Reverse 1999 Limbo 6-2 Low Investment Guide


Credit: KokkyGachas

In this guide I will show you how to clear the latest Limbo 6-2 with the least amount of investment that is quite reasonable for a lot of people.

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There will be a set of restrictions on the team to truly call it low investment, catering to people who are struggling. The first restriction is no use of two fairies for this stage, and I did not use two fairies for the top and bottom.

The second restriction is that there is only going to be the use of one Insight 3 character. For this, I have chosen A Knight, unintentionally but quite good to reference. I have not used any of the star afflatus units in 6-2, so there is no bonus 30% damage at all.

For my team members, I have A Knight, Necrologist, Beon, Bkornblume and Balloon Party. Their respective investment levels are:

  • A Knight – Insight 3 level 30 Resonance 10
  • Necrologist – Insight 2 level 50 Resonance 7
  • Bkornblume – Insight 2 level 50 Resonance 5
  • Balloon Party – Insight 2 level 50 Resonance 5

I am not going to I3 Bkornblume herself to avoid making the content too easy. This is the team I use for the clear.

Now, going straight into the battle, I’ll explain the strategy. There are different ways people recommend to clear this stage.

Some suggest going for the crystal first, while others say if you have enough investment, you can go straight for the body.

Going for the body first resurrects it to 100%, suitable for high investment units with burst damage and sustain. So this is not recommended for us.

Another strategy is going for the crystal first, but it’s relatively high investment due to continuous attacks from the arms. Even you try lower all their HP at the same time, the arms will keep attacking 4 action per turn, making you take too much damage.

The best strategy for low investment is going for the arms first, particularly the right arm. The AI behavior makes it easier to handle, and it allows for better sustainability. It does multi attack hits, so you will want to get rid of it first. The left arm AI doesn’t hit the same target twice, so your units will survive better.

While you focus on the right arm, make sure to use AoE and weaken the left arm and crystal as well. If the crystal is not destroyed, the arms will keep re-spawning.

Once the crystal is disabled, it will recover for one time with 15% HP, but during this time, if you kill it again, the arms won’t respawn. The key is to disable both arms for four turns each, then kill the crystal.

After that, go for the body, keeping in mind the 12 turn requirement. It’s crucial to manage healing cards efficiently and maximize DPS. With this strategy, even with lower investment, the stage can be cleared effectively.

It may take you some practice until you get the hang of it.

Let’s talk about team replacements if you don’t have the units I am using.

Necrologist can be replaced by other units and not mandatory.

Example Alternative Team for Limbo 6-2

Here is another example guide by ChiMifune71: