11/24 Update Preview and Maintenance Notice

11/24 Update Preview and Maintenance Notice

LINK: https://forum.netmarble.com/7ds_en/view/1/78808



 New Chapter 13


 New Heroes



*Able to get Oslo & Hawk and Holy Knight Diane in the Scraps Disposal Festival Draw.



*Able to get Fraudrin of Selflessness in the Hawk Pass Special. 


 New Events

☞ Oslo & Hawk Release Celebration Secret Box

☞ Main Rewards from the Liones Festival Part 2


 Final Boss Battle Taizoo




 New Costumes

-Oslo & Hawk Costume Sets 

-Most Malevolent Knighthood Costume Sets 


 New Bundles





 Platinum Coin Shop Addition


 New Stamps


 New Features

☞ Super Awakening

-Able to Super Awaken heroes that have been fully Awakened (6 stars). Super Awakening has a max of 4 stars.

-Use Super Awakening Coins (drops from the Tower of Trials) and hero coins to fill the Super Awakening gauge and increase the Super Awakening level.

*We advise you fill the gauge to the exact value as any excess amount will not be carried over and will disappear.

*The gauge will require more materials the lower the Ultimate Move level.


☞ Tower of Trials, Season 1

-Period: After the 11/24 maintenance-12/22 (To be announced in a separate notice)

-Will unlock after clearing [Episode 155].

*Rewards and cleared stage info will reset when the season ends.

-Enter through [Tavern] → [Battle] → [Tower of Trials].

-You can select 4 heroes, but they cannot be changed once finalized.

*However, you can change heroes if you reset and move to a save point.

-Save points will automatically occur for every 5 floors cleared.

*All rewards are only given as a first time clear reward (will not receive the reward a second time after a reset if you already cleared the stage before).


 Ending Events and Bundles

☞ Liones Festival Part 1 Events

-Lonely Demonic Beast Lamek Death Match and Exchange Shop

-Happy B-Day! Bingo Event

-Veronica’s Exchange Shop

-Liones Festival Special Missions

-Protect the Birthday Gift Quest Line

-Diamond Perks

-Festival Reward Dungeon

-Training Grotto Spontaneous Mission Event

-Equipment Draw Pick Up Event

-Death Match Rate 100% Event

-Hero Enhance/Salvage Rate Up Event

-Double Auto Clear Tickets from Patrols

-Increased Weekly Event Rewards