Adventurer Ban ‘Ale Collector’ is HERE!

Adventurer Ban ‘Ale Collector’ is HERE!


[Ale Collector] Adventurer Ban has a Unique that increases his own Defense and can dish out some powerful single target damage! He also carries a powerful attack that can cancel Stances which makes him suitable against the Red Demon!


■ [Words I Couldn’t Say] Pick Up Draw Event

☞ Period: After the 7/28 maintenance – Until 8/11 (To be announced in a separate notice)

☞ Hero Rate Up: [Ale Collector] Adventurer Ban


*The Pick Up Bonus Gauges fill separately between the draw banners. [Go to see more details]

*New Heroes will be added to the Coin Shop or draw banners in the future.


■ Hero Details


[Ultimate Move: Fox Hunt]


[Combined Attack: Fake Strike]


*This chart displays the Basic Stats at UR Lv.60 and does not include Costume stats.