10/13 Update Preview and Maintenance Notice

10/13 Update Preview and Maintenance Notice

LINK: http://forum.netmarble.com/7ds_en/view/1/55014


☞ Max Player Rank Increase

– Player Rank has been expanded to 80!


☞ Halloween Events

– Halloween Check-in Event

– Panic at the Pumpkin Festival!

– Halloween Event Free Stages

– Halloween Boss Battle

– Halloween Exchange Shop

– Halloween Spin


☞ New Heroes





– Available through the [Halloween Pick Up Draw Event]



– Can obtain 6 copies of her through the Halloween events.


☞ New Costumes

– Halloween Nightmare Set I

*For Elizabeth, Diane, Ban, King, Slater, and Helbram.


☞ 10 Halloween-themed Furniture Pieces and their Locations

– After the 10/13 maintenance – Until 10/27 (the tavern will automatically have the Halloween theme applied during this time period)

*Only the appearance has changed. You can change the effects by acquiring the relevant furniture decorations.


☞ New Bundles

▶ Halloween Event Bundles

– Halloween Special Ticket Bundles I, II, and III

▶ Ongoing

– Rank Up Bundle VI

▶ Other Bundles

– Discount Cosmetic Enhancement Bundle

– Discount Outfit Enhancement Bundle

– Discount Weapon Enhancement Bundle

– Discount Part.2 SSR Hero Bundle


☞ More Heroes with Engravings

– Guila and Deathpierce.


☞ Draw Pool Addition

– SSR [Reincarnation of Conviction] Grandmaster Zaratras: Part.2 Guaranteed SSR Draw, Part.2 Normal Draw, Race Draw I, and Human Hero Draw.


☞ Ending Events and Bundles

– Diamond BOGO Event (Purchase limit reset)

– Zaratras’ Proof of Faith Pick Up Event

– New Semester Spin Event

*New Semester Spin Tickets will no longer be sold in the Coin Shop.

– New Semester Special Exchange Shop

– Academy-themed Furniture Appearance End

*Furniture will revert to their default appearance if you do not own the relevant Academy furniture.

– New Semester Special Ticket Bundles I and II