Global Soul Tide Tier List Guide [Read before Re-rolling!]

Here is a detailed Soul Tide tier list to help you decide whether you want to re-roll for these characters. We have ranked them from the best to mediocre.

  • S Tier - Top units to go for
  • A Tier - Great at their roles
  • B Tier - Decent characters to utilize
  • C Tier - Average to mediocre at best

S Tier Characters

Colcher - Healers are always needed and Colcher does her job really well. She can reset the ultimate cooldown of all allies, cleanse and heal your party. That is all you ever need from a healer.

NicoletteĀ - The premier DPS unit that can also improve the attack of all allies. She can apply bleed stacks alongside other units which is great against enemies with high hp.

Mako - A fire utility revive unit that enhances all fire based characters in your team. She can provide the Nirvana buff, which is a revive skill that will prevent your ally from dying. She is not only good for fire teams, but also have team support as well.

A Tier Characters

Virginia - The very first character you get in the game! She is basically the budget version of Colcher. She is a bit of a jack of all trades support unit. She can heal, cleanse and buff her allies. She cannot revive though. She can also apply the defense down on enemies, so she makes a great choice to go before your DPS units.

Asuna - A free unit given to you early on. She can deal good damage against physical type enemies and ignore defense. Pretty good if you were to ask me, especially for a free one.

Liliyiro - Another good free unit. You do need to progress in the story to get her though. Like Asuna, she is a great damage dealer type unit, especially for the lightning team. She specializes in single target DPS and has the increase crit rate passive, which improves her overall damage over time.

Benten - A good AoE damage dealer you will want on your team. She can hit up to 5 random enemies and also has support attack when an ally attacks. She does have a bit of RNG, so it may not be ideal for some people.

Andrea - She is quite a versatile character. She can fulfil the role of secondary DPS or a tank. Her attack increases as the battle goes on when she attacks. She can also absorb some damage for allies if you choose to let her equip the lightning set.

Ennis - A lifesteal type character that thrives when above a certain HP threshold. Her damage increases based on the percentage health she has and gets stronger over time as long as she keeps her health up.

The list is subject to change as more and more characters are released. At the current content level, these characters will more than suffice to do the job.

Also, it is good to consult other tier lists to figure out if the characters are worth pulling:

Soul Tide Re-roll Guide + Tips

Re-rolling in this game can be a bit of a pain, but if you are willing to do it, here are the steps to do so.

  • You need a different email ID to create a new account
  • Complete the prologues and tutorials and the in-game inbox will contain all pre-registration and starter items
  • Tickets and gems are in game currency used to purchase the top characters in the featured banners
  • Re-roll if you don't get your characters after using up the in-game currency


Soul Tide Summary

Soul Tide is a dungeon crawler in which you control five Dolls from your roster and delve into the perilous Graveland, slaying monsters and solving puzzles to get through each level.

Beside this is its roguelike mode Astral Rift, which pits you and your party of Dolls against a linear but unpredictable dungeon, slaying monsters and gathering buffs called Gifts, trying to delve as deep as you can without healing spots or empty tiles. In addition, it also contains a home simulation mode, a bonding system with your Dolls, and many, many more...