Path to Nowhere F2P Gem Income Guide

Path to Nowhere F2P Gem Income Guide
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With the game released on global for over 2 weeks now, it is the time to start calculating how much gems free to play players can actually get in a month. Is the game generous or stingy? Let’s find out!

This is special thanks to the community spreadsheet that documents all the available methods to get gems, which I will link here.


For a short summary, we will getting the following once your account progresses to late game:


  • 40 gems from completing daily surveillance missions
  • 150 gems from completing weekly surveillance missions
  • 300 gems from low risk Broken Frontline weekly
  • 100 gems from day 8 login
  • 60 gems from sharing on social media weekly
  • 80 gems when you get 1 Sinner to phase 3
  • 48 gems/day from max facility after completing chapter 8 story mode (2612 energy per 48 gems)

Summon Tickets

  • Daily emotion check gives 2 per month
  • 6 summon tickets from F2P BP
  • 3 summon tickets from Friendship Shop
  • 1 summon ticket from Monthly Login

To sum it up, a F2P player will get around 4140 gems per month (excluding the summoning tickets). If we also exclude the 48 gems per day from the facility, this number will go down to about 2700 gems, which is enough for 15 pulls each month without the max facility.

So at the end game, including the max facility upgrades, you can expect 23 pulls per month.

Obviously, we will be getting events that you can also farm more pulls, which will be another great source of gem or ticket income. Based on what the Chinese players have mentioned, they verified that the game’s second and third event were generous for F2P players, which means we should be able to pity at least 1 Sinner you really like every 3 months.

For those that would like to see more discussion regarding gem income, have a look at the reddit post here.

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