Outerplane Guide for New Players [Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide]

Welcome to the beginners guide for Outerplane! I will go over all the tips and things you should be aware of when starting the game.

Gacha Elemental Advantage

Outerplane Elemental Advantage

In most gacha games, heroes and enemies are categorized into five elemental types: Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Dark. It’s important to consider the elemental alignment when you want to deal damage during battles.

Here’s the deal: if you deploy heroes who have the elemental advantage over the enemies they’re facing, they’ll get a nice 20% damage boost. For example, if you’re fighting against Fire element enemies, using Water element heroes will give you an advantage and make your attacks stronger.

But here’s the catch: if your heroes have an elemental disadvantage against the enemies they’re facing, their attacks won’t be as powerful. So, if you have a Fire element hero going against a Water element enemy, that hero’s attacks will be weaker due to the elemental disadvantage. It’s all about making smart choices and knowing when to switch things up to gain the upper hand, my friend.

Character Upgrading

No matter how epic your game goal is, it won’t mean a thing if your heroes are weak and constantly getting defeated. That’s why you need to strengthen them up, make them stronger, so you can dominate like a pro.

Here’s what you need to know:

Level Up Heroes – In Outerplane, leveling up is the ultimate power-up for your heroes. Their Attack, Defense, and Health stats skyrocket as they level up, transforming them into total powerhouses. Take your heroes into battle to earn experience points and level them up, just like in any RPG game. You can also farm experience materials twice a day in the Bandit Chase Dungeon. If you give those materials to your heroes, they’ll level up faster than you can say “pwned.”

Transcend Heroes – So, transcending heroes takes them to the next level. It’s all about raising their star level and making them stronger. In Outerplane, you must collect fragments of the same hero to transcend him. To get from 3 to 4 stars, you must collect 150 fragments. If you get a duplicate summon of a 5-star character, you’ll have 50 fragments right there. So keep summoning duplicates until you’ve collected enough fragments. You can also get fragments by farming the Side Story, but keep in mind that you can only enter it ten times per day. My recommendation? Farm the heck out of those Noa and Dolly fragments.

Enhance Skills – Your heroes’ skills are pretty much their secret weapons. Upgrading those abilities increases their damage and makes them more effective in battle. Skills can be upgraded based on your hero’s current level. Make sure you have enough Skill Manuals and Gold to pull it off.

Upgrading Gears – Upgrading your heroes’ gear sets is the key to unlocking their true potential. It’s like getting a massive loot drop in other games. The more you improve those gear sets, the more powerful your heroes become. It’s almost like magic, bro. Each gear set, such as the Attack Set, has its own set of special abilities. When you equip four pieces of that set, your heroes gain a 30% Attack Boost on top of the stats from the gear pieces themselves. These power-up gear sets are the holy grail, man. They’ll level up your heroes and assist you in completing more missions.

Summoning Banner

In Outerplane, just like in other gacha games, the summoning system is all about scoring those new and mighty heroes to bolster your team and start off strong. Different summoning banners offer different heroes, and for new players, these are the main ones:

Infinite Recruitment Banner

When you’re just starting out, this banner is ideal for summoning heroes with a rarity of 1-3 Stars. It’s a fantastic system designed to provide new players with a solid foundation. You can summon 10 heroes indefinitely until you’re satisfied with the team you’ve assembled. Every ten summons guarantees a 3-Star hero. The banner has a limited number of summonable heroes, and each set of ten summons grants you one 3-Star hero.

Laplace, Maxwell, Alice, Noa, and Eliza are the available 3-Star heroes under this banner. I highly recommend that you go with Noa. She’s an absolute beast and one of the game’s top damage dealers. Noa is a must-have unit who excels in both PVE and PVP.

Rate-Up Banners

This banner focuses on summoning heroes with rarities ranging from 1 to 3 stars. If you manage to summon a 3-star hero, the featured hero on the banner has a better chance of appearing. To keep things fair, the rate-up 3-star hero has a pity system in place. You activate the pity system after 200 summons, which works on mileage.

Keep in mind that mileage does not transfer between banners. However, any remaining mileage will be converted into Star’s Memory at the end of the banner, so it’s best to do 20 summons to obtain 150 pieces of the featured character.

Normal Banner

It contains all of the game’s available 3-star heroes, including Rin and Valentine from the Rate-Up Recruit Banner. Unlike the Rate-Up Recruit Banner, however, the chances of getting any 3-star hero are the same. This banner is also subject to the mileage pity system.

It’s worth noting that the mileage points earned from both the Rate-Up Recruit Banner and the regular recruit banner are linked. When the Rate-Up Recruit Banner expires, the remaining mileage will be added to your Star’s Memory. So, use up your 200 mileage points before the Rate-Up Recruit Banner expires, because they will expire with it.

Combat System Explained

You must understand the game’s combat mechanics in order to dominate in PvE and leave other players in the dust in PvP.

In your formation, you must assemble a dream team of four badass heroes. Man, pick them wisely. Evaluate your opponents and select heroes who can handle them like a boss. Elemental powers are at work here. Each hero is given an element, and these elements interact in the manner of a rock-paper-scissors game. Some elements are stronger than others, while others are weaker. This rule is followed by Fire, Water, and Earth elements, but Light and Dark elements are neutral against them.

However, Light and Dark each have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Keep all of that in mind, man. Let us now discuss the skill gauge points. This is where the real magic takes place.

Different heroes gain gauge points in various ways. When defenders are targeted by enemies, they absorb damage and gain gauge points. Marksmen earn points by successfully striking enemies. Healers gain points by healing their allies, and Mages gain points by using their powerful Burst abilities.

These gauge points are required for the use of devastating Chain Skills. One hero launches the attack, and another responds with a sick move. What’s more, guess what? This frequently places the enemy in a Break state, rendering them defenseless and subject to additional damage from all sources. Man, it’s like sweet vengeance.

This pretty much sums up the mechanics you should be aware of.

Finishing Your Missions

If you want to earn good rewards every day and week, missions are the way to go. Daily and weekly missions are your ticket to guaranteed loot, and you don’t want to miss out on these, bro.

Man, daily missions are a piece of cake. They are straightforward tasks that require little effort to complete. However, guess what? When you complete them, you gain a substantial amount of resources. It’s like freebies are falling on you, bro. These missions are designed to be easy to complete every day, so you can count on a steady flow of resources to fuel your game progress.

Even as things become more difficult, you can rely on Daily Missions to keep that resource train running.

In Game Resources

These currencies are your golden tickets to progress faster in the game. So let’s break ’em down in a simple and detailed way, bro. If you’re a seasoned gamer, you can skip ahead, but if not, this guide is for you.

You can find the major currencies right in the middle of the main menu.


In Outerplane, stamina is your lifeline. It is required to participate in various game content, particularly PvE activities. You need a lot of stamina to make significant progress, bro. But here’s the thing: endurance can be a double-edged sword. You’re on fire when you’ve had enough.

When you’re running low, it can be a hindrance. The good news is that stamina, as an AFK currency, replenishes over time. However, if you need a boost, you can buy more stamina with Ether. Initially, you can purchase 60 stamina for 30 Ether up to three times.

After that, the cost rises. I strongly advise you to buy stamina three times with Ether, man. It will provide you with a significant boost. You can also gain stamina by spending friendship points or arena points. Keep an eye out for those chances.


Outerplane’s bread and butter is gold. It is your primary currency for upgrading heroes and improving equipment.

Gold is your go-to for taking rare pieces of equipment to the next level when it comes to gear upgrades. And, hey, your heroes require gold as well. You’ll need some sweet gold to raise their levels and upgrade their skills. Go to the Bounty Hunter Dungeon to get your hands on some gold.

It can be looted twice per day. The amount of gold you receive is determined by the dungeon’s floor level. Higher floors equal more juicy rewards, bro. Remember that as you progress and your gear improves, your gold consumption will rise as well. So, my friend, use it wisely.


Ether is the premium currency in Outerplane, and it must be handled with caution.

Ethers are classified into two types: free and paid. Log-in rewards, pre-registration rewards, missions, achievements, story clear rewards, events, and developer compensation emails are all ways to get free Ether.

Paid Ether, on the other hand, is obtained through microtransactions by purchasing packs.

Here’s a pro tip: Always use Free Ether before using Paid Ether, man. Ether is primarily used to summon heroes from the Rate-Up Recruitment Banner and the Standard Recruitment Banner. So use your money wisely and strategically.

Challenge Mode (Outerplane Guide)

Outerplane has three dungeons that you cannot afford to miss: Bounty Hunter, Bandit Chase, and Upgrade Stone Retrieval. These bad boys are stuffed full of valuable loot that will take your game to the next level.

Man, the Bounty Hunter dungeon is all about getting that sweet Gold. You’re aware of how valuable Gold is for upgrading your heroes and unlocking epic items, right? This dungeon, on the other hand, is the place to fill your pockets with that gleaming currency. What’s more, guess what? This dungeon can be visited twice per day.

The Bandit Chase dungeon is next. This one is all about stockpiling food, bro. You know your heroes need to eat to stay healthy. Food is essential for leveling them up and increasing their power. So go to this dungeon twice a day and collect as much food as you can.

Not to mention the Upgrade Stone Retrieval dungeon. This is where you get your valuable Upgrade Stones, man. Upgrade Stones are used to improve your heroes’ equipment and make them unstoppable. These stones aren’t easy to come by, so don’t skip this dungeon. Come back twice a day to collect your upgrade goodies.

Here’s the thing. Because these resources are scarce and difficult to obtain, it is critical that you complete these dungeons on a daily basis. Believe me when I say that running out of these resources will seriously impede your progress in Outerplane. That can’t happen, bro. Enter those dungeons and collect those valuable rewards.

Oh, and there’s one more thing. Remember to take on the Skyward Tower before it resets. Man, this tower is your ticket to epic rewards. Aim for the highest level possible to unlock those tawesome prizes. It’s all about reaching new heights and progressing in the game.

Team Building

If you got Noa from the Infinite banner, you might want to re-roll, but the choice is entirely yours. Now, let’s talk about putting together a killer team that will dominate the game.

A well-rounded team will typically have four key roles: defender, damage dealer, support/buffer, and healer. What’s more, guess what? We have some fantastic heroes for each of those roles.

Tio is the way to go for healing and cleansing, my friend. She’s regarded as one of the best healers in the game, and the best part is that she’s completely free. Yes, you read that correctly. Free healing power!

Noa is your girl for the role of damage dealer. She’s an absolute beast and one of the game’s top damage dealers. You will not be disappointed with her firepower, believe me.

Valentine is your go-to hero for assistance and buffing. She has the abilities to improve your team’s performance and keep them going strong. She’s the ultimate cheerleader for you, bro.

But, hey, I know Veronica can be difficult to obtain. So don’t worry if you can’t get her. You can substitute another support or debuffer, such as Dolly. She’ll be a great fit for the role and will help your team kick some serious butt.

So, to sum it up, your dream team should consist of Noa, Valentine, Tio, and Dolly. With this squad, you’ll make some serious progress, especially in story mode. They’ll be a force to be reckoned with, bro. Or most would call this the meta team.

Ether Spending Guide

When you begin your journey, you will receive a substantial amount of Ether as a reward for pre-registration and the global launch. And believe me when I say you need to put that Ether to good use, bro.

My recommendation is to go straight to the Rate-Up Banner and go all in on Valentine. Trust me when I say she’s a game changer. Valentine is an important character throughout the game, from the story mode to the end-game dungeons. Her versatility is unrivaled, man.

Valentine shines like a star in PvP battles. Her ultimate ability lowers priority, which is equivalent to gaining an advantage and disrupting your opponents’ plans. And what about her passive ability? It raises your priority, giving you the crucial advantage of entering the Arena first. You understand how important that is, bro. In turn-based games, priority is like the key to victory. However, Valentine has the fastest base speed of any character in the game. Yes, you read that correctly. Man, she’s the queen of speed.

So, when it comes to choosing between Rin and Valentine, there is no contest. You must obtain Valentine. She is an absolute necessity. She’ll take your gameplay to the next level and beyond, believe me.

You can also spend some on stamina if you want to progress a bit quicker. All up to you on this one.

Building Your Base (Outerplane Guide)

First and foremost, use all of your Antimatter to boost the Combat Calculation Module to 3/3. This should be your number one priority. After that, concentrate on improving the Antiparticle Generator Facility.

Why? Improving these facilities will provide you with more Antimatter, allowing you to upgrade other facilities faster. It’s a no-lose situation!

Let’s get back to those valuable “clear tickets.” These babies are critical for getting the most out of the Bounty Hunter, Bandit Chase, and Stone dungeons.

When you use a clear ticket, you will receive an additional 20% in rewards. That’s a lot of bonus loot right there. So, to get the most out of your dungeon runs, prioritize using those clear tickets wisely. Believe me, it will pay off handsomely.

Oh, and here’s a helpful hint: It’s best to avoid crafting gears in the early game. Why? Because story mode and other missions will provide you with plenty of 5-star gear. So save your resources and concentrate on obtaining those awesome gears through gameplay. When the time comes, you’ll be able to dive into gear crafting and take it to the next level.

Additional Tips Bro

There are some key tactics and tips that will greatly assist you.

When it comes to the arena, having Noa and Valentine on your team makes reaching platinum rank much easier. The majority of your opponents in platinum are bots, giving you a significant advantage. However, once you reach platinum and start facing real player defenses, gathering arena points for purchasing resources becomes more difficult.

Here’s an idea: Put low-level heroes in your arena defense. Why? Because there’s a good chance that low-level players will attack you as well. Winning a vengeance match awards you 20 arena points, and these battles are typically easier.

Some players follow the same strategy, so if you can revenge each other, it becomes mutually beneficial for farming points. Smart, right?

As previously stated, resetting the bounty hunter, stones, and bandit chase early on with Ether is completely acceptable. In fact, I still reset the gold ones because, let’s be honest, getting gold in this game is difficult. So go ahead and reset those dungeons to get the most out of your rewards. You’re capable of doing it twice, bro.

Let us now discuss gear priorities. Speed gears are the name of the game, my friend. Speed is king in turn-based battles. So first go after Glicys for a speed necklace and Chimera for speed armors. Speed sets can benefit anyone because they are universally applicable. If you can get your team to move faster, you’ll have a significant advantage in battle.

Don’t forget about Tio’s unique gear. It should be near the top of your priority list. When she casts her S2, her exclusive equipment gives her a priority boost. This allows you to outrun Valentine in arena defense, ensuring victory even if your team is slower. Man, this is a game changer. Tio pushes your team, and your Valentine steps in to push your team when the enemy Valentine uses her S2 and S3.

Now, as for the heroes, I’ve had a lot of success using Noa, Valentine, Dolly, Tio, and Faenan to finish everything. I strongly advise you to maximize the abilities of the first four heroes. They’re more than enough to get you up to floor 100. Faenan’s immunity is occasionally used to counter debuffs, but Dolly shines with her debuff-related advantages in most lengthy boss battles. So concentrate on these heroes and watch them shine.

Last but not least, prioritize the acquisition of chain link accessories, particularly those that grant chain points on critical hits. A four-team crit chain, believe me, is a game changer. You can even permanently break bosses if you’re quick enough. Keep in mind that when Noa crits, her S1 and S2 yield double chain points, just like dual attacks and chain combos. When you combine all of these chain crits, bosses will rage break faster than you can imagine. It’s an invincible force, bro.

That’s all there is to it, my friend. Hope this Outerplane Guide helps! These are some excellent strategies and pointers to help you take your Outerplane gameplay to the next level. Now play the game and have fun!

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