9/15 Maintenance and Update Notice

9/15 Maintenance and Update Notice

LINK: http://forum.netmarble.com/7ds_en/view/1/52124

The game will undergo maintenance to provide a more stable game service.

Here are the details for the 9/15 Update.


■ Maintenance Info

☞ Period: 9/14 10:00 PM (PDT) – 9/15 1:00 AM (PDT) (3 hours)


*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.

*The maintenance period is subject to change depending on outstanding circumstances.


■ Update Details

☞ Half Anniversary Part 2 Events

The events for the second half of the anniversary have been added!

We’ve got new 7DS missionsa reward dungeon, the Purinpu Event Conquest, a ghost leg event, and much more!


☞ New Heroes

– SSR [New Legend] Demon Meliodas

– SSR [New Legend] Princess Elizabeth

– SSR [New Legend] Guardian Jericho

– SSR [Sweet Temptation] Guardian Elaine

– SSR [Sweet Temptation] Druid Jenna

– SSR [Sweet Temptation] Druid Zaneri

*Available through the [Half Anniversary Special Draw Event].


☞ Weekend Death Match Clearing Event Added!

– Added a new event on Saturday and Sunday that will allow you to acquire Costume enhance materials!

– Clear Death Matches 3 times to get a “Brilliant Component,” “Splendid Fabric,” and “Alluring Perfume” each!

*Get 2 each during this special period in which the Daily Tasks rewards have been increased!


☞ Hell Difficulty Death Match

– Available after clearing Chapter 8.

– Can only use heroes of the advantageous attribute in Hell Difficulty.

Ex) Red Demon is a Strength attribute so you can only use Speed attribute heroes against it.

– You will not be able to invite a friend’s AI in Hell Difficulty.

– You can acquire Costume enhance materials from Hell Difficulty Death Matches. Also, Costume enhance materials have been added to the gold reward chest in Extreme Difficulty Death Matches.

– You can obtain the following Costume enhance materials:


☞ Costume Enhance System

– Use Costume enhance materials to increase a Costume’s basic stats and grade.

– The following materials are used:


*You will receive Costume enhance materials if you happen to receive a duplicate of the Costume.


☞ 10 New “Western” Tavern Furniture Added


– Half Anniversary Check-In Event (5 furniture items) 

– Half Anniversary 7DS Missions Part 2 (1 furniture item) 

– Purinpu Event Conquest (4 furniture items) 


☞  Hawk Tavern Costume Added!

–  Added the new “Captain’s Dignity” Tavern Costume for Hawk!

*Location: Half Anniversary Check-In Event


☞ 3rd Round of Returning Popular Costume Sets!

– Most Malevolent Knighthood Costume Set for Diane

– Most Malevolent Knighthood Costume Set for Ban

– Honor and Scars Holy Knight Costume Set for Slater

– Honor and Scars Holy Knight Costume Set for Griamore


☞ New Hero Costumes

[Costume Sets]

– Jenna’s Splendid Passion Costume Set

– Zaneri’s Blue Petal Oath Costume Set

[Individual Costumes]

– Cosmetic and Weapon Costumes for [New Legend] Demon Meliodas

– Cosmetic Costume for [New Legend] Princess Elizabeth

– Cosmetic and Weapon Costumes for [New Legend] Guardian Jericho

– Cosmetic Costume for [Sweet Temptation] Guardian Elaine

– Cosmetic and Weapon Costumes for [Sweet Temptation] Druid Jenna

– Cosmetic and Weapon Costumes for [Sweet Temptation] Druid Zaneri


☞ New Bundles

– Costume Enhance Bundle

– Half Anniversary Guaranteed SSR Bundle

– Half Anniversary Special Ticket Bundle I

– Half Anniversary Special Ticket Bundle II

– Daily Hero Acquisition Bundle


☞ More Heroes with Engravings

– Elaine, Jenna, and Zaneri.


☞ Platinum Coin Shop Addition

– Added to the general pool: SSR [Elite Demon] Derieri of Purity


☞ Ending Events and Bundles

– Diamond BOGO Event (Purchase limit reset)

– Half Anniversary Part 1 Event Menu replaced by the Part 2 Event Menu

– Special 7DS Missions replaced with new missions

– Half Anniversary Special Reward Dungeon replaced with a new reward dungeon

– [The Seven Catastrophes] Event and Exchange Shop

– Half Anniversary Bingo Event

*You will be able to sell the Half Anniversary Number Draw Tickets and Half Anniversary Number Selectors.

– Half Anniversary Diamond Perks Event

– Salvage Rate Up Event

– Training Grotto Spontaneous Mission Event

– Equipment Draw Pick Up Event

– Death Match Reward Festival

– 100% Hammer of Vaizel Success Rate Event

– Lillia’s Spell of Ruination Costume Set

– Lillia’s Signs of Awakening Costume Set

– Lillia’s Nightmare of Temptation Costume Set

– Daily Sales Bundle