance to get an SSR, but Pilgrims are not included in the list and also your wish list does not work on these Molds. So this is more of a gamble. If you want to pull new SSRs, this may not be a bad idea, granted if you can stomach the disappointment of not getting your desired Nikkes.

Mileage Shop

The Mileage Shop is where you can use summon points that you did from the standard or event banners to purchase Nikkes you want. If you pulled from the event, then you get the Gold Mileage ticket. 200 Gold Mileage tickets (200 pulls) will net you the event Nikke. The pity carries over to the next event Nikke if you choose not to buy the current one.

If you pulled on the regular banner, then you get the Silver Mileage ticket. The good thing about the Spare Bodies is that it refreshes and there is a possibility of Pilgrim units showing up in the shop, although it is very rare.

I would only spend this on Pilgrims, as there are usually the rarest and hardest to get. But the decision is up to you. Limit maxing a Tetra/Missilis/Elysion unit is also a very lucrative choice to get your first team to level 200.

Cash Shop

I personally did not spend in the cash shop, but TimeauSS made a good video about spending and which packs are worth getting if you want to support the game. Have a look below!