Sdorica Tier List Guide [Top Characters to Re-roll For]

This is the detailed Sdorica tier list for new players. We are evaluating the top characters so you know what to pull for and how they will fit into your team. So far, we are only including the S and A tiers that you should pay attention to. Anything below A tier is not included.

S Tier

Masked Girl - Top gold DPS who can debuff enemies while dealing massive damage to them. She is also very versatile as her targeting works in most teams. She is very self sufficient and doesn't rely on allies to deal more damage. Her skills hit twice, the targeted enemy and the backline; if there is only one enemy she attacks the same enemy twice and applies the debuff twice. The downside is that she dies after 12 turns no matter what.  She is also weak to enemies that can easily remove debuffs.

Nigel SP - Strong damage dealer with high skill damage and high orb efficiency. He is also self sufficient like Masked Girl and can do well on his own. He synergizes well with supports that is able to cast charisma, chain supports or supports that can clear their own orbs. He is great in Exploration game modes.

Sophie SP - She is a hybrid support and stunner, capable of greatly reducing the damage your team takes by providing high armor with her 2o plus 2 stacks of damage reduction for the whole team or use her 1o for 2 stacks of exhaust. She works best in a stall team since her 3o stuns ALL enemies and reset their cooldown. Put her in a team who has characters that can grant gold orbs.

Angelia SP - She is useful and creating chains that trigger 2o skills from allies with armor or 4o skills from allies with tank up. Angelia SP is a support that plays in the black position, allowing you to have 2 supports but then you will lack a DPS. She also cannot give armor to her allies directly. She needs to get hit and gain armor first before doing so.

Leah SP - Top white damage dealer that rival most black characters, Leah SP is great if you need some DPS. She can randomly heal her allies based on their max HP. She doesn't have much supporting skills though.

Maria SP - One of the top chainers in the game, Maria SP can trigger multiple skills from her allies by using her 2o or 3o skills. She can be a decent armor penetration damage dealer if her passive is not up. She is best in a team with other 3o skill users. Her passive also has to be recharged and is annoying at times. A good character for older players but not so much for new players. Still worth getting though!

A Tier

Alice -  Alice is an strong utility support as she can provide different types of buffs to her allies, grant armor, heal allies and even revive them passively by reducing the orb cost to revive by 2 per turn. Alice isn't used as much in WT , but she is still helpful in difficult levels like venture quests.

Dylan SP - Dude can execute his enemies and kill his enemies in a single blow of his 4o as long as their current health is lower than his own HP even if they have buffs/debuffs. He is a tank that can taunt + heal himself. His playstyle revolves around healing himself and then giving the enemy a tear debuff until they are able to be killed by his 4o. Put him in a team of AoE characters that can improve his tanking. Does well in most game modes but he does have a hard time in end game content.

Sione SP - A hybrid support and DPS unit. She relies on tear stacking the enemy. The armor she provides is more than enough to fully max out armor on the unit or even the whole team. She does well with teammates that can buff themselves with enhance since she will also stack 1 turn of tear even if she does not attack.

Elio - He is good for new players. He can steal armor from enemies, heal himself through the armor shift buff + create gold orbs. He does need enemies with armor in the back row to do this though. So it is not the most consistent way to gain armor, especially if the enemy is immune to debuffs.

Hyde -  Hyde is a specialized white character that works well when his allies have good 1o skills, since he can activate them twice in one turn. He can provide invisible (until Hyde’s 1o is cast) RNG buffs for the whole team passively. His buffs/debuffs might work against your own team because they are random. Also keep in mind his 4o skill is not great.

Izumi SP - Does single target true damage to enemies. She can bypass Armor Shift and Heal type bosses with Exceed. Her passive gives 50% skill power against enemies with less than 50% health. She does need to change stance to get the best out of her and she works best against high health bosses.

Izumi MZ - She can heal and provide armor, buffs, targeted orb change, self orb clear and chain skill. Her passive is separated in two as she attaches regeneration orb buff to the leftmost plus rightmost orbs. The latte part is her 3o is automatically triggered if there are a total of 3 regen stacks in the team. Her 3o skill is her chain skill and AoE vulnerability skill combined into one skill (very strong).  Her skill ratios are quite low though and she also doesn't do a lot of damage.

Sdorica Game Summary

Sdorica -sunset- is the first season of Sdorica installment where the Watchers are introduced to several key characters in the story, most notably Angelia Carlos, the princess of Kingdom of the Sun. Up until the end of Season 1, the story focuses on Angelia’s journey to claim her throne as the rightful heir, after a civil war against Theodore Carlos ensues.

Sdorica -mirage- follows the journey of Elio Ceres to discover the secret of the mysterious Desert Kingdom and the conflicts surrounded the kingdom with the help of Sophie Lee, the circus master of Morgan's Marvelous Circus, and Rune, a former slave bought from the North.

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