10/6 Update Preview and Maintenance Notice

10/6 Update Preview and Maintenance Notice

LINK: http://forum.netmarble.com/7ds_en/view/1/54403



☞ New Heroes

*Available through the [In the Name of the Demon King Pick Up Draw Event].


☞ New Costumes for Zeldris

-School Life Costume Set

-Surrogate of the Demon King Costume Set


☞ New Event

-Diamond Perks Event


☞ New Bundles

-Engraving Stone Bundle

-Anvil Bundle


☞ Reverse Stage, Season 2

-Replay main stages from the enemies’ perspective!

-Get 1 Diamond whenever you clear a stage for the first time!

-Clear the stages to get stars and you can also earn Diamonds and Part.2 Guaranteed SSR Tickets !


☞ More Heroes with Engravings

-Zeldris and Cain.


☞ Ending Events

-Diamond BOGO Event (Purchase limit reset)

-The Tide of Ambition Step Up Draw Event