[Roblox] Demonfall Family/Clan Tier List + Guide [Trello Link Included]

Welcome to the Demonfall Family guide! We will be going over the different families, the pros and cons of each and you can decide which one to pick in this fun Roblox game. This game is relatively new and people are having lots of fun.

Here is the link to the official trello board: https://trello.com/b/OH7g86av/demon-fall

Demonfall Family Guide and Tier List

Here is the list of current families in the game. We will be updating as we get more info.

Kamado (0.5% Chance) (Tier S)

  • 20% EXP Gain.
  • Immunity to sunlight (Demons/Hybrids only).
  • Starts with Dance of the Fire God, saving eight points in Sun Breathing.
  • Dance of The Fire God can be used with other breathing styles if you are a PURE SLAYER.


  • 20% more XP gain
  • Dance of the Fire God, without unlocking any breathing.
  • You are resistant to sun if you are a demon or a hybrid
  • Take no damage from sun breathing


  • Dance of the Fire God is useless if you are a demon or hybrid
  • You can lose Dance of the Fire God if you use a breath indict
  • You can still go Demon with this class but most of the perks are only useful as a Slayer

Kanjiro (2.0% Chance) (Tier S)

  • Has special ability that gives  +15% damage to all attacks


  • Gives you an extra 15% damage for every type of PvP/PvE.
  • Due to the high damage increase, many Breathing combos may suddenly deal much more damage or even one shot combo.
  • Has permanent damage increase, unlike Families like Agatsuma, which has a little amount of time until the damage buff runs out.
  • As a Demon, extremely strong attacks like Dark Thunder and Annihilation can do high damage.


  • Attack nerfed from 20% to 15%

Tokito (1% chance) (Tier A)

  • A rare (1.0%) family you can obtain which primarily benefits Slayers. You also get a 10% exp boost.
  • Able to learn Mist Breathing 7th Form, Obscuring Clouds.


  • 7th Form is great for PvP, making Mist even better.
  • EXP gain helps when grinding.


  • “Learn Moon Breathing without Prestige” perk was removed since Patch 2.8.
  • With the aforementioned perk gone, the family is not as good as it was
  • Has no direct combat buffs whatsoever. 7th Form is only obtainable in old demonfall

Tomioka (1% chance) (Tier A)

  • Start with Lunge (Sprint + M1)
  • Start with Shoulder Bash (Block + M1)
  • Able to learn Water Breathing 11th Form, Dead Calm. This upgrades Water Breathing as a whole since this move is amazing with big AoE and decent damage as well. Dead Calm will appear in your moves as soon as you learn Water Breathing.


  • Start with Lunge and Shoulder Bash.
  • Big Aoe with Dead Calm.
  • Don’t have to use skill points for Lunge and Shoulder Bash which saves you 4 skill points.


  • Useless as a demon, all you get is shoulder bash for free.

Agatsuma (2% Chance) (Tier A)

  • Sleepy Awake – when knocked down, you can enter a Berserk state for 45 seconds, indicated by a yellow and blue effect, that increases damage by 50%, increases health by 20% and also revives you. It can be manually triggered, but you will be downed when it ends and you’ll lose all of your hunger.
  • A permanent Zenitsu Wig in your inventory


  • Sleepy Awake can be very useful in PvP and PvE.
  • Allows you to possibly make a comeback if the opponent doesn’t run away. In PvE, soloing bosses can become easier with use of the Berserk ability.
  • Berserk mode/Sleepy Awake can be very good vs flame or insect breathing because it cancels the effect of fire/poison.


  • When you’re in berserk state people can run around until your berserk ends, making your berserk wasted.
  • The berserk state could also be a let down if not used properly.

Rengoku (1% chance) (Tier B)

Just like in the anime counterpart, He sports the same hairstyle as the Rengoku wig and he also has his black forked eyebrows, and golden eyes that fade to red with white pupils. He also wears the Kyojuro Rengoku [+] and Kyojuro Rengoku [-] set made by Astral Clothing. Additionally, he is also in his trademark pose, with his sword out of its sheath and holding it downwards from the pommel as if it is a cane.

Shinazugawa (1% chance) (Tier B)

  • 25% Faster stomach drain and health regen
  • Muscle control: They have a very high capacity to manage their muscles being able to heal themselves serious wounds, this is seen for example when Shinazugawa fights against Tanjiro and controls their muscles to heal the wound; they can also use this to improve their strength and endurance by a large number.
  • Mariachis: They are born with a special blood that servers to reduce the damage that demons do to them and also increases their speed, strength, agility, and endurance drastically.
  • Slayers Only: Can use your scent to attract demons


  • Able to attract demons, which can drop Demon Horns, and also give EXP when executed. If used smartly can be used as a genius way of fighting people that randomly battle you. Examples: infinite combo cancel, extra damage, distraction, basically ice minions but weaker.
  • Fastest health regen in the game


  • The Demons attracted can attack you, keep in mind.
  • Family ability has a long cooldown recommendation; spam rejoin to use it faster
    only good for Slayer.
  • Ability is useful only to slayers

Hashibara (2% chance) (Tier B)

  • -10% Stomach Drain
  • +10% Health Regeneration
  • Boar mask in your inventory


  • Faster health regeneration
  • One of the only clans to get a cosmetic.
  • Slower hunger drain.


  • No combat benefit
  • Gets outclassed by other families

Kocho (2% chance) (Tier C)

  • Poison anyone that attacks you at close-range (M1s, M2s)
  • Very good with flame or with insect breathing.


  • The poison is great for a passive type damage, and combined with Flame Breathing’s Flame passive will do even more damage passively.
  • Great support damage if the opponent has no hunger or is already extremely low.
  • The poison also effects Bosses and Demons(NPCS and players).


  • One-sided; like the Agatsuma and Kanroji family, this family will do nothing until you actually get the player by close range attacks.
  • Does not inflict poison when hit by long range attacks like Puriffy Wind or Gale Slash.
  • Requires you to get hit and take damage for the perk to proc
  • Provides 0 buffs.
  • The poison deals less damage than hunger can heal, causing the poison damage to get overridden and not even affect the player(s) inflicted at all.

Ubuyashiki (2% chance) (Tier C)

  • 2SP (skill points) on start
  • +10% Experience Gain
  • Permanent sickness scar (Anything far away is blurry)


  • Start off with 2 free Skill Points. Can unlock more things at max level as now you have 52 skill points and everyone else has 50.
  • One of the three families that gives a exp boost.
  • Beginner friendly.


  • A not-so-attractive face and forehead.
  • Provides no direct combat buffs.
  • Permanent sickness scar can be annoying

Himejima (1% chance) (Tier C)

  • +30 Health after buffs.


  • Extra Health to survive more combos and outlast your opponent.
  • Good for both Slayers and Demons.
  • Demon max health becomes [250]
  • Slayer max health becomes [210]


  • Slight blindness effect around your screen(Sometimes does not get applied which what happened to me)

Iguro (2% chance) (Tier C)

Haganezuka (2% chance) (Tier C)

Don’t need money to forge items but crafting materials are still needed to craft a Custom Nichirin and has 5x ore sell value.


  • Very useful for farming yen due to the 5x ore sell value, and if you are one that has no use for ores/grinds ores frequently, you can get quite a lot of Yen.
  • The notable prices for forging items are the Custom Nichirin’s cost for forging, 10,000 yen, and Crystal Keys, that are 500 Yen each.


  • Provides no buffs for fighting
  • Only good for Slayers
  • This family is only good for grinding Yen and crafting items on a different account, otherwise it is useless in combat.

Perkless Familes

Here is a list of characters that have no extra perks.

  • Kanzaki (8.8%)
  • Kanamori (8.8%)
  • Kuwajima (8.8%)
  • Nakahara (8.8%)
  • Takada (8.8%)
  • Terauchi (8.8%)
  • Tsuyuri (8.8%)
  • Urokodaki (8.8%)
  • Uzui (8.8%)

Roblox Demonfall Game Summary

Demon Fall (悪あく魔まの秋たき Akuma no Taki?) is a game inspired by the anime show and manga series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and a long awaited game that released in 2020. The path you take in this game is your choice, slayer or demon, while you progress through the storyline.

References: https://demon-fall.fandom.com/wiki/Demon_Fall_Wiki