11/10 Update Preview and Maintenance Notice

11/10 Update Preview and Maintenance Notice

LINK: https://forum.netmarble.com/7ds_en/view/1/74400



☞ New Story, Chapter 12.5



☞ New Heroes

*Can acquire through the Liones Festival Draw event.



 *Can get 6 free copies through the Liones Festival events.


☞ New Events


– Main Rewards from the Liones Festival Events 

■ Happy B-Day! Celebration Push Event


■ Special Missions


■ Bartra’s Birthday Quests


■ Veronica’s Birthday Letter Exchange Shop


■ Festival Reward Dungeon


■ Happy B-Day! Bingo Event


■ Diamond Perks Event


■ Training Grotto Spontaneous Mission Event


■ Equipment Draw Pick Up Event


■ King’s Special Exchange Shop


■ Hero Enhance/Equipment Salvage Super and Ultra Success Rate Increase

■ 100% Death Match Occurrence Rate

– Lonely Demonic Beast Lamek Event Death Match! 

▶ Main Rewards


☞ Costume Sets Added to the Sacred Treasure Shop!

– 3 Costume Sets for Goddess Elizabeth

– Honor and Scars Holy Knight Costume Sets

*For Guila, Jericho, Gilthunder, Howzer, Griamore, Slater, Hendrickson, and Dreyfus.


☞ New Bundles and Event

– Diamond Shop Event

*The current Diamond Shop event will end and be replaced with new products.


☞ New Knighthood Boss Battle, Akumu


– Personal Knighthood Boss Battle Rewards


– Recommended Combat Class

▶ Normal: 80,000

▶ Hard: 130,000

▶ Extreme: 180,000

– Basic Info (Immune to Stun, Petrify, Freeze, Coerce, and Skill Disable effects / Can attack while ignoring Evade)

▶ Demonic Beast Akumu (Strength attribute)

*Can’t be targeted when there are ally monsters present.

*Invincible for 2 turns when alone.

*Increases Defense-related stats by 30% for each living ally monster, and increases Attack-related stats by 30% for each dead ally monster.

▶ Shield of Evil Spirit (HP Attribute)

*Assumes a Taunt Stance every 2 turns.

▶ Blade of Evil Spirit (Speed Attribute)

*Performs a Weak Point attack every 3 turns.

– Tips:

*Cancel the Shield of Evil Spirit’s Stance every 2 turns.

*Be prepared for Demonic Beast Akumu’s Debuff Attack that targets everyone.

*Don’t waste your skill cards on Demonic Beast Akumu during his 2-turn invincibility.


☞ Buff at Account Combat Class 3,000,000

– Increase heroes’ HP by 9%.


☞ 10 Nobleman’s Club Furniture Items


☞ Ending Events and Bundle

▶ 7DS X KOF ’98 Collab Event List

– 7DS X KOF ‘98 Pick Up Draw

– 7DS X KOF ‘98 Guaranteed SSR Draw

– Special Missions

– Heartthrob Athena’s Gift

– World Quests

– KOF: Britannia

– Ultimate Final Boss Omega Rugal

– Vaizel Fight Festival Victory Rewards

– Event Exchange Shop

– Hero Enhance Super and Ultra Success Rate Increase

– Salvage Super and Ultra Success Rate Increase

– KOF ‘98 Guaranteed SSR Bundle

▶ Misc.

– Knighthood Shop Double Purchase Limit Event


☞ System Improvements

– [Nunchaku] Adventurer Ban draw pool line up change

*Moved from Part.1’s normal and guaranteed SSR draws to Part.2’s normal and guaranteed SSR draws.